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Wednesday, June 30, 2004 @10:35 AM

Today's morning jog was damn funny. Almost everyone was walking from the starting point to the bridge, except for the netballers, runners and some dancers. I mean, isn't it obvious that nobody is in the mood to run? School has just began and the holiday mood is still lingering around in the air. Can't the PE department just let us off for like a week? I believe all will be grateful for that. =D Anyway, this long morning walk reminds me of the Long March Mr Lim has taught. Good revision for History, i guess. =D

Just came back for school from CO practice. As usual, waiting for dinner to start. =D The 176 bus i was on... is soooooooooooooooo crowded!!! Lay Sze and I were squashed together as a middle aged lady (somehow the replica of Mrs J. Tan) prised her way up the already-soooo-crowded bus. Both of us were so pissed off.

Talking about me getting pissed off, i remember something that i wanted to type in here. Li li told me today that some IRRITATING guy (shan't mention his name here as it is AN INSULT TO MY BLOG!)told him what happened during my Sec 1 chalet. Well, at that time I was really kind to help them clear up the mess in the room and SOME people took it for granted and called me their maid. Fine, I was stupid enough to be taken advantage of............

Mmm... today's CO practice was all about sectionals. We played the songs for the performance at SCH on 7 July for Ms Ek, Huang lao shi and Mr Koh to listen to. Surprisingly, Huang lao shi and Ms Ek agreed that we (ZRLQ:Zhong Ruan Liu Qin) were the one of the better prepared group... woah~ was really shocked and surprised by their remarks that we burst out laughing... If Si Tu lao shi heard that, I think he can just faint on the spot. WE MUST PRACTICE HARDER! Liu lao shi told us his feelings about the dropping standard of CO (seniors just left), and that our happy-go-lucky attitude towards serious stuff is just one of the many contributing factors. ... I guess it's really time for us to reflect on our behaviour and attitude towards every practice. *Thinking time...

I just hope that ZRLQ will be selected to play at SCH! We really put in a lot of effort on those songs. Having another sectional practice tomorrow and Si Tu lao shi is coming to supervise us. Just pray that he will be at least satisfied. jiayou people! =D

Got to go and finish my Physics Assignment that is due tomorrow. bleah... *anyway, i think my new haircut makes me look like a boy. do you think so? any comments on this, just leave a note on my tagboard!

*Collected another $2 for the NKF card from... IVY! Thanks gal for your generous donation... if you visit my blog, just leave a note at the tagboard to let me know ok? =D

Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @10:20 AM

Waiting for dinner... so i shall just drop a note in my blog. Came back from the hair saloon just 45 mins ago... my haircut is a little punky now, hope i don't scare anyone to death. =D

Today's the first day of school after the June holidays... went on quite smoothly and well. I am still adjusting pretty well, just a little tired though. BUT, the worst thing is that we had Physics Practical today. Imagine that.... on the first day leh. Balancing a metre ruler at it's 50 cm mark and hanging weights on it for the experiment on the Principal of Moments. Kept sticking on plasticine on both sides and removing them... Pissed. Anyway, we had our new Chemistry teacher, Ms Khang. She will be taking over Mrs Goh (sad). Quite friendly, i would say, maybe a little shocked at our class for the noise level. 3L, must take note hor.

She decided to know everyone by their names, so she went row by row to know us. At this time... wuhan is already thinking of what will be her new English name for Ms Khang to call her. As you people know, the names she choose will NEVER leave the first two letters of "wi....". In the end, when Ms Khang came to our tables, she just could not stop giggling about how funny it is to combine willie's and his sister names together. So... the final verdict: WINNIE! It's the official name for wuhan... pls call her that now!!! =D lalalala~ (Poor Ms Khang, she doesn't know it's a fake name.)

I took my Youth Life-Saving Card for NKF Children's Medical Fund to school today. I was really touched by people's response to it. Thanks a million! You really made my job easier! I would like to mention their names in my blog as an appreciation for their donation!
Thanks to:
Selwyn, Eugene Teo (ET), Nalan, Lin Chao Wei Andy (which is the combined name of 4 people :Lin Rui Jie, Chao Lin, You Wei, and Li Li), Jia Ying, Boon Chee, Jin-E and Jun Da.

Zhang Yun was kind enough to tell me to get the money from her on Friday as that's her allowance day. Thanks Zhang Yun!!! =D I thought there was CO practice today, BUT in the end, it's only Chen lao shi who wanted to find out who needs to go to RI to perform tomorrow night and give out consent forms. Scared the daylights out of me....

I go have my dinner now... yummy... =D

Monday, June 28, 2004 @6:01 AM

Just came home from art outing @ Chua Chu Kang MRT station... feeling quite tired now. I better blog now... or else I think, I wouldn't have the time to do so in the evening.

Time passes really fast right? In a twinkle of an eye, 4 weeks of our June holidays is gone. Yes, gone with the wind. Just like that. Is that why we don't stop, even just for a minute, to catch hold of our wandering thoughts and straighten them out? On my way back on the train... been thinking a lot. I thought about OBS, Marshalls and my instructor Yew Tong. Suddenly I realised that I missed them a lot! yar... the times we spent together, the expedition, cooking a dinner, lying on our ponchos and looking up in night sky in search for stars, laughter, tears and song that we shared etc. Everything just came washing over me like a tidal wave...

One EXTREMELY good thing about OBS is that it gives you a lot of space/time just for reflections, thinking and pondering. It's something we can't spare our time very much on here. For that one whole week, we were cut out from the whole world, total isolation, with no worries at all. All we have to do is just to eat, play, sleep and reflect. A memorable time for me, I would say. Just like what Mario and Yew Tong said, we are now on a fantasy island. Once we step out into the real world, we got to grow up and fend for ourselves. On fantasy island, we are allowed to make mistakes over and over again, without any price to pay, without any scolding. BUT, in the real world, there will be no chance given to you. Not even once. This is how cruel reality can be.

I like the song "High" by Lighthouse Family. It was played to Marshalls on the last day of our OBS camp as a farewell gift. Yew Tong wanted us to hear this song and listen carefully to the lyrics being sung, but I was too busy crying to do so. geez...
Anyway, I want to dedicate this song to all my friends out there... A meaningful one so hope you enjoy it! =D

When you're close to tears remember
Someday it'll all be over
One day we're gonna get so high
Though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day we're gonna get so high

And at the end of the day remember the days
When we were close to the end
And wonder how we made it through the night
At the end of the day
Remember the way
We stayed so close to the end
We'll remember it was me and you

Chorus :
Cause we are gonna be forever, you and me
You will always keep it flying high in the sky of love

Don't you think it's time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day we're gonna get so high
Cause even the impossible
Is easy when we got each other
One day we're gonna get so high

*Can't get the song onto my blog yet, so just read the lyrics!

2 more quotes from OBS before i end my entry.
1. "To serve, to strive and not to yield". (OBS motto)

2. "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have to courage to lose sight of the shores!"

Tomorrow's the day! Sleep early hor... and get up fresh for a new school term! Jiayou to all, esp. my da jie who is having her common test once the June holidays are over! (by the way, she's in NJC.)*It's GP paper le... best wishes!

*Counting down: 1 more day to RV

Sunday, June 27, 2004 @10:58 AM

Mmmm... people must be wondering whether I am insane, glancing at my title. Well, I am not. It's my FIRST time having a free Saturday since I stepped into RV and joined CO. Have never woken up @ 8am for the past 2 and a half years on Saturdays! It's really a pleasure to have a Saturday where i don't have to wake up at 6.30 am~! =D

Left some homework... Section B of Chemistry TYS, Physics Assignments and History (in point form). I should be able to complete them by tonight or tomorrow (except for some questions in those 3 Physics assignments). Sigh... I can never seem to complete one set by myself. =( Never mind...

My mother started the day by wrapping dumplings... hee hee. Have got something delicious coming my way again! She tried to teach me and I wrapped one myself (seems ok), but i spent like 10 mins on 1? yar... it's really quite tough to wrap a dumpling but SO EASY to pop one in your mouth! Eating is such an easy task, but getting your hands down to do it... it's a different perspective. So people, appreciate the food your mothers cook/prepare for you. Don't assume it's an easy task.... Took some photos of her wrapping the dumplings.

Going to have dinner soon... and wuhan called. Well, once I picked up the phone, she was panting/breathing heavily away in excitment. Well, it's obvious WHO can make her so happy right? (at least i can't) *winks. =D It's of course none other than Willie Tay! Wu Han and some of my classmates went to town to do their CIP (flagday). If you have been reading my tagboard yesterday, you will understand her desire to meet him... Well, she fufilled her dream! Can you imagine he donated a total of $8 to her, with the help of his sis! It's quite a huge sum of money for donations. AND when wu han saw him crossing the road over to her, her blood surged through her and with immediate effect, her cheeks went RED! Filled with excitment, she forgot to take a sticker to stick on him. hiaz girl... you missed that GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY u know.

Then... some other things happened in between, like taking photos of his sis and him etc. (can't type them all down)So, after he bade wuhan goodbye and crossed the road, she noticed that he kept looking over back at her, at least twice. mmm... wondering what that means huh? =D Anyway, really happy that she fufilled her dream. She waited real long for this chance. I still vividly remember the last outing with her at Orchard. We were walking to and fro from Cineleisure to Heeren to Cineleisure to Heeren... and this continued a FEW times, just to look for him. Imagine that...

I am glad that my dear hubby (her height and MY HEIGHT allows me to be ONLY her wife and not hubby =D) ended her holidays with such a sweet memory... guess she can start her new school term at RV with a happier mood on monday! jia you...

A new term begins in 2 days' time... treasure them!
*To my da jie... good luck and jiayou for your common test! The first day is GP Paper... must try your best! You are capable to writing good expository essays! =D BELIEVE IN YOURSELF~

*Counting down: 2 more days to RV

Saturday, June 26, 2004 @9:44 AM

On the way to school, I met Si Tu lao shi (my liu qin instructor)at the bus stop in front of the JE library. Just then bus 51 was about to reach the bus stop, so he flagged down the bus. I then quickly told him that 176 is just behind and it would be faster to get to school. So... to my greatest surprise, he said sorry to the driver... woah! When we get down the bus, i tried to carry out a conversation with him... find many topics to talk about. Luckily, the atmostphere wasn't that tense. Phew...

Mmm... the starting of the practice wasn't that good. The songs we played were... horrendous?! yar, you could just see his face turing black at the beginning and ending of each song. Scary... but we managed to do better after some guidance and practice.

Thanks Laylay for your strawberry pocky! It was really a treat for us and an excuse for us to have a mini break. =D So the practice ended off well, with Chen Lao Shi popping in every now and then. *Laylay... remember to call Si Tu lao shi on Monday hor. Put it as a reminder in your handphone.

Well, it's GREAT that there isn't CO tomorrow! First time in history i guess... yes! can use the WHOLE day for work... really hope to finish it in record time! =D people, happy piaing...

*Counting down: 3 more days to RV

Friday, June 25, 2004 @9:49 AM

FINALLY... i finished reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire!!! =D It's really a very nice book! Thanks for the recommandation, Wu Han! I was really v. captivated by the ending part, for the starting of The Third Task. A pity Cedric Diggory died... =( Nevertheless, the description of the duel between Harry and Lord Voldemort was damn exciting and scary. I could almost feel myself in that scene, feeling that cold atmosphere and Harry's pain. woah~ i am really into Harry Potter! (This should make wuhan really happy! =D)*winks

I really like some sentences in this book... makes me think a lot. I have quoted 4 here. Have a go at it.

1. "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals". (Sirius Black)

2. "Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery". (Professor Dumbledore)

3. "Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it". (Professor Dumbledore)

4. "What would come, would come and we'll meet it when it does".
(Professor Dumbledore/Hagrid)

Do these quotes above make you think really hard too?

Taking a break now... after a day of studies. Going to continue after my dinner and bath, with the company of my liu qin. There's CO practice tomorrow @ 2.30 pm. My usual words: Wish me good luck.

*Counting down: 4 more days to RV

Thursday, June 24, 2004 @8:45 AM

We had our ERIL Project meeting for the second time this june holidays, the only difference was that everyone was present. However, You Wei was LATE by quite some time although he woke up at 7 am. The reason he gave was watching soccer... dots. -__-'''

The project went on... and i suggested moving from MacDonalds' table to a table in front of Watson's because we being unfair by taking up their space without purchasing anything. BUT my decision was quite unwise. The thief alarm at Watson's kept ringing non-stop... and i finally, with a FEW bobbing up of my head, got the reason why! The saleswoman inside kept holding good from inside to the sensor... don't know for what reason, maybe just some checking.

Then Wu Han came looking for us... she was in JEC for KBoxing with XiaoShi. She wore a blue spagatti top and a denim skirt and a pair of pink stars earings. Candy and I agree that she was v. chio... =D Talked to her for a while... she passed me the Harry Potter VCD (thanks xiaohan!) and left to enjoy herself at KBox.

We continued the meeting until 12pm when we decided to head for the library, where it is a more comfortable place to do our work. The tables were all taken up by early birds, so we settled at Verging All Teens at a white rounded table. Did some work before getting Ah Ma downstairs. She asked me some Physics questions, of which i had difficulty with many! oopps... sorry ah ma. =( So, had some help from Hong Ren and You Wei. They decided to leave for lunch at KFC. After biding goodbye... i had the urge to look for Wu Han and Xiao Shi.

So... i went up to KBox and asked whether i am allowed to go and look for a friend. To my greatest astonishment, I WAS ALLOWED! She politely helped to find Wu Han's room (Room 37) and i even had someone escorting me there!!! =D It was really surprising as i thought outsiders were not allowed to go in. When i got into the room, i saw my dear xiaohan standing and singing Wilber Pan's song SOOOOOO LOUDLY!!! It's as if she wanted to sing her lungs out for her idol!!! You can NEVER imagine the sound level. I was able to know what song she was singing when i was some distance away from the room! Poor Xiaoshi was trying hard to block out the music from her vunerable ears. Scary...

I requested to sing a song... and xiaohan, being very generous, agreed to it immediately. thanx! =D and i chose Fish Leong's Dui Bu Qi Wo Ai Ni (Sorry that i love you). My dear xiaohan being sooooo mischievous switched off Fish's voice and left me singing alone. And the worst thing is that i went offkey IMMEDIATELY! I was so.... pai seh. In the end, she switched it back. Really enjoyed myself... =D Then Wu Han went on to do something really very outragous (at least to me lar). She took off her shoes and stood on the sofa, dancing Wilbur's My Microphone while singing. Imagine the wire of the mike was vibrating so vigorously, swinging to and fro like the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter. Really admire her courage to do that...

A lady came in and told us that we can have a last song before we leave. Took this time to go to the toilet... and waited for Wu Han and Xiaoshi outside the room and we went home together.

It is evident that Wu Han really enjoyed herself! Not Xiaoshi though, who can't really stand that blasting music and screaming from Wu Han. She was really immersed in Wilbur's world... =D

*Xiaohan: Take care of your throat hor... aiyo. Drink lotsa of water. Must thank xiaoshi for going with u... she's VERY KIND to do so. bleah... =D

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 @9:35 PM

Had CO practice today... surprisingly it was kind of slack lar. Nothing much to do, Mr Lum just spent the whole practice refining certain parts in Wu Ti 1, Wu Ti 2 & Wu Ti 3. There was a time when he was particularly interested in tan bo's part. AND liu qin had to play one by one. It was ok lar... LUCKILY! =D AND he let us off early, like 5 minutes before 5 pm. Lay lay showed me her drop-shoulder top from E Spirit ($29.90). V. chio leh... wanna get one too, of course a cheaper one! *winks. =D

When I reached home, my parents wanted to get a new DVD player as ours was spoilt. After some discussion, we decided on it and head to a shop in Jurong West to purchase it. I tagged along too... at the shop, we bought a Philips DVD ($160), Panasonic rice cooker($73)and a light bulb ($9). We used Shrek 2 (my uncle's) as a tester... and the show was funny and cute! Woah~ I have watched 3 movies this holidays, 2 (harry potter and the day after tomorrow) in cinemas & 1 on DVD. First time leh... =D

You Wei called me just now... and we decided on the time/venue for our ERIL project tomorrow. 10am @ JEC (MacDonalds'). I hope to get the proposal right now... school's gonna reopen soon. Don't want Ms Chan to start scolding again. I will also be meeting Wu Han to get back my Harry Potter VCD to test it on the new DVD player! so excited, although it's pirated lar (from China). dots... -___-'''so... this is my plan from 10am to 1pm.
-10am-12pm: ERIL project
-12.10pm-1pm: Tutor to Ah Ma for Physics. (hope i do it well!)
-In between 12.30pm to 1pm, meet Wu Han for my Harry Potter VCD
Busy huh?

Yup... and i received a letter from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for me to refister for an NRIC~ woah... so fast! When school reopens, I think i will go down one of these days after school to get it done.

Gonna sleep soon @ around 10.30pm... so can wake up at 6am tomorrow to do more homework~ lalala... good night everyone! Zzzz...

Monday, June 21, 2004 @11:45 AM

Today is Father's Day, and my parents coming back from China today! What a coincidence right? I only realised it last night, so both my sisters and I planned the celebration. We decided to buy a 1-kg cake for my dad! So, after my art outing at Singapore River, we went down to the cake shop and bought it for $24... planning to keep it a surprise first... lalala...

Mama and papa bought a lot of things for us!!! I am very touched! Some of the things they bought:
-2 backpacks (nice ones leh =D)
-1 Sling bag, 3 shoulder bags
-Keychain of my chinese surname, liang.
(it's hanging on my pencil case now. =D)
(but disc A is spoilt lar... hiaz. *sob)
-Chinese tea set
-Hair accessories
-2 kakhi pants
-Travelling bag
-Wallet for my ate

China goods are really damn cheap lor... Cheap yet durable. It now seems that S'pore is sucking money out of her citizen. Can we just do without GST (Good Service Tax)? It will really make our stay in S'pore a better one.

Just finished dinner... over a tense/exciting/adventurous/hilarious atmosphere! =D They told us about the adventure they had at various stops... woah~ it is really exciting to hear them narrate the scenes again. They seemed to come to live once again! Now, China really seems exciting! Their encounters with several saleswomen & men, their conversation with them was really hilarious! I can't really describe them all here... BUT IT'S DAMN FUNNY!

Haven't had dinner with my parents for one week, the familiar feeling now is really great. Talks over a meal can really build up the bonds between each family member. People out there who haven't been eating with your parents, try to do so. There may not be such chances anymore once you are out of society to work. Cherish your times with your family now... it's now or NEVER.

We still haven't tell papa our surprise yet... hee hee. He's on the phone now. Maybe we will tell him at 9pm.

*To Wu Han: Hope you will read this msg in time. Just phone your dad and wish him a happy father's day ok? It's really that easy. I know that you are not used to saying such mushy stuffs, like "i love you" even to your dad... but just tell him. You haven't been seeing him for such a long time, this phone call will be a great surprise to him. Trust me, he will be v. touched! jiayou... summon up all your courage! Waiting for your good news. *winks

Once again, wanna thank ma and pa for buying so much China goods for us. They are really v. nice! =D I shall go prepare the celebration now... HAPPY FATHERS' DAY TO ALL FATHERS IN THE WORLD!

Sunday, June 20, 2004 @9:50 AM

Had CO practice from morning to afternoon... The sectional in the morning was... should i say horrible? well, i didn't play that well and could feel seetoh's eyes always on me. Don't know why but i can't get things straight away, unlike laylay or yanrong. I guess they really have special talents in music... hiaz. Never mind, i shall try hard at home, that's the least i can do right? For the performance at SCH (Singapore Conference Hall) on 7th July, just wish me good luck and pray for me.

Just realised that time passes really FAST! my mom and dad will be back tomorrow from China! It has been one week already, people. Did anyone realise that? and ANOTHER one more week, school reopens and a new fresh term starts. This implies that more things will come along... homework, new chapters, a new life AGAIN. Then it will be RV everyday AGAIN... jiayou everyone.

Doing my Chem TRS now, trying to finish it by tonight. Must really mug liaoz... (or have i been always mugging?... Don't know. you can question wuhan abt this =D)

Gonna be 15 real soon... like in another 2 and a half weeks... my feelings about it? It means more resolutions... coming MY WAY, and an IC.

go have my dinner now.

Saturday, June 19, 2004 @8:50 AM

I started the day with ERIL Project meeting... it's our first meeting. Reached JE library exactly @ 10am and saw Hong Ren already waiting there. I thought Candy would be a little late (due to welfare stuff in sch), so we waited for abt 30 mins for her. You Wei wasn't able to come because of CB practice. For that 30 mins, talked to Hong Ren about many things, his CCA (ELDDS), mid-yr results, his brother, last yr's class and his reasons for being retained... Didn't know that he's actually someone who talks a lot... =) have always thought that he's a really quiet person. I was wrong! Nevertheless, it's how some small talk can allow you to know someone better. I should try to talk to my classmates as much as possible... esp. the QUIET ones!

Since Candy wasn't there yet, we started discussing abt the proposal. In the end, we wrote two drafts. One for disagreeing, the other for agreeing. Now, we just need Candy's and You Wei's opinions. The meeting went on quite smoothly (to my surprise), thanks to Hong Ren for being really vocal, otherwise the meeting will be v. awkward with only the 2 of us.

Just received an sms from laylay: "dear zrlq, please get ready the pieces seetoh wants, he wants to hear them tml. thankiew. not i bossy... 'mr seetoh' wants me to pass one..." hiaz... that stupid seetoh, stressing us again. Shit... plus Mr Low's pieces. What the hell...

To Wu Han: You are really welcome!!! thanx for doing up the tagboard for both my sis and me! the entries are dedicated to you as u have always encouraged me to start up a blog of my own. Glad that your mom is feeling better liaoz... =) so how's Harry Potter 3 again? Jen and Qi Yuan went to your house ar??? =)

dinner time... yum yum... =)

Friday, June 18, 2004 @12:54 PM

Just visited Wu Han's blog a minute ago... and read her latest entry. She seemed to be in a bad state with her mad mother. Really, even i as an outsider, can sense that her mother isn't that RIGHT. yes, isn't that RIGHT. This can be justified when i brought my younger sis to her house just to take something; EVEN my younger sis, who doesn't know Wu Han and her family well, agrees with my point of view just by the way her mom behaves in front of us. It's terrible...

*To wuhan: Really worried for you... just try not to appear within her sight ok? It seems that she likes to find trouble with everything in the house. I don't know how to help you, but if possible, if anything crops up just sms me ok? I will try my best to help... hiaz, i hope you dad comes home asap!!!

About wuhan's mother, i really have nothing to comment/say on. Never seen a mother like this before in my entire 14 years UNTIL i met wuhan. Aren't mothers supposed to be really nice, graceful, friendly and motherly? Her mom certainly doesn't possess these MOTHERLY behaviour... i have learnt to appreciate my mom even better... love my mummy! =)

pray for her...

Thursday, June 17, 2004 @1:08 PM

Would like to dedicate this entry to Wu Han lar... Thanks for helping me with the tagboard... i guess it will never appear in my blog without your help! so... a big thank you and muacks!!! =) yup, and you got scolded by your mum because you were kind enough to help my da jie too... so i am really sorry about that... next time i see you, treat you to Kisses' (chocolates). My da jie also quite sorry about it. =X
*added on: thanx for the changes made to my tagboard... =)i think it's perfect now~

hahahx... about that of Willie, maybe another chance next time ok? Well, if you two get together, there's a handful of chances to see him in swimming trunks. =) jiayou!

I am really pleased with the tagboard! so chio... but i don't know when i want to present this blog to the public. Half of me wants to keep this between me and my closest friends and family members, but the half of me wants to... hiaz, having an internal struggle now. Just give me some time to think about it. yar, so people out there, you just have to wait for a period of time for me to sort out my thinking.

have to go and complete my homework... NOW! *By the way, The Day After Tomorrow and Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is worth your money and time! So go catch it asap! =) They both rock~ lalala...

shining upon a star...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 @10:29 PM

Well, this is my first time attempting to create a blog, after so much persuasion, encouragement, begging etc. from my friends.(esp Wu Han) *winks. It suddenly dawned upon me that it's not that EASY after all. Almost forgotten all my HTML learnt in computer lessons in Sec 1 and 2. bleah... what a tough job it is! Anyway, just hope you people will like the layout I have put up! =)

Both my parents are in China now, today being the fourth day. I kind of miss them now, it's really a strange feeling not having parents by your side for approxmimately 1 week (8 days). The things you have to do... really, amounts to a lot. So, my dear papa and mama wrote notes of reminders alll over the house, sticking them at various "stations". An example of an A4 sized paper on the front door: "Safety first. Lock the gate. Lock the door. Beware of strangers in the lift." It's really nice of them to do up these notes (in a hurry) before they left... =)

My sisters and me went to the airport to send them off last Sunday. Took the MRT to Changi Airport and reached there at about 2.10 pm. hahhax... to the amazement of many (i suppose), it's my first time at Changi Airport. So... being so fasinated by the surroundings (glass windows, how to read the tv screen for your counter etc.), i kept asking questions... =) Just hope (crosses my fingers) Sin Yee Jie Jie, my cousin, wasn't too bothered by me.

The normal procedures went on... after so, we went down to the basement where a foodcourt is, and ordered some food/drinks. Let's see what we ordered:
Younger sis: Ice Kachang & Wanton noodles
Sis and me: Barley water
Pa and Ma did not eat as they will be served dinner on the plane, therefore they took on the role as audiences and watched us eat. The time for departure arrived...

Before going into the departure hall, Papa hugged all of us and gave us a LOUD smack on our heads. Mama gave us all a high-5! =) with our well-wishes, they went into the hall happily. We stood at the glass windows, continuously waving. Papa was the funniest of all, he kept waving at us until he couldn't be seen anymore. I know that both of them are v. worried about us... it's the first time we are on our own without them to guide us. Pa, Ma, I am sure we will do alright... =)

After that, we had our dinner @ Burger King in the airport.

Thanks to Sin Yee Jie Jie & Jie Fu (her going-to-be husband) for being our tour guides in the airport! Now, i am able to find my way around the airpot. =)

Independence, is the word, we will have to experience and feel this week. Nevertheless, life still goes on as per normal, only having stress added on. I am sure we can make it. My younger sis is the one pa, ma and i are most worried for. Her PSLE year, yet she is still feeling free and easy. Hope she will realise it soon... hiaz... buck up hor. Er Jie wants to dedicate her usual phrase to you AGAIN, "PSLE isn't as easy as you think".

Shall end off here... and do my homework. there's still CO practice (da zhu)in the afternoon, 2.30pm to 5pm. wish me good luck.


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