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Friday, December 31, 2004 @9:49 PM

It's New Year Eve today!

whoa... looking back to the days I first entered Sec 3, there were definitely mixed feelings about my life ahead. Now, it's more stable and orientated. The final target is definitely the O levels. I've made New Year resolutions, but I shan't type it down here. It's more personal now... I just hope they will be met. =)

I just had steamboat for dinner. =) Yummy... now steamboat seems to be a yearly affair, especially during New Year's Eve. In the afternoon, we made muah chee... yea* it's sucessful! =)

And yes, I wanna thank WEE KIAT!!!! hee... He specially came over to my void deck yesterday evening to teach me on the topic of Waves! =) He rode his bike in the rain!!! So... I have to give special thanks to him! I finally understood the topic better, he can really be a Physics teacher in future. But he wants to be a Maths teacher instead. Nevertheless, both our ambitions are similar: to be a teacher! *Thanks for taking time off just to teach me! I really appreciate that!*

Ok... enough said. The atmosphere for this year's New Year's Eve isn't that good as compared to past years, events have happened and people change along with them. Nevertheless, let's just be grateful that we're still alive, ready to welcome the new year, an important year. Take care..

Happy New Year! =)

Thursday, December 30, 2004 @1:38 PM

Latest Death Toll: Over 80,000.

Waves as high as five storeys triggered by an underground earthquake off Sumatra, brought a terrifying end to the Christmas holidays. As I watched the news every passing day, I'm only grateful that the tsunamis did not affect Singapore in any major way lest for some tremors felt on some parts of the island. The rows of bodies waiting for their loved ones to recover them, the lingering smell of putrefying flesh hung in the air, building bore the marks of the unprecedented onslaught of the waves, holiday resorts and houses had been flattened, overturned vehicles everywhere etc. These scenes really affected me.

Malaysia and Thailand have even decided to forgo New Year's Celebrations nationwide in memory of the victims of the devastating tsunamis that hit both countries. 3 days of national mourning, everyone should wear black from Tuesday to Thrusday and all flags to fly at half-mast. What we Singaporeans can do is to do a rightful part of your own as a citizen of the world, donate what you can to help them: food, medicine, clothings and money to any drop-off points in all parts of Singapore. Check out the daily newspapers for more details.

Pray for all the victims.

We've been blessed so let's be thankful.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 @8:23 PM

I had a long day yesterday.

In the morning, I completed some work and revision cause I knew that I wouldn't be home till evening. Cause... I went on a shopping trip with my sisters and cousins, Serene and Pearlyn, at Lot 1 @ 2pm. It was fun shopping with all of them. We looked out for girls' stuff, bought their hair clips and bands, got my sis her b-dae present (an anklet), grabbed a bite at KFC and my sis and serene bought a pair of ear rings. We went almost everywhere. Took neoprints to commemorate our very 1st outing!=) There'll be more to come I hope..

Then Serene suggested that both my dajie and I get a haircut now from a hair saloon near her house since we are already out. The guy's really professional and I really enjoyed looking at how he cuts people's hair. For a change, I boldly requested him to cut my fringe SHORT! hahah* It's been like 5-6 years since I had short fringe. Overall, I like it quite a lot... During CO today, some commented that I look like a Japanese doll... -__-'''not only that, cute is added on! =) I got the cut at a very economical price.

After that, my dajie went for her dental appointment while I follwed my cousins to their house for dinner. Then, Ah yi (Aunt) suggested a sleepover. I GOT A SHOCK MAN! gosh... My mum called at that time and I told her about it. She wasn't too pleased at first, so I went along with her way and told her that it's ok if we didn't stay. I went back to the kitchen and told my aunt that, BUT she talked so much that I felt it's wrong NOT to stay. I went back to phone my mum and she finally agreed... =)

This is my first sleepover so... I got a little excited. =) Took a bath, wore a new set of clothes and went to the studyroom to see what my playful cousins are up to. haha.. they were actually very good, getting their books ready for the new year. Serene saw me and asked me to write her name on all her Sec 1 books... the reason being that my handwriting is very nice. She was so facinated by me that she kept staring at my hand. ha! =) Then her mei (Pearlyn) and bro (Timothy) saw that and wanted me to do the same for them... so the whole night was dedicated to their books and not TV, play or some girls talk.

We finally got to bed by 12.30am. I was dead tired by that time. But instead of having a peaceful sleep, there was a 10-minute discussion about who wants who to sleep with them. haha.. kids are like that. In the end, I slept with Timothy (Hey, don't think dirty hor, he's only Pri 1 this year!) side by side on the floor on a separate matress from the rest. Woke up at 8am this morning. Had a heavy breakfast... and we went home.

I had to drag myself to CO after lunch... today's the last practice of this year! YEA! Finally there's time left for myself... *Thanks lay for that letter! I appreciate it...the time and effort =) I'm glad that all (past) misunderstandings are erased! Now, I understand everything. But most of all, the pooh paper rox!* =)

The final countdown to 1 January 2005: 4 days
The final countdown to 1st day of school: 6 days

Monday, December 27, 2004 @1:34 PM

I spend my Christmas at my newly-wed cousin's house. It was actually quite boring, with all the adults talking. The 3 of us (sisters) were the only ones of young generation. GrrZ... So, we talked among ourselves and kept ourselves occupied by watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge on TV. hahah... but I guess what kept me awake and happy was the Christmas Log Cake. IT'S DAMN DELICIOUS MAN! ohmygod, that kept my slimming programme at the back of my head for minutes. ha! It's from Bengawan Solo, coffee flavour. It was the best cake i've ever had... =)

Oh ya, and Han's finally back on Christmas Day! She joked that she spent Christmas on the plane... she only reached Singapore at 10pm. We talked on the phone for ages, close to an hour... =) Glad that hear her voice again... =)

The next day, I went to her house to meet up with her. At the doorstep, I gave her a big bear hug! =) Gave her her X'mas card and jersey. Looked at her neoprints... talked, played with her sis and we went to the market with her entire family to get her fish!!! hee... so fun! In the end, she bought 2 fishes with a tank. It's now set up in her living room, beside the sofa. She was really excited about it as she can finally have a pet!

Then, rushed home for lunch with my uncle and grandma... after lunch, I went for a Filipino's party a few blocks down with my auntie. Hmm. It was quite ok. Didn't join in the fun but they were dancing and singing, exchanging gifts. After that we headed for another one. This is an entirely Filipino family. There was this very obedient and cute dog called Miko at the house!! I was very taken to the dog and for some wierd reason, he smelt everyone's feets before retreating back to his owner. Met wonderful people there again! Filipino's are in general very hospitable and friendly =) There was this young Pri 1 girl who talked to my sister and I about Miko, showing us tricks that she can make Miko do, her Barbie doll, her wide collection of soft toys and even her wardrobe! She is so entertaining. =) There's this air of innocence around her that draws you to her. Maybe because she's so unpretentious and friendly! Even offered to show us her parents room. Enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

for dinner, I rushed back to han's house for steamboat! YEA! I got to know a new friend, Ye Fan. She was from RV, currently in NJC, J1. It turned out that she knows my sis and my sis knows her but they haven't talked to each other although they went on a CIP together. -__-''' I realised that the world's getting smaller and smaller. It seems that everyone is linked to one another by some special relationships. So interesting...

We ate steamboat and watched a ghost movie, The Uninvited. A korean one. It's damn lame. The entire story is not really linked together... broken up and makes no sense. In the end, the morale of the entire show is: The man is able to see ghosts. YES. THAT'S IT. Wasted our time and brain cells trying to piece the broken storyline together. haha* during the show, han kept screaming at parts and we all looked at her. She looked back at us and we laughed together. =) But, she had a terrible headache at the end of the show. Rubbed her forehead with some oilment... hope she's feeling better now. Both of them were really nice! They sent me to the bus stop and I was saying that I've two tall bodyguards... =) Fe Yan's 1.73m and Han's about 1.68-1.69m. and... I'm like sandwiched between the two of them, felt really protected. ha.

Ok... the holidays have proceeded to the finally week! Gosh... I'm a Sec 4 when school reopens!!! GRrrrr... Enjoy the finally lap of the holidays! =)

Saturday, December 25, 2004 @2:45 PM

This Christmas Eve has gotta be the best one I've spent in a long time!! Had Grandpa's birthday celebration in the afternoon. Had good food, but was wise enough not to eat too much..Had a nice time talking to my cousins =) Was really nice to laugh at all the funny things,talk about girl stuff.

Serene(my other Sec 1 cousin who's in RV next year also) was so funny too! Really haven't felt the warmth of family for so long already. I wonder why? We went swimming at Auntie Cindy's house. Everyone was wild actually! All of us girls were competing against the boys in the mock water polo game. Hmm. A modified one actually. Yup..and my nice uncles went out to get Haagen Daz ice-cream and everyone ate by the pool... We swam in the pool and made lots of noise for about 3 hours? From 6.30pm to abt 9.30pm! =)It's really been a long long time since I swam with my cousins... I really had lots of fun with them, taking them on my back with me being the "Polar Express".

We went back to Auntie Cindy's house for a good, refreshing bath. All of us had hor fun and fried rice for dinner! Yummy! =) We then sat down and watched the remaining part of Blue Devils' (Channel 8, 9pm). After that, some suggested watching Home Run on DVD. We had a good laugh over it.. but it reminded me of the tension that existed betweeen S'pore and Malaysia around that period of time over the issue of water. After the 1st disc, it was already 11pm. So Uncle Jason drove us back home... *I was snoring in the back seat!* =S

When I came back home, I was greeted with another surprise! A huge one, actually. I learnt from my maid that Songhua delivered my Christmas card to my doorstep personally. At first, she wasn't really sure of opening the door to him, but seeing that he was really persistant and kept ringing our house bell, she opened and asked what he wanted. It was actually about the Christmas card... =)

TO songhua: The words inside were really touching and warm... I was smiling the entire way from the time I set my eyes on the words! Truthfully, it really did melt my heart and for the first time in my 15 years, I truly felt the power of friendship that kept me sooooo warm and touched on Christmas Eve. Thanks so much, Songhua, for cheering me up! =) I really had the BEST Christmas Eve this year with the addition of your card!

Merry Christmas to all! =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004 @5:02 PM

For the past month + this few days, I've been writing X'mas cards to those who really mean something in my life. Good friends, teachers etc. Through this writing process, I've been thinking alot about people too. Are people these days getting aloof, cold-blooded and unsentimental?

I've spent a lot of time on these cards, writing my genuine feelings and thanks to them for making my life more meaningful and colourful. What've written really meant a lot to me. But what really hurts me when I told them that I've a card for them & when they'll be free to get the card, the reply is, "huh? REALLY AR? orh...." Not only one of them, but many. In the split second of their reply, my heart really did shattered, maybe into million of sharp pieces that couldn't be heard. The feeling? Numb. What's worse is that I've to regain fast enough right in front of them, not allowing them to detect the slightest change in me. Maybe, people nowadays take cards like this for granted or even worthless.

Not even a word of "Thanks!" or "Merry Christmas!" or a hug. How sad. My sis said that maybe I haven't done enough to touch their hearts for that phrase to escape from their mouth. My sis's batch of people seem more grateful for friends around them, sending cards by post or sms-ing just to say "Hey! I've received yr card. Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas to you too!" to thank my sis for filling almost the entire free space in the card with heartfelt thanks and gratitude for their presence in her life. How touching. Some may feel that this isn't anything or they can do better than this, but why, why is that so I can't get such heart-warming response from you?

I'm dishearted. Up to now, only one really did care and thought about me, it really caught me by surprise. *Although you may not see this, thanks for the cute Tatty Teddy x'mas card and for the words penned inside + the 99-piece jigsaw that you painstakingly did for me. I really appreciate that.*

One even said last year that he would surely pass me an X'mas card that year. In an twinkling of the eye, another X'mas has arrived, but the card hasn't. What about the promise this year? I don't know what to expect now.

I shall disgress now.

I accompanied my mei to get her posting results. It's confirmed that she's going to RV. Our whole family will be going to RV tomorrow for her registration tomorrow at 8am. Then I'll stay back for CO from 1-4pm.

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 20, 2004 @1:39 PM

"What is there left to hold on to, when this glorious thing called life itself is so ephemeral? When everything we seem to have really fade, change or disappear completely with time? Our emotions, convictions, relationships are never constant; happiness and love are found and lost in turns; we live and then at a certain moment we don't anymore... where is the sense in this all?

Yet, holding on can be something beautiful. Even when we know that it will be all in vain at the end, even though it will bring us the most difficult times ahead, it is the only thing that we as humans can try to do in the face of sorrow, loss, bewilderment or incomprehension. We are going to try holding on anyway, because there are so many things that are worth the while -- feelings and memories that remind us just what warmth, bliss, pride, comfort, or pure happiness really is about. Holding on will make it harder for us, but why should life be easy anyway?"

This is extracted from Grace Chow's blog, http://dyingis.blogspot.com. I came to know of this when I read The Straits Times (Home, H1) this morning. She chose to face Death bravely and for this, I applaud her. I hope her grieving husband will take care and be strong.

Sunday, December 19, 2004 @8:54 PM

Happy 15th Birthday Lay! =)

heee... Lay's parents treated me, Ahma, Jen and Fu Er to lunch at Swensens (West Mall)!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh* This is my first time dining in Swensens! Actually I was a little excited lar... hahah. I don't why too! But what I can say is that I really did enjoy the lunch and ice-cream! It was quite filling and Fu Er was struggling to finish her food, cause it's really pricey for us... we had whispered conversation over the price!!! *gosh*

Lay, help me to thank your parents again for the really good meal! =)

The day turned out like this:
The four of us met at BB MRT station @ 11am. Ah ma was late again... (as usual!) The surprise of turning up at Lay's house wasn't that exciting anymore, cause she got to know about it yesterday. them!ha.According to her, it was due to her sis poor acting skills that let the cat out of the bag. boo hoo* I wanted to see that "totally shocked" look on her face, but sadly, it was that "Ar... so you are finally here" look. -__-''' So, we started giving out her presents, a pair of earrings from Bits & Pieces and a mobile holder! I hope she like those (I chose all of ). Gave out Christmas cards, exchange presents etc.

hahaaa... In Swensens, lay got a free fire ice-cream as it's her birthday. We sang Happy Birthday song softly! But when I wanted to take photos of her, my camera died on me! The battery was running low.... *sad* And those photos that I managed to take weren't so good. All of them showed Lay looking at other place instead of the camera's lens.

It was a quiet and sweet day for all of us... =)

Extracted from Fung Min's blog:
"i'd hate to lead everyone to a path of disgrace, a journey of no return. this was not what i had set out to do. once, promising leaders, optimism for a better year, and confidence to maintain and improve. now, to this state as it is."

I ever felt this before, this year. I understand.

Thursday, December 16, 2004 @9:38 PM

oh yar... have not been blogging for days... ahaha* The sudden realisation. griNZ.

I went to the gym on Monday. I did the treadmill, bicycle, leg push, weights etc. hahaaa* I stayed from 9am to 12.30pm. I even walked home from the gym. heeZ. I was quite hungry when I reached home.

and yes, I went to Heeren and Cineleisure yesterday with my dajie to get some stuff. Met some people there.. with ANOTHER someone. hahaha* They tried to get out of my sight asap. Expected reaction.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the gym with my dajie. It's my third time there, while it's the first time for my sis. I guess I will be doing a lot of guiding work. I will be quite busy this week. Preparing for the reopening of school + OTHER stuff + X'mas... =)

Sunday, December 12, 2004 @10:20 PM

I went for the last art outing of this year at Bukit Batok MRT station early this morning... Jun Hua did not come because she went to watch the dizi competition at SCH. Only Shu Ying and I were there torturing ourselves. "Torturing" because it was damn cold, the chill the morning wind brought us was unbearable. Shu Ying and I were practically shivering the entire morning. brrrrrrrr* It was already bad enough when I learnt that it rained the entire night, it was even worse when the rain came when we left they house!

But luckily, we didn't torture ourselves for nothing!!! Both of us got an A today! hahaa.. damn happy when Mr Yap didn't comment and just wrote and "A" on the drawing. I don't know why, but I will feel nervous whenever I pass up my drawing to Mr Yap for inspection/marking. I also collected the $ for jersey from Rui Jie! His drawing is nice too, but he drew slower than me, so I am not sure of his marks.

I went to the temple with my parents, mei and grandma for thanksgiving for the past year. I actually saw Andy there! An ex-schoolmate, we have never ever talked before but we know each other by face. I believe he saw and recognised me too (including my mum, she was his music teacher for a few years), but we just pretended we never saw each other. ha. Pathetic.

Star Awards 2004 just ended. hahaha... it was actually quite boring in the beginning, i began to worry that it wasn't that funny, grand and glamourous. Overseas stars like Wilbur, Zhao Wei, 5566, Ryu, Vivian Hsu, Xu Nai Ling etc came to spice things up. But the night (towards the end) belonged to Christopher Lee and Fann Wong!!! When it was Christopher's turn to walk up the stage to received his Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists Award, some artists seated pulled him towards Fann Wong and he almost kissed her. But she turned her face away in time! Both of them were damn embarrassed!!! Fann Wong scratched her head shyly. hahaha. We were laughing like hell. The camera crew kept having close-up on Fann Wong's expression as well as Christopher's. Fans brought the heat up when they kept hinting to Christopher to mention Fann in his speech. He just kept smiling and CONTROLLING.

Next, things are getting funnier! Mark Lee was up next for the award too, he ran towards Fann, pushed his face onto hers, got her kiss on his cheek and used both hands to carry the "kiss" in his hands and passed it on to Christopher by touching their cheeks together. Laughter and cheers erupted in the studio. Once again, both lovers didn't know how to react.. *haa*

Not only that, even the hosts for the night, Timothy Chao and Mathilda Tao, did not let them off. They ended the entire Star Awards with, "Let's see whether Fann and Christopher will hug each other!" (in mandarin). The results?! The pair kept a safe distance from each other, cautiously. It is damn obvious. If Fann is at this end of the stage, you can find Christopher at the other end. I guess there MUST be some hidden development between them, the hints given tonight can't be considered as "hints" but direct confrontation. I hope wedding bells will be ringing soon! This is the pair I like most in the entire Mediacorp since young. =) Wishing them all the best!

3 mothers came with swelling tummies tonight.. 1_ Zoe Tay, 2_Pan Shu Qing, 3_ Ivy Lee (Li Jin Mei). haha* Ivy has twins in her tummy..no wonder it looks like a ripe watermelon! =) The monkey year seems a good year for babies, or are the mothers doing NS for Singapore? =)

Saturday, December 11, 2004 @9:08 PM

love ya babe

@4:44 PM

hahahha... I came to my blog a second ago... and got a huge shock!!! I thought someone actually hacked into my blog and left some scary entry there... Opps.. I read downwards and found out that it's the work of my hubby (HAN!). ahhhhhh.. luckily my heart attack stopped in time! =) It is so clever of her to think of such tactics to contact me!!!! =)

*Miss you lar... =) I asked Lay and Ah Ma le... They can make it on Christmas Day. That's left with Fu Er and Jen. I guess Jen is still in Hong Kong... well Fu Er is... uncontactable.. Tried talking to her on net, but there's no reply! And yes, your jersey is with me le!

CO was a little confusing today. The gates of the CO room was only opened at 8.25am! I got to know that the teacher-in-charge was late! My god... and to make things worse, Fung Min and Chuan Han were not there too! We waited like hell outside.. Da Zu was bad, bad. So damn noisy... people chattering away while Liu lao shi tried hard to conduct Dango and Lin Zhong Ye Hui. I guess he got so irritated that we let us off earlier than 1pm, around 12.54pm. This is my shortest da zu I ever had since Sec 1. bleah.*

Anyway, Pearlyn (junior) lend me White Chicks. I watched it just now and nearly laughed my head off... so damn funny! =) I am borrowing more VCDs from her next week! hahaha... her father knows where to get real cheap VCDs... =) She's becoming my movie supplier!

Waiting for people to collect their jerseys from me... but heard no news from anyone. The balance is $17... don't forget to pay up!

@1:46 PM

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(hidden message on top. happy guessing!)

@1:25 PM

heyyyy everyone. wuhan here. not serene hor
to my dear wife: eh. i suddenly tu fa qi xiang and thought actually i can still read ya posts even though i couldnt visit ya blog. hehe... yea. by this method
so i logged on to blogger with ya username.
i almost forgot ya password n username ya know. so i anyhow guess and whoo... i got it right first time. yipee
anyway, i m at my bro's house now and he has webcam. lala~~
waiting fer ya to come online now. please be quick okay dear~~~
missing you dearly,
ya hubby

Thursday, December 09, 2004 @10:08 PM

YEA! I finally bought the set of Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 le!!! ahahhhhhhhh... so damn happy with it! I am near the end of the 2nd book, the really sad part, where Er Kang "dies" and Zi Wei can't bring herself to accept the "truth" even after seeing his corpse!

heee... first time this month, Si Tu lao shi came for xiao zu on Thursday (today). I was quite shocked to see him lar. But I guess he's quite worried about the 2 items we have for the coming concert in January... he was a little pissed with us today. opps...

Saw the photos I put up! Although it maybe quite easy and simple for some, I took a long time to learn it as I'm not really good with HTML and stuff. Luckily, my da jie was there to guide me along and learn with me. I really appreciate that!!! =) thanks!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 @8:45 PM

This is my sister! =) The one in nanyang uniform..on the right! On the left, is Sing Ying, now in NJC. They are good friends are knowing each other in Anderson JC during the first 3 months.

yea!!! I finally put up some photos with the help of my da jie. =) They are situated right below "Thanks", around the end of the tagboard. Go look at them if you are free!

Monday, December 06, 2004 @10:48 AM

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I received Han's e-mail le!!!!! =) Almost cried... haven't seen her for a long long time!!!!!!!! =) Visit her blog ya... she has updated some!!!

Yesterday... (Monday)

I went to Plaza Singapura with Li Li, Faith, You Wei, Jun Da and Zong Xiao for Shutter. Sadly, when we reached there, only 4 seats were left but 5 were needed. We then decided to catch another movie there. *hahaha* After much discussion... we decided on Christmas with the Kranks. That was damn funny... We were all laughing our heads off! =) We didn't make a wrong choice! A must-watch for Christmas! The seats in the cinema were very comfy! The air-con was strong too! *Thanks to You Wei for treating me to the movie and popcorns.

They then settled their lunch at Kopitiam... Li Li wasn damn silly. The set meal of a bowl of noodles and soup costs $4.50. Just because he didn't want a 50-cent change, he told the uncle to make it $5. In the end, the bowl of noodles ended up like a three-person meal!!!!!!! hahah... we were laughing away at him! He ate for 15 minutes, but the bowl of noodles looked like it hasn't been touched before. Imagine that! =) You Wei helped him to finish it up.

PB kept harassing us there... hiaz... about the jersey lar. Don't wanna talk about it.

I left for Borders in search of My Fair Princess 3 (Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3) to spend my $20 gift card. To my greatest surprise, there's no Chinese section in Borders!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh... and to think that I didn't know that. *peng* It's my dream novel for this year! Luckily, Faith on msn last night agreed to buy from me the gift card!!! =) yea...... thanks!

Today (Tuesday)
So... I will be damn busy later...
1_ Hong Ren house for collection of jerseys around 12++
2_ Meet PB at holding school (canteen)
3_ CO (2pm-5pm)
4_ Give out jerseys to Wai Yee and Ivy + collection of money
5_ Outram MRT station to meet Faith for her jersey and my $20!
6_ Head for JE Popular to buy My Fair Princess 3
(Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3)!!! =)
*My one and only motivation for the day!*

My transportation fee will cost a bomb. =( I feel so damn crippled without the bus concession pass with unlimited usage a day!!!!!!
I guess I will only reach home at around 7pm today. *drop dead*

Saturday, December 04, 2004 @8:35 PM

haha... finally, CO moved to the holding school le! Not that I am too happy about the surroundings of the school, but the room is indeed a little better than the previous one. It's more spacious and the air-con is blasting, at last (to mr lum's delight)!

I heard that actually Band really needs that room because it's carpeted and so it will prevent their instruments from being scratched. I don't know how come it's arranged this way... but I just hope they don't harbour any bad feelings towards us!

Comparing the travelling time, it's shorten because I'm taking the MRT (Chinese Garden to Commonwealth, 5 stations) from now onwards. It takes only about 20++ minutes. That means... I can go out of the house later and can sleep longer!!! hee... =)

We took our measurements for the new CO uniform today... and I am the 3rd shortest among the girls in CO. haha... but the group I am divided to took a damn long time. I was actually quite pissed with the slow movement of the crowd. The lady was a little irritated too!

Friday, December 03, 2004 @9:12 AM

Well... To be truthful, my first day at Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home was a little scary during the first 15 minutes where I was introduced to the residents there. Some of them are autistic while some are intellectually disabled. One lady kept hugging me and pointing to the door while making several i-don't-know noises. I was really scared and kept looking around for my programme coordinator, Bruce. Luckily, she allowed me to go after some time.

Next, I found a really good Auntie and played Bingo with her. It was really a fun game! She could spot the numbers even faster than me!!! I'm really impressed by her good eyesight. To me, she's more like a normal human being, I wanted to ask where she's in here, but eventually decided not to touch on such a sensitive topic! I chatted with her in Hokkien too!

I fed a lady and a girl during lunch. We chatted a bit. They are actually quite nice people!

hahaha.. Shutter was a little bit scary... It was more scary at the maybe last 45 minutes? Yup... I actually dared not use the toliet at night after watching it... But I am trying to curb my fear bit by bit. I will be watching it the second time... someone is treating me!

We had Anderson's ice-cream after that! It's a treat from my mei for her good results~ I had the hazelnut! Delicious! =)

My dad bought durians last night! Yummy... It's been a long long time since the last! =)

Taufik won the Singapore Idol. He's good, quality wise. But I was secretly hoping that I would be able to see a local Jay Chou coming up. Let's see! But I thought both were really fabulous last night =)

Going to holding school later for the moving of instruments (CO). I really hope Lay and I will not get lost!


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