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Thursday, May 31, 2007 @12:25 PM

Aristal was good! ((: liked all the dance performances. reminded me of my childhood wish to be a dancer. it's quite unlikely to happen now. haha. the evening was good because of good company with my dears, chantalle and chunna.

chunna looking radiant.
having class dinner at Alazhaar ((:

haha.hanson look blur and messy..

my dinner.super sinful.

It was exactly 7 when we got into 3 separate cabs and headed to the polytechnic. we Got pretty bad seats all the way at the top. The place was like a mini indoor stadium, raised by platforms, housed around 1500 people.Finally we settled in and was in time for a photo before the lights went off.

chantalle.carmen.weizheng. taken while waiting for the toilets

still waiting.. but with the inclusion of chunna! heh

my great company of the night!

a quick class photo before the intermission ended ((:

yea..CLL mates

juniors juniors

chunna and i have a common junior -jinxian! ((:

history students and ms oon! ((:

selwyn!! haven't seen this sec1 and 2 classmate for a long time!

jac!! one of the tallest girl around..((:

sweet ((:

minghan! argggh..but it's blur..

darl cousin serene ((: enjoyed her dance!

Thursday, May 24, 2007 @9:48 PM

The NE excos took the international students of the Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) for a NE trail around Bukit Timah! ((: my first try at being a 'tour guide'!


NE ambassadors on Bus 3. becky.sekha.me

at bukit timah nature reserve's visitor centre

preserved tiger.. rahhhh

international students from bus 3 ((:

LOL. this guy is 1.97m tall!!!

naughty monkey

Accept, learn and move on.

Saturday, May 19, 2007 @7:39 PM

mothers' day 07!

yea.fruit cake!

mummy ((:


mummy and her 3 girls. ((:

haha.yan's disapproving of us eating the cake!

cutting the cake..blissful

happy mothers' day ((:

From root to bloom,
From earth to sky,
Unbreakable thread,
Eternal bond forever treasured,
Between Mother and I.

Friday, May 11, 2007 @2:27 PM


I'll remember the smiles and glances exchanged while we were waiting for that moment.
I'll remember how we were mouthing "jiayou" to everyone around us all the time.
I'll remember the talks I had with shi thong on the bus, before and after syf.
I'll remember how we attracted everyone's attention with our red,hot blazer.
I'll remember how we tried to make small talks to allay our anxiety and excitment.
I'll remember the beautiful music we created on stage together.
I'll remember how we made eye contact with each other.
I'll remember the tears, the smiles and the words of encouragement.
Most importantly, I'll remember the people because we did this together.
We made this beautiful dream possible.

the 2 beauties in tanbo! jiamei.cindy

my juniors.but they say that i look like THEIR JUNIOR instead!


funniest juniors.

ALVIN aka laoshu

samuel! ((: my huangcheng buddy

ex-RVians at SYF!

i like this grp photo! quite artistic!

minghan&his signature smile!

on the way to fish&co.3 guys holding onto each other's bag strap. ><

mmm..i'm taller than 0.9m alright! =P

lijun&I at fish&co.the ex-ex-president of co.my sis's ex-nj classmate and good fren too!

jinxian.joson.me. ((:

i love this grp photo too!! ((: everyone looks happy!

HAPPY! ((:

cho kwan and I. relaxation. ((:

arghh..JUNWEI.the guy who loves to do crazy dancing.haha

FOODIE! newyork fish&chips (cheese). super nice! we booked the entire 2nd floor of glasshouse!

the funnie guys! minghan.alvin.joson!

the day ended nicely.
these are the people whom I want to have and treasure for life. ((:

special thanks to shi thong, nalan, jason, songhua, joel, laylay, huixian, Fadiah, jen, enchun, carmen, hongyi, desmond, natania, weizheng, weishan, junhua, alicia for their smses and wishes. i feel loved! ((:


NTU HSS Sociology Year 3.

oil painting.chinese pop music.
breakfast.books.writing.beauty sleep.time.
harry potter.mocha.egg tarts.
ice cream.hugs.shopping.

lies.being sick.

good health all year round.
40kg.more sleep time.
my own room.
DKNY Be Delicious.
Ice Cream Maker.Canon G12.
Overseas holiday/getaway.




Joanne Peh . Dasmond Koh. Felicia Chin. F.I.R. Qi Yu Wu. Dong Su Hua. Huang Zhi Hao. Sharon Au. Tay Ping Hui. Yvonne Lim. Wu Zhun.

online shopping!

runawaydiva (: .


Adeline. Benjamin Low. Bing Jie. Boon Chee. Dorcas. Ermita. Guo Tong. Hui Xian. Laylay. Lee Heng. Max. Max Lim. Melody. Min Yu. Qian Kun. Qian Zhi. Qin Pei. Shin Chiann. Sie Yen. Sylvia. Tai Khoon. Tong Tong. Vanessa Sim. Wen Si. XiaoYuan. Xingyu. Ye Zi. Yi Chun. Ying Ying. Yong Xi. You Wei. Yun Zhou. ZhengYou. Zong Xiao. HP reviews ((:.


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