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Sunday, June 26, 2005 @5:16 PM

YAAY i'm back =DD

whoa... we've come to the end of the holidays. Did one month really past just like that? Amazing huh? =DD Weeeelll, it's back to school! Term 3~ which marks the term of our preliminary examinations. wheeee~

heh. I did spent my time wisely this holidays. So I've no complaints. I rested, I did work, I slept, I played, I ate, I revised and I enjoyed myself. (: This June holidays have been a good one for me.

just one thing that I'm irritated with!!! grrr.. my tagboard. why is it always down??? i want to change it but am still quite reserved about the idea. =(

yesh. I'm looking forward to going back to school. Holiday's overrrrr...

okayyy. seeya people in school!

Monday, June 20, 2005 @10:06 AM

Yesterday, we celebrated Father's Day by having steamboat for dinner and a cake! =) My dad found out the cake at the last minute when he went to open the fridge to get condensed milk for his coffee. hahah... thought we could hide it till the end. =)

Some pictures:

What's boiling inside the pot?

Happy eating!

Father's Day cake! Yum!

Pa is still unaware of their ulterior motives. From left: Da Jie, Pa and Yan

Yea! Family photo! =)

United we sit!

Mummy and Daddy cutting the cake

Saturday, June 18, 2005 @8:26 PM

Went to my cousin's 2nd child's man yue (1st month) celebrations for a buffet lunch. =) The lunch was definitely nice, much better than many buffet lunches I've been to. Anyway, her 2nd child's a girl, name: Shianne, chinese name: Shi Ya (tang shi and "shi" and you ya de "ya"). Nice name. Didn't get to carry her... afraid that I won't be able to carry out the task well. =S Some pictures that I took:

Jiralle, having his lunch. Cute! (1st child)

Shianne sleeping! My first glance at her! =)

She's hungry! Drink milkkk..

Jiralle at play!

You can't see meee!! =)

Some girls at play.
From left: Soo Lin, Hui Min and Hui En

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 @6:38 PM

Into the third week of the June holidays, 2nd day...

My god... Weekiat just told me a funny funny thing that happened to him. He placed his Harry Potter book into the fridge, not the lower compartment, but actually the freezer. His mum got freaking angry with him when she found his book inside. =) Now, as he turns the pages of his stone cold Harry Potter book, he feels gusts of cold air on his face. So eerrie.. reminds me of dementers!

Anyway, F.I.R and JJ rock! =) just love them!

Mmmm.. had so many consulatations with Weekiat on P & C, almost everywhere. On MSN, library, the phone, asking even JC questions that my sister has. What can I say? Weekiat just has a crystal clear mind that can see what we can't see. Especially those repeated answers that the questions remain vague about. He never fails to give me the correct answers. I certainly hope he can get through HCI smoothly with his DSA. It will be HCI's loss not to recuit him as a student. He can bring honour to the school in many maths competition! =)

Talking about competitions, Han is definitely into one! Shall take this opportunity to wish her all the best, although some of her hard-core members just refuse to contribute to it. *Jiayoujiayou*


Friday, June 10, 2005 @11:20 PM


feeling very happy and lucky now! =) I have my MSN and e-mail account back! I really have to thank Hui Xian for her great help! She helped me to decipher the hacker's answer to the secret question! Thanks a million girl!

I've changed all my passwords to whatever accounts I'm holding on to now. Just to be on the safe side. I definitely don't want to spend my afternoon in front of the computer crying like what I did right after I came home from camp.

Thanks to people who helped me along the way: my whole family, weekiat, Han, huixian, Lay, You Wei

Thursday, June 09, 2005 @9:08 PM

hey people, I'm back from camp now. But I've more important things to announce here. It is very serious.

I found out that my e-mail and msn account has been hacked into, with the hacker changing my passwords to both, going to an extent of changing my personal secret question to my e-mail address. Now, I've no access to both accounts. That idiot hacker has been using my name, going around to scold my friends within my contact list. So far, I've a few people asking me why did I scold them on MSN last night. BUT HELL, I was in camp last night, how could I possibly get hold of a computer? Something I'm sure of is that this person knows me and my friends around me quite well. This person uses vulgar words too. I'm beginning to suspect some people.

I was so afraid that I cried once I can't sign into any accounts. So afraid that they will use my name to do some illegal stuffs. I was still crying even when I called my sister, weekiat and han for help. My eyes hurt badly now. I've taken action after my sister and han persuaded me to contact hotmail to see if they're able to do anything about this. Now, I'm waiting for their reply.

If anyone of you who sees this entry and have encountered the 'fake me' in MSN scolding or talking to you, please do take note that it is NOT ME. Scold that idiot for me if possible. Han has done that in her encounter with the "fake me" and was sure that it wasn't me as I was away in school for camp. I'm very grateful for her help.

Thanks DaJie, Weekiat and Han for being there for me.

Do help me ok? I'm really lost for now.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 @8:41 PM

Off to CO camp for 2 days, from tomorrow onwards. 8 June to 9 June. A 2-day 1-night camp.

I guess it would be quite tiring for my brain as I might not be able to sleep at night. I've to forgo the Amazing Race for Physics and Chemistry remedial on 9 June. So... for the 2nd day, the only thing I'll participate in is breakfast and lunch. hahaha. =) Quite relaxing huh?

Off to pack my bag.

Monday, June 06, 2005 @6:37 PM

Half dead now. Going to sleep after this.
Had Maths lessons early in the morning at 7.30am, which resulted in me, dragging myself out of bed at 5.45am! Turned out that Mrs Choy thought lessons started at 8am. I could have slept longer in my bed. See what I mean ?A bad start of the day.

E Lit seminar at Regional English Language Centre (RELC) was ok. Not that it's very helpful. I guess the $25 paid for it went quite down the drain. Having another session tomorrow, for The Bonesetter's Daughter.

The worst part of the day was getting to the Silra Home at Yio Chu Kang. The directions given weren't clear at all, and we ended up walking kilometres of road. Up and down. Just practically no where, but up and down. You see, it's so ulu, that well, have nothing to say about its vincinity. Plain scary. I'm already grateful I could make it back alive.

But the visit was nice. Just didn't like the journey there and back. The old man whom Ivy and I kept company draws very well. Turns out that he's always frequenting art courses at LaSelle and NAFA. =) Like his company a lot. Played chess with Ivy as he looked on, giving us directions.

Can't go on anymore. My eyelids are closing anytime.

Dead tired.

Friday, June 03, 2005 @8:52 PM

ahhhhhhhh... DSA is done! FINALLY! At least got something off my hand. That's really a great feeling! And I de-stressed and celebrated this feat by baking chocolate rice cup cakes after I got home. =)

During this DSA-ing period, I would really want to thank many people for making it possible for me to hand it in to the General Office this afternoon.

Mummy! :Thank you mummy!!! Thanks for personally getting down to make an A4-sized envelope for me using drawing block paper, to contain all my documents. It's so neat and nice, that even my friends couldn't believe that it was actually "made". =) That gave my application form a personal touch. And, thanks for staying up yesterday night just to vet my personal statement, trying to make it as perfect as ever. Also, worrying over all the documents I have to photocopy, making sure that I get all the originals back. I guess I couldn't have made it without all your efforts!!!

Da Jie: You too helped to vet my personal statement before you left for the NTU Pre-U seminar on Monday, just to make sure that I'm on the right track. Even though you had work on hand to be cleared, you still took time off to vet it for me. Thanks a lot!

Yan: For hearing all my complains and rants about the inefficiency of that organisation. Sorry if your ears are tired from my voice. =)

Daddy: You have the same sentiments as me about the organisation and even called to give them a lecture. But you thought it over and decided to contain your anger for fear that I couldn't get the testimonial I want from them. Thanks for being so supportive!

Songhua: You were there for me when I had to hand in my DSA envelope and was lost about what to do and what to write. Thanks for your marker and stapler! =) Those were great working tools for me today to complete the incompleted. It was really a miracle to meet you and Weekiat in the library. I was only testing my luck there. And yup, thanks for checking through my application form and making sure that everything was filled up correctly and nothing was missing. Those encouraging words of "Good", "Correct" brought me back to track! Thanks for your help!

Weekiat: Ahhhh.. those printed documents that I begged you to print! =) Sorry for having you to stay up to past 12am for that. I'm really grateful for your generosity and patience with me! And, I'm so sorry to learn that you banged your cheek against the stairway this afternoon. Is it better now? The bruise then was quite bad.

Ivy: Opps... sorry to let you wait for me for so long. =S Thanks for keeping me company out there while I was sorting out and compiling those documents. A million thanks!

Miss Roshidah (Jurong Primary School): A great teacher! Thank you for digging up my past records and writing such a comprehensive and lengthy testimonial for me although I've already left the school for 4 years. Really very touched by your effort. It's just a miracle for me to meet you. Thank you so much!

In all, my application for DSA wasn't a solo effort. I had so many people standing by me, bringing me through it. It was a rush period, but definitely a period of significance in my life. Thank you all. =)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 @10:54 PM

11pm now...
Back for about 1 hour and a half now, after a 4-hour swim at my cousin's condo swimming pool.
Tired. Body aching.
But that's definitely not the point.
Feeling pissed is.

Bearing all the fatigue, I'm supposed to stay away from my well-deserved sleep and type an irritating, foolish, idiotic chinese formal letter to some idiot association, which refuses to churn out a testimonial for me despite several times of "begging" for days.
I shan't name their damn, famous name in fear that I'll get sued for demafation of their what-so-ever great reputation.

Now, I really understand the meaning behind boot-licking from the phrase "su yang gui hui...", cause I was so damn unwilling to type just that statement out. I typed some words of it, deleted, typed again, deleted again, banged things here and there and finally I still have to type those words out. What rights I have, right? Just for that piece of testimonial, I have to bow down to them.

A few days ago, I sent them the e-mail asking for a testimonial. Fine enough, they replied me and told me that they needed to look into my query and ask the top management about it. Ok, I accepted that. Seeing that they did not reply, I typed yet another mail to them to rush them. Then, they told me to type out my achievements and activities participated there in Chinese. Ok, I typed it and sent it.

Then the next e-mail came telling me that I have to type a letter in Chinese and NOT english (which I did the very first time) before they process my request. Like what the hell. Can you tell me right in the first place? They went round and round the bush and now telling me to write my first e-mail in Chinese? Blood just started boiling. Please la, I need it for DSA lor, and now you come to tell me this? Do I even have time for it?

Never mind. I TYPE. During my outing with my cousin just before the swim, the association called my handphone, telling me with that happy voice that the chinese e-mail I typed was just NOT formal enough. That's the limit. Shit them. If not for me wanting that testimonial so badly, I wouldn't be sitting here and typing the beautiful and formal letter out for them. And I need to hand in all my documents by Friday to the General Office.

HELL. (People who really know me well, understands that it's just not my character to blow off my top. This great association has managed to piss me off and make my blood boil.)


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