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Sunday, October 31, 2004 @1:49 PM

And yes, I forgot to mention this in my last entry. At the end of the End-Of-Year Prize Presentation, Mrs Look announced that from now onwards, RV girls are allowed to keep long hair. Well, I believe that whether or not we are allowed to keep long hair, there will always be pros and cons present. The good thing now is that we, girls, wouldn't have to always go for a haircut every 3 months; It's such a waste of money. =) But I also hope that with this change in system, girls who are tame wouldn't become vainpots overnight.

Thanks to Han for congratulating me on my prizes! =) Well, don't be too sad even if you didn't win the Nokia n-gage babe/dude search. You managed to get contract from a model and artist company called VERSUSONE! That's really great! I told you that you were made for modeling because of your long, beautiful legs! =) Remember to drag me along for your first modeling experience ok?

Ok, tomorrow's GEC 'O' level Chinese examinations. Good luck to all. Happy studying! =)

Friday, October 29, 2004 @4:11 PM

Today's the last day of school and this marks the end of another academic year. I received 2 prizes during the end-of-year ceremony! =) Anyway, really happy to be able to take a class photo on the last day thanks to the reminder from Han!!! I almost forgot everything about it because I was so caught up by administration stuff. I hope Candy and Han can send me the photos soon! =)

Lay, Jen, Ah Ma, Fu Er and I went around the school to take photos at different venues to capture the last image of the school site. It's a pity that Han went home. Sorry for not being there when you need me. I thought you were just pissed off with Yue Qiu. But in actual fact, you felt more than that. Don't worry, you will have a surprise soon! =) lalala~

It's nice meeting you. We went through so much, with laughter, tears and anger. But the thing I treasure most in our friendship is that we are able to be there for each other. It's not like we are going to be separate forever so I wouldn't say much here for I am afraid that I might break down anytime. Just one heartfelt message from me: I love you.

On a happier note, today's Yan Zi's new album release date! I hope to hear her new album soon! =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004 @5:13 PM

3 Ds to describe our holding school - dilapidated, dusty and DIRTY! Oh man, after sniffing in the dust and the strong paint, I had a slight tension in my head. I tell you what; the entire place is just like a construction site! All the nails, planks, and pipes are just thrown all over, waiting for you to trip over them. But our classroom next year seems ok, it's just that the ceiling fans are enough to give the taller boys a free haircut (a quote from Kong Aik); it's a blackboard not a whiteboard. o_O You should see what classroom 4A (next year) is getting. If I continue, I can faint soon!

Yea, when we came back into the school compound, my classmates said that they suddenly love RV a lot! The clean and presentable look is there, unlike the dirty and ghastly impression we get at the holding school. I still can't believe I am unlucky enough to be graduating there. This is also the first batch to being take our 'O's there. My younger sis may be coming to RV too next year. I hope she will be alright. I am going to bring my camera to school and try to capture every corner of our school. I am really missing this school... boo hoo.

I cleared some misunderstandings with Shi Meng. I hope he is not blaming me for being so frank.

Ok, later my whole family will be catching The New Police Story at Jurong Entertainment Centre at 7pm. Hee... I am so excited, it's the first time we are watching a movie as a family!!! =) And yes, Han is going to work again! Take care girl and jiayou! =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 @6:29 PM

Things are not going right for me these days. Yesterday, I got a huge scolding from my whole family for not getting home on time for our family movie outing I organised. I felt so down, being scolded a failure by my parents. Yea, I admit I am an irresponsible daughter, irresponsible sister and an irresponsible organiser. Throughout the lecture, I was sobbing my heart out. That lasted for an hour. My eyes really hurt now.

AND, today, I am faced with another piece of appalling news. Han has to leave RV. This really shocked me. My best companion, best laogong will be gone from my side. The feelings inside me are all whirled up in countless of circles. I suddenly lost my sense of direction.

I didn't say much for I am afraid of hurting you. Believe me; I have never hated you for anything you have done. I know how you felt at that point of time and everything you said can't be counted, so I took a quiet approach and see how things go. Yes, the promise of being my bridesmaid when I get married will never ever change and vice versa. It will never be broken for our bonds are cemented tightly together. Even if you were in China, you are to fly back to help me with the preparations. You know what? Once I came back from CO, I immediately rushed to the computer to visit your blog. Once I read those words, I started crying. Thanks for dedicating the poem to me...I am really touched.

[The next poem is dedicated to my dear laopo, serene. we have braved so many storms together. Nothing can separate us.
Always feeling alone, until you
I didn't love myself, until you
I didn't care about life, until you
I never told a friend that I loved her, until you
No one had ever held me for no reason, until you
No one had ever truly known me, until you
No one had ever managed to bear with my irritating, until you

Lying in the darkness, without you
I don't know who I am, without you
I don't know what to do with myself, without you
How did I ever get by, without you
How did I ever find comfort, without you
Would I have ever seen my true self, without you
Would I have ever known true friendship, without you
Serene, you will be my forever wife

For the apology letter, just keep it safe with you. Take it as a souvenir which tells the story of our lives together, just like how I kept every e-mail you sent to me safely in my inbox.

And you, will be my forever husband. I truly love you.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 @1:32 PM

I just feel that when things go wrong, I am always the one at fault, the one to be blamed. I really hate that feeling. I have never wanted you to be stranded in the rain and get drenched before you go to work. I waited for them at the bus stop, 4 334 buses have left and I continued waiting until the rain came. I was drenched too. I ran across the overhead bridge while the rain continue to hit on me. I called you just to inform you... but what did I get? Nothing, just another hang up. What's the problem with the both of us? I don't know. Why is it that we are always ending up with a hang up on the phone? My heart aches. It really aches.

What have I done wrong? Can someone please just tell me my mistake? The Gods in heaven wanted it to rain at this moment... I can't stop them. Is that my fault too? I was looking forward to today's game too. But sadly, it ended off so... tragically. I was thoroughly wet too when I got home. I can understand how you feel, having waiting for someone when the rain just come pouring on you. I am in the same situation too, the difference is that I waited for them at the bus stop and got equally wet when I ran across the overhead bridge.

We have gone through so much together but I am always experiencing a hang up. At least about 5 times already. 5 times! This equates to 5 cuts left in my heart. Those cuts through my heart are much worse than what I felt when I failed my A Maths.

My tears are streaming down my cheeks like the rain outside my window. But you can never see them, for, I am always the one at fault.

Saturday, October 23, 2004 @2:59 PM

I forgot to mention something damn important in my last entry! That is... I forgot to thank Han for lending me her Teens first although many people tried to get it from her! =) Thanks laogong... love ya!

Yes... Han is damn poor thing. She worked from 4pm to 10 pm yesterday and something terrible happened to her. It happened that she was in-charge of frying the fries yesterday, she got so busy that she dumped the fries into the wok of hot oil and was scalded. Now, her hand is swollen. She didn't even inform her manager but continue working as there are too many people at that time. Furthermore, she's still going to work again tomorrow! This is what we call "jing ye le ye". Rest well!

I don't know what's the problem with my msn. I have to take a long long time just to sign in. I am getting so fed up with this. I just pray that the end of this month will come soon and I can get the broadband and get rid of this dial-up. Humph.

It's promotion day on Monday! Lalalala~ I shall pray that everyone in my class will get through the teachers and get promoted to Sec 4! =)

Thursday, October 21, 2004 @5:45 PM

I guess the Chinese Paper 1 today was ok. Hope everything will be alright. Xie lao shi was damn funny today, during the duration of our examination. I reckon she doesn't have anything to do and was too bored for words that she DID THAT. After the first few minutes of invigilating, she stood by the door and spent her time catching people going to the toilet and asked them to return to their classrooms. She deprived them of answering their call of nature!!! Poor Li Wei... his bottle was confiscated by her and he left feeling exasperated. Han and I stifled laughter under our breaths and continued with our paper.

Li Li was praised by Mr Desmond Lim today for his singing. =)

I talked to Jin-E's brother today. I found out that he still remembers my name. Oh, so touched. And yes, I recalled that he's called Che-E, 1A. But Jin-E looked quite unhappy. opps...

Ok... Han was damn pissed off by Peng Bo today. Well, I don't really know what he did to her, but after seeing that she was so upset by it, I went out of the classroom and confronted Peng Bo. He gave me that sickening look, as if I had accused him of something that he didn't do. Without saying anything, he turned his back towards me and walked into the classroom haughtily after hitting Han with the paper in his hands. Han just screamed at him. I was on fire too. Stupid him.

Anyway, there's Chinese Paper 2 tomorrow. I better scram now. I still have some undone questions on Differentiation to be checked by Mrs Choy tomorrow.

Here are some distress tips I got from guardian's postcard.

Peace Of Mind
Sleep is one of the best beautifiers, and it's absolutely free! But it's a pity many women don't feel well-rested after a night's sleep. This eventually takes a toll on your body. Sleep-related problems are increasingly common, so do all you can to prepare your mind and body for a good night's rest every day. Here are some tips you can try if you have been having problems falling asleep or staying asleep.

Avoid having sugary drinks and foods just before bedtime - sugar agitates the brain and keeps you awake.

Drink some water before you sleep and keep a glass of water by your bedside in case you get thirsty at night. Your pulse rate tends to go up when you're dehydrated and this can disturb your sleep.

your lighting. Invest in a dimmer or lamps that have various light settings. As you wind down to sleep, you can adjust to lighting accordingly.

Don't have a hot bath just before bed. It dilates your blood vessels and stimulates your mind and body.

Make sure your bedroom is well-ventilated, inadequate oxygen will make you feel tired.

Avoid wearing anything too tight-fitting in bed. Stick to loose-fitting nightgowns in light material instead.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 @8:02 PM

I had a terrible headache today. It nearly caused my life. I still can't forget that throbbing pain in my left temple. Have to thank Han for rubbing my head for me even though I repeatedly said that she can go get the dance thingy done; You Wei for repeatedly asking if I was alright, patting my head, giving advice to Han on how the rubbing should be done etc.; some sec 3s class chairperson for their concern. =) I slept for 45 minutes on the 2nd-floor link way during the dance competition. After I woke up, I heard from several people that 3L did well in the folk dance today! Good job done! =)

I guess the Art Festival went quite ok. Haha... Li Li definitely performed well today, although he slipped a little due to Guan Hoe's negligence. Overall, everything was great. Jun Xiong too... I didn't know that he could sing until this Art Festival. Suddenly, I realized that this talent wasn't discovered during my 3 years (same class) as classmates with him. =) And yes, Yi Wen did well too! Charlene and her singing rocks!

Yea... I received the merit prize for the Chinese composition competition! I didn't know that I will be receiving the trophy today until I heard my name being called. =)

There's a mock Chinese examination (Paper 1) tomorrow. I still have some problems unsolved for Differentiation. AND, The Challenge (Ren Wo Ao You) will be having its debut at 9pm. Don't forget to catch it! =) Han is at McDonalds' working now... hope everything goes right for her! Jiayou!

Monday, October 18, 2004 @7:03 PM

I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself.
I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself.

I am feeling so empty inside. So empty. Now, I am just like an empty shell lying on the beach where the frigid brine washes past me, leaving me shivering with the tremendous coldness. All I wish for now is for someone to hug me tight and tell me that everything will be alright. I need all the comfort in the world. Hug me please...

I broke down quietly in the auditorium during the audition. Tears just started flowing. I guess I can never take failure. I guess Wee Kiat saw my tears but kept quiet. Although my da jie keeps telling me that the final destination is the most important, I can't help but compare myself with others. What is that ingredient that I forgot to add? Why does my effort taste so bland, nothing of the sweetness that others achieve? Why? Why? Why? I feel so ashamed of myself.

I am trying to pick myself up soon. Yea, but I need some more time. Sorry that I can't comfort anyone for the time being, for I myself need to lick my own gaping wounds and recover from them. Don't mind if I am feeling irritated. I need time to adjust back to my normal mode.

I just pray that the tears that flowed just now are able to wash away the piercing pain in my heart.

Sunday, October 17, 2004 @9:25 PM

I got myself a pink flat-base slip-on with my mum! =)

Watched Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 (My Fair Princess 3) just now... so sweet, especially Yongqi and Xiao Yan Zi. But things are going to go very wrong for them. Getting really worried.

ha. Yes! I must mention that I finally managed to sign in to msn. But I think this will be one of the very few times as that's really a huge problem with my msn. Don't know where the problem lies too. =(

Went for art class this morning... and talked a lot about what will happen next year with Jun Hua... sigh. I guess we must start treasuring the time we have for now.

I guess I will be having more heartattacks tomorrow... where papers are coming back one by one. I hope I survive them.

to Han: Go with the flow of your heart. If you seriously want to pass the message in your heart to him, I guess this is a golden opportunity for you. Seriously, I think the decision lies with you. Jiayou!

Saturday, October 16, 2004 @9:58 PM

YES! I finally found MY LISTENING SCOOOOORE SHEET 5 min ago!!!~~~~~
I'm not in trouble with Xie lao shi already...
Good luck to Wu Han who is still looking for it..

@6:34 PM

Bloody shit. I can't find my listening score sheet (Mid-year). Xie lao shi needs it by Monday. I can only find the oral one. oh man....... dead. She says that anyone who doesn't bring it on Monday, will get a zero for that section. God, please help!

Anyway, Han seems to have a funny day today. Go her blog!

CO practice resumes today. That song ar... I think I can just die under it. So damn confusing.

sigh... stress. No one understands.

Friday, October 15, 2004 @8:35 PM

Ahhhhhhh...I hate mosquitoes!!!! I was woken up by the stinging bites on my legs at around 4.45 am this morning. There was buzzing beside my ears, I thought I was dreaming, so I shook my head and the sound disappeared. After about 10 seconds, that buzzing came back again. I got so irritated that I wrapped myself entirely under my blanket. It was stuffy underneath but this managed to keep them away from me. I couldn’t take the heat, flung my blanket aside and storm off to the hall to sleep on the sofa. That was already about 5 am.

Ok, after school, I accompanied Han to SATA clinic near JEC after getting Slurpee. The injection costs $25!!! But Han said that she can claim the money back from Mac. The two Malay ladies at the counter were very friendly, keeping us occupied with their talking while they did the registration for Han. The Indian lady that gave Han the jab was very friendly too. Haha. We met some good people today. And guess what? A China lady working there said that she likes RV a lot as it is a good school where its Chinese standard is high.

Xie lao shi told us that there will be 3 mock examinations where 2 out of 3 will be on Paper 1 (composition and situational writing). I was in a daze. -_-'''

It's my da jie's birthday today! We are waiting for my younger sis to come back from art class so that we can cut the cake! Here's wishing my da jie, HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!!! She received so many presents... =)

Thursday, October 14, 2004 @8:50 PM

My day sucks!!! ahhhhhh.... I can almost kill myself. Damn results. Esp. D Maths lar. Shit.

I guess I still have to face more papers tomorrow. Mr Suria is bent on torturing us, giving us each section by each section. -_-''' But I am certainly pleased with my E Lit Paper 1, Chemistry Practical, HCL Paper 2. =) Hope the next few papers will make me smile. -prays-

And yes, I went to JP today to support Han at her first job experience (actually it should be second time, the first one was on national tv!). hahha... I decided to give her a surprise. So I stood quietly beside her and folded my arms. She was busy wiping the table with a cloth. I believed she sensed that something was not right and raised her head. You should see her expression. It turned from a blur/blank look to a weary smile... haha. So cute wearing that MacDonalds' cap. =) I sat there for about 45 minutes. Sometimes I would point out that the table has leftover food and she rushes over to clear them immediately. After some time, she came out with balloons in her hand and gave them out to kids. She really looked like an ambassador of MacDonalds'.

For Han's performance today, I would give her 9.5/10! She's really serious in her work and is very alert. -thumbs up... and clap!- I guess she's home by now. I bet she's dead tired. Maybe she can't even get out of bed tomorrow... take care dear... and I hope you got the job!!!! =)

Yea! Tomorrow's my da jie's birthday... she's still out celebrating with her friends... =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004 @10:15 PM

YEA! It's all finally over!!!! At last... To those still having their last few papers, just hang on a little and everything will be all over! =)

Today's Marking Day and we are given a day off. We (Han, Lay, Jen and I) decided at the last minute to go for a picnic at East Coast Park in the morning! So impromptu...With everything unprepared, Han called me over to her house to help her with the folding of the tent. That nearly cost my life. After about 45 minutes of futile struggling, we gave up and wrapped the entire tent with transparent scotch tape. It looked like some huge disfigured canvas cloth. AND that gained us quite a lot of attention on the bus and on the train.

After meeting Jen and Lay in front of Popular... we headed for Giant to get our picnic food. We took quite a long time deciding on what to buy. On the way along the shelves, Jen picked up a magazine, and Han, a bottle of plum juice and Lay a slab of sweets and they decided to buy too... Thanks to Lay for treating us to sweets!

There was a huge pile of vomit at JE MRT station, leaving us feeling quite gross. Anyway, we were really shocked to hear that East Coast Park was near Eunos. We checked out the map and after some quick calculations, the journey will take about 1 hour. -gasps-

And... yes! We reached and planted ourselves comfortably under a shady tree. Hahah... we worked together to get that scotch-tape-wrapped tent out nicely from its endless wind of tape. Han and Jen went to rent 2 bikes for $5 each for 6 hours (1pm-6pm). Soon, we began our picnic... so fun.. talked a lot about anything under the sun. Later we went down to the beach barefooted and played with the water. Took some really lame photos and wrote some funny words on the sand. =)

We took shifts to ride the bikes and the other pair played monopoly inside the tent while looking after our things. Jen and I were the first pair. After 30 minutes of riding, we came back and changed shift. I fell asleep in the tent as I was too tired to continue the game of monopoly with lay. I slept while she read her vampire book.

Han and Jen came back after a while and its lay's and my turn. We rode on the bike for about 1 hour...the entire stretch of East Coast Park. We even passed the forest which caught fire yesterday, leaving the firefighters to fight with it for 13 hours (those who watched the news will know what I am talking about). As we rode pass, there were fire engines and police cars there...watched them at work as we rode along. The air there was a little hazy too. We even had to dodge some fire engines that stood in our way! =) Had a good talk with lay... my only regret today is not being able to ride the entire stretch of road with Han!!! So sorry dear, my butt really hurts after 1 hour of vigorous biking! Another time ok?

We had a round of tea break and watched the water activities going on. There were a group of Malay guys trying to windsurf with a tiny board. And for goodness sake, I believe they tired a hundred and one times but their efforts failed. I was even tired looking at them try. Talking about being ******... shan't say anything about that.

So... it's time to head for home. Jen was damn good, she rocks man! She managed to get the first 3 steps of the tent folding right... at just one look at the instruction sheet. To think, Han and I got even the first step WRONG at her (Han's) house! Both of us screamed like some mad women and ran to give her a big bear hug!!!! She was so overwhelmed by us! But the last 3 steps posed a great problem to us. Jen suggested that I go get some adults to help us. In a frantic search, I spotted a couple in clad in jogging attire. They agreed to help at the first instance and went with me... and after some struggling, the man got the finally shape of the folded tent somewhat right and Han stuffed the tent in with his help! We were so damn happy and I shook my hand with him, thanking him for his effort! Haha.. Han even named him a white angel. He is really dashing, in those frameless glasses. Too bad, he was a wife already. No chance for me.

This outing with them three really bonded us together, even better than before. A real pity Fu Er and Ah Ma can't make it today. Breathing in the fresh air in nature really beats the time spent in some shopping mall, window-shopping. I feel much more alert and energetic. For me, it's my first time having a picnic with a bunch of good friends... a really meaningful day. To those who haven't been in touch with nature, the sand and the sea for ages, go for an outing these days. I believe the time spent will be worthwhile and will leave lasting memories in your mind, forever.

Although I am felt with a hurting butt with tired and strained legs, all the end of the day, it's all worthwhile! =) [Sorry for the long entry... I haven't blogging for weeks!!! Please bear with me!]


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