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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 @6:21 PM

congrats to weekiat who secured an A2 for geog. it was a torturous long wait for him. guess it all paid off.

as for myself, there is a deep ache within me and I do know the reason for it. recently in class, my chest suddenly tightened and I couldn't breathe for a few seconds. felt v v v v v scared and helpless. wanted to call for help, but I knew that this time nobody can help me. nobody. thanks for all the consolation, but I screwed things up. That is the fact.

I want to make amendments for it. I'll push myself for it. I don't want to relive the scene that happened 4 years ago.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 @5:56 PM

yeayeayeayeayea... =) prelims are officially over! =)
Subjects taken this week: A Maths Paper 2, Chemistry Practical
Chemistry Practical was much much much better than Physics. At least I've more confidence.

My sis's prelims also ended today. We are like some mad dogs screaming at home, with music blasting from the computer. =) Well, the bad thing is that I'll have school tomorrow and for the entire week. But my sis has holidays until next Tues. boo.

I have to thank many many people for my survival through prelims:
1. My Family!!!!
Mummy who is always in constant worry for me, worrying whether I'll be feeling tired in the morning, instructing my auntie to make pao sim for me...checking on me at night, praying for me at home while I'm taking my exam.
Daddy who will pray for me every night and asking me how's the paper after he comes back from work everyday.
Da Jie, who is going through the same battle as me, we'll give each other encouragement, saying, "No problem! Chiooooooooooong ar! Can!" Then we'll burst out laughing, then she'll try to catch me to hug me..
Yan, making an effort to wish me good luck before we go our separate ways in school.
Ate, for boosting my morale every morning at the door as I leave the house. Making nice breakfast for me in the morning and cooking heart-warming lunch that awaits me after my every paper!

2. Two very very important FRIENDS!
Weekiat and Songhua
BIG thanks for coming down for 3 consecutive days last weekend to study A Maths along with me at my void deck, offering your help to help me get over the lousy A Maths Paper 1 and of course, tutoring me! =) Making the effort to praise me after I've successfully completed each question with the correct answers boost my confidence to go on... Thanks so much! The long phone calls I had with Weekiat, the long MSN chats I had with songhua meant so much to me. I just have to thank God for giving me such nice, good friends who always make the effort to help me when I'm feeling all helpless!

Feeling so guilty over not being able to answer your calls, but nevertheless, I always see my name in your blog entries, telling me to take good care of myself, have enough rest and sleep and not to stress myself out. I miss your voice! =) Got a shock when you called me that day. I must meet up with you soon!!! Thanks so much gal, for being with me always. We'll have our swimming session soon right? =)

4. SQuAD
yea... nice bunch of friends, always cheering me up with silly jokes and crap. =) My journey back home is always interesting with them around!

-claps claps-
Having so much things to do now...
-Swimming session with Han
-Biking with Weekiat
-Outing with ex-JPS friends
-Outing with SQuAD
-KFC meal with sis
-KBox with Songhua and Weekiat
-my exercise plan

ahhhh... guess I'll be getting some papers back tomorrow. grrrr... -prays-

Thursday, September 15, 2005 @8:22 PM

Another week gone. The worst week to get through, by the way. See the amount of subjects they squeezed in. I'm so glad I survived through it.

Subjects completed: Physics Practical, Physics P1 & P2, History & E Lit P 1, A Maths P 1

Just 2 more days next week.

Then rest will come in.

Waiting for that to come soon.

Meanwhile, prayers are still going on.

All the best to people taking Bio paper tomorrow, esp. Songhua and Weekiat and my class bio students.

Friday, September 09, 2005 @8:19 PM

MOE issued a press release on the "River Valley High School To Offer The Integrated Programme in 2006"
Please click on the link below to read the press release.

joel's take on this.:)

Thursday, September 08, 2005 @9:11 PM

okok.. updateupdate. =)
Before holidays,
More subjects completed: Chemistry and E Lit Paper 2.
Today's Thursday!
Soon it's back to school for another round of prelim.
Quite heavy ones: Physics, History, E Lit P1, A Maths and Chem prac.
A tide washing back on me...
And yes, those natural disasters happening in New Orleans, Japan, and even the plane crash in Medan (Indonesia).
I pray for all victims and hope more survivals can be found soon.
Please count your blessings.


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