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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 @10:06 PM

YEA! Mummy got me a new watch - Baby-G!!! She said it's our Christmas present; both my sis and mei also got a watch each of the same brand! It cost $78! =) My elder sis's watch is even cooler... it has melodies! =)

Tomorrow, I will be doing my first NYAA CIP at Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home. I hope it will turn out fine! =)

To all taking the re-test tomorrow and the day after, good luck!

We 3 sisters will be watching Shutter tomorrow! hee.. I really hope it's a great movie!

@11:41 AM

This happened on Sunday, 2 days ago.

In just a span of few hours, the entire family's Sunday was ruined. GRRRR.

We went to the temple to offer our prayers of thanks today. After the usual round of praying, we went to the multi-storey carpark where my dad parked his car. My dad was driving at a very slow speed and suddenly the whole car jerked and a sickening "sccrrreeeeeech" was heard.
My dad frantically got out of the car and went to access the damage. The entire left side of the car + the bumper + the left headlight were scratched so badly that the paint came off. The bumper got off only slightly better - it was lopsided. My dad loves his car a lot and we just got it. So you can imagine the heartache.

This lady driver CONVENIENTLY forgot to switch on her headlights while driving out of the carpark lot. So you can imagine the scenario: my dad driving past her parking lot while she headed out of her parking lot. There goes the car. It was so obviously her fault. She wasn't paying attention when driving the car. If it were our fault, our car would have hit hers headfront and the evidence would show that our car's bumper and headlights would be smashed. Whereas the situation now is that our entire left side of the car was scratched so it definitely shows that she's in the wrong.

Everyone was very agitated and starting shouting. I joined in too and shouted at that dumb woman. The 3 of us were sitting at the back of the car and we definitely would have seen the headlights of the car if she had switched it on. Out of 5 people in the car, NO ONE saw her coming out of her parking lot.

For goodness sake, it was evening time and it didn't help that there was a downpour earlier. So it's cloudy and it was dark in the multi storey carpark. So anyone would have the cow sense to switch on the darn headlights. Well she didn't and it caused the whole mischap.My dad was driving at almost a crawl and he certainly wasn't speeding. So it can't be his fault!!
Everyone was damn pissed. Grr. I got shouted at by her too. Wth.

Yesterday, I went to the gym for a workout, 3 hours straight, from 9am to 12pm. I did the treadmill, bicycle, cross trainer, leg push etc. hee... I sweated like a pig!!!! =) The entire machine was dripping of my sweat... of course I wiped it off! I really like the place a lot... I guess I will be going there more often to loss weight! I did... about 1 kg. =) Hope this continues!

Friday, November 26, 2004 @8:22 PM

My mei and I went for a swim early in the morning at 8.30 am. We left only at 12pm. A near 4 hours of swim!!! We did the laps together, with her swimming in front of me, continuously. hahaah... it was such an achievement for us. She was quite scared initially for the same reason - 1.8m. But after some practice, we did perfectly well, without stopping for rest. =)

We went to JPS to hand in her option form for Secondary Schools at the General Office. I met my Pri. 6 form teacher, Miss Chia Yuet Ming (the one I suspected to be Xie lao shi's sister, they really look alike but she denied), and chatted with her for about 1 minute.

Now, I can say confidently that I LOVE SWIMMING!!! hahha.... I also took the opportunity to check out the price and time slots for the gym at the Jurong Sports Complex. It's only $1.50 for unlimited use for children above the age of 12. I guess I will be going there often too... for my slimming programme on top of the swimming programme too. I hope to shed at least 2 kg by the beginning of next year. I am trying very hard, so don't try to tempt me with sin food! =)

Thursday, November 25, 2004 @11:02 AM

Yesterday was a happy day! =)

I accompanied my mei to school at noon to collect her PSLE results slip. Ahhhhhh... she did very well! She achieved 267, with 3A*, an A (Science) and Distinction for her Higher Mother Tongue. We were all very happy with her results!!!! She did so much better than me. But anyway, she should be going to RV as well.

After that, I catched The Forgotten with my sis and her 2 other friends. Shi Han treated me to the movie... *Thanks to much!!! =) It's really nice. It shows how the mother's love, for her son who "died" in an aircrash, holds her memories of him even though aliens tried to erase them for an experiment. In the entire experiment, she was the only one who could not forget her son and this causes the experiment conducted by aliens to fail. In the end, the children are released back to their parents. The sound effects really scared me to death. I was gasping for breath when the next scene caught me by surprise.

In the evening, my sis and I headed for Esplanade to catch Si Tu lao shi's Ruan Trio perfromance. It's very nice... but I felt a little sleepy after a long day. There was a post-performance interview with the Ruan Trio which comprises of Frankie, Nic (my instructor) and Ian. hahaa.. it turned out that my instructor became the spokeman of the group. But the interview was fun with humourous elements within. =) Saw Ms Khang with her female friend at Citylink when we were heading towards City Hall MRT station.

I was dead tired when I got home.

There's CO today at 12.45pm. Go get ready now...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004 @10:08 PM

Opps... just visited Han's blog a minute ago. Oh man... the state she was in yesterday at her work place was damn terrible. I can visualize the entire situation in my head. =_= I think I would rather give up than continue. She's such a brave girl... a cute one too (like what Song Kai said)! Hahaa... it's true, sometimes she would give that expression that makes you want to pinch her cheeks! =)

Yup, yesterday morning I accompanied Han to Ghim Mo Secondary School to get her books and uniform, wearing Yan Zi's bei xin! Of course, after much waiting, someone came along and made her really happy the whole day. =) The school looks bigger than our campus at West Coast Road. After that, we took a tour around the school; managed to find her classroom (3/2 E) on the ground floor and it's so near the canteen! We headed for JP in search of Lay's birthday present. Before getting into McDonald's, I saw that malay guy who likes Han. He gives me the creeps. Ewwwww... Han treated me an ice-cream cone at McDonald's. Thanks dear!

Han forgot to mention this really important thing in her blog!!! SHE PIERCED HER EARS AT YELLOW! So, that makes 2 ear holes on the left (the additional hole today) and 1 ear hole on the right! Initially, she was quite afraid...but she managed to get it done! We then put on the ear rings we got earlier on! =)

Well, today, it turned out that 3L didn't get to go Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) today. Mr. Lim didn't tell us that we had to go there on our own without transportation being provided. Ahh... In the end, he called back to the General Office and I was there. I took his call and found out all these!!!! I had to get back to the canteen to announce the bad news to them. It turned out that all of them aren't interested to go and went back home. I called Mr. Lim again using Miss Linda Chan's hand phone. He said it was ok and that he was sorry for the miscommunication.

CO was fine today. Glad to see Lay back for CO practice. =) Unfortunately, she has red eyes during CO. -__- Anyway, I found out something really UNBELIEVABLE from Cassandra and told Lay and Yan Rong about it. They couldn't believe it too!!!

Han's leaving for Beijing tonight. She will be calling me from the airport at around 11.30pm. I will miss her badly, her daily calls, laughter and voice!

Ok... tomorrow's the release of the PSLE results! I will be accompanying my mei to school at noon. I wish her all the best!

Monday, November 22, 2004 @4:30 PM

I read Sumiko Tan's column in Lifestyle on Sunday, November 21 and found it quite interesting.
It's a topic on mobile phone. Here are some extracts:

[I was at Topshop the other day when, reaching into my bag, for my wallet, I realised that my mobile phone wasn't there.
No wonder my bag felt suspiciously light.
Did I lose it?
I felt amputated.
It wasn't so much the cost of replacing a phone I was concerned about. It was how, from a mere consumer item that I had bought out of necessity, the mobile phone has become the single most important gadget in my life.
I haven't reached the point where I've acquired a cushion for it to rest on (there are actually products like that out there).
But every night before I sleep, I place my Nokia 6100 lovingly on my bedside table, near enough to wake me up should I get a call or SMS.
My mobile has become more than a phone. It is my clock, calendar, directory, repository of memories, fortress and refuge.
Say I spot someone annoying who looks as if he is about to approach me. What better way to shield myself from him than to put the phone against my ear and pretend to be engaged in conversaaion?
Or I'm having lunch by myself. To avoid appearing pathetic, I can fiddle with my phone and look as if I'm engrossed in SMSing a friend. To the outside world, I'm no longer friendles. I'm connected.
That tiny device contains not just the number of everyone from my drycleaner to my hairdresser, but also a record of my love life.
I have, at last count, 164 SMSes I am loathe to delete.]

[IN FACT, I would go so far as to say that you can judge a potential mate by his mobile phone.
First, there's the model.
If his phone is of the latest, fanciest, most expensive design, he's probably vain, concerned about looks and image and hard to please.
If he makes do with low-end model, he's a nice, unpretentious chap - but unlikely to ply you with gifts from Tiffany.
If he keeps his phone plastered in a plastic casing, he's finicky.
If he wears a mobile phone chain, he's more likely than not a gay.
If he keeps checking his SMS when he's with you, he's not that interested in you.
If he excuses himself before answering a call in front of you, he has manners.
If he ignores that call and continue paying attention to you, he really digs you. Or has something to hide.
You can tell a person's level of personal hygiene from his phone. Is it scratched, scuffed and oily? That probably describes how he maintains himself too.
His SMSes will give you an insight into:
a) his language and spelling skills;
b) his wit and sense of humour, or lack of;
c) whether he's long-winded
If he uses minimal words to convey maximum meaning - without resorting to abbreviations - wow, he's clear-minded
If he spells out every word and uses proper punctuation, he's either not comfortable with you yet, or uptight.
And what does it say if his SMSes contain smileys which, I'm told, men never ever use when SMSing each other?
If he deigns to return your smiley with his smiley, chances are he does like you.
But if he initiates the smiley, maybe that's another story.
So there you have it - mobile phone stereotypes].

Friday, November 19, 2004 @10:06 PM

YEA! Wee Kiat gave me Yan Zi's bei xin today! It's black in colour... looks really cool! =) Thanks man! But I made a fool of myself when I looked for him today in the canteen. I saw Nina and went forward to tap her shoulders and started asking her where Wee Kiat is. When I looked up he was staring at me in the face; he's sitting just right in front of Nina! =_= scared me to death! whew.......

Han came back to school today to hand in her transfer form and she told me about her "adventure" at Ghim Mo. *winks* She was practically jumping about wildly and waving her hands around frantically. The blush on her cheeks showed how madly her heart beat was at that point of time. =) I wanted to give her a big hug and tell her something, but she seemed on the go all the time. I guess I will find some time to do so!

Peng Bo, Hong Ren and I settled our class's jerseys deal with Auntie June. She even treated us to a set meal at JP McDonalds' (where Han's working but she wasn't on duty)! So nice of her! She even wants to give us a t-shirt as a Christmas present. I hope her talk with Converse tomorrow will be a smooth one and that they will agree to print our 3D logo without extra charge. -praying hard-

Poor Lay, I called her just now and she is still running a fever. Maybe she's not even going for CO tomorrow. *sad* No company again. Just hope she's feeling better now...

And yar... the Singapore Idol. The results was daming saddening... Olinda was kicked out of hte Top 3. Out of the three, I really felt she's the best. I expected Sylvester to get out. Never mind, I believe she will have opportunities to showcase her talents once more. =)

Thursday, November 18, 2004 @8:14 PM

lalalala~ Went for a swim with my da jie this morning. I am proud to declare that I am no longer afraid of the 1.8m mark! I managed to swim the entire lap without stopping. That's worth a celebration! =) Later part of the morning, sis and I went to try out the yellow slide together. hee... this's her first time, and she got so damn scared she didn't want to try it out again. haha... I just sat there and laughed at her! =) I had a second go at it... closed my eyes for the entire ride. ewwww... After that, we procceeded to the lazy river, wave pool, jacuzzi and the children's playground. We had fun playing in them!

A row of guys sat on the railings outside the female's changing room. I walked past them with my sis to retrieve our belongings when I heard one of them saying "Hi" to me. I pretended I didn't hear and continued moving on with my sis. His friends shouted after me saying that I was "dao". Stupid bunch of Ah Bengs.

Rushed back to RV for CO xiao zu practice. Lay couldn't make it; she had flu! boo hoo~ Yan Rong didn't come either and Nalan was quite disappointed. Anyway, CO's strength seemed to decrease tremendously today as many people didn't turn up. I wonder what had happened.

Oh yar... the ending of The Champion. At least it didn't disappoint me! Kai Wei was with Jing Wen! =) I guess it's Yi Xuan's fault, she didn't know how to appreciate Kai Wei in the past and was so selfish as to care about the nature only. True enough, feelings that have passed cannot be found back anymore.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 @10:13 PM

hahaha... I went swimming alone early in the morning at the Jurong Sports Complex. Han said that I am such a poor thing (to go alone)! Mmmm... actually the feeling is not bad lar. I managed to swim about 3/4 of the length of the swimming pool, considering that I am afraid of the 1.8m height, after some warm-ups =) Proud of my achievements!!! BUT, the yellow slide there gives me the creeps. I really feel threatened by the speed of the water pushing my body along the slide. It's damn fast lar! Even those in Wild Wild Wet aren't that scary. =_= I feel like going there tomorrow morning again at 8am to train.

After that, I went to Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home, which is near the complex, to sign up for community service which is part of National Youth Achievement Awards (NYAA). The person-in-charge said that she would call me up again this week to confirm my placement.

After lunch, I went to the NKF centre at Toa Payoh after meeting my da jie (at Orchard MRT to pass her passport photos to her) to collect my gifts for raising money for the organisation. I got a stylish mini radio, which is extremely MINI, and a Van Fan's VCD. As I saw the terrible state of the buildings, I realised that Toa Payoh is an extremely old area of Singapore According to my mum, it's one of the earliest area in Singapore that had her first HDB estates.

I received a phone call from Han around 7.45pm. She called to tell me that her place in Ghim Mo is finally confirmed. Also, she will be dropping A Maths there. A sadder part of our conversation: she told me that her father embarrassed her in front of many RV teachers in the General Office and she broke down. But she's feeling better now.

Subsquently, Peng Bo called me and we had a phone conference with the dealer (Hong Ren's neighbour). She told us about the price and other stuffs. If the final price is fixed, the jersey will be about $25 without special numbers which means out of the range 4-18. Special numbers need an additional $2. We'll see how it goes.

Weeeeeeeeeell, I think the last episode of The Champion is a little..... un-exciting?! AHHHH... I want to know whether Kai Wei will be with Jing Wen at the end!!!! I really hope sooo... =) They will only show the ending tomorrow before the start of the new serials. So, remember to catch it! =)

Monday, November 15, 2004 @10:07 PM

I got myself a new swimsuit at IMM! It's black in colour and have 3 white streaks. My da jie chose it for me! =) Too bad, it isn't the 2 piece that I wanted.

Peng Bo, Hong Ren and I checked out the prices for our class's basketball jersey today at Queensway Shopping Centre. We finally decided to go to Hong Ren's neighbour's house as the auntie has contacts with Converse. We will see how it goes... she's going to call Peng Bo tomorrow to confirm the deal. Surprisingly, Ms Khang and Xie lao shi agreed to buy the jersey too.

Got to get to bed soon, feeling a little sleepy and Li Li (on msn) is rushing me to bed, saying that a little kid like me should be in bed by this time! -___-'''

Sunday, November 14, 2004 @1:09 PM

I have a new idol! He's Shuichi Hidano, a Japanese tyco player.

Lay, Jen, Ah Ma and I went to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Grand Orchestraa Series VI, Eastern Exposure at the Singapore Conference Hall yesterday night. We called Han and Fu Er along but they had something on at night. What a pity! We had MANY extra tickets which are worth $18 because many of my junior gave them up as they had programmes at night. Lay and I only managed to get Jen and Ah Ma to go.

I was damn impressed by him!!!! The way he played the drums with the percussionists from SCO, their co-ordination was perfect! I could almost see all his muscles and veins protruding! He shouted the command loud and clear before raising his drum sticks and that certainly added atmosphere and life to the entire performance. =) Everyone in the hall was filled with awe, clapping for him and his fantastic performance for 1 and a half minute non-stop! Even the SCO players on stage followed the audience in the clapping of an encore; the SCO percussionists were even more playful! They tapped the beat on the drum to force him out! In the end, we had 3 encores from him!!! And the last one, he sang! hee... that melted my heart! His voice rocks too! Poor thing, he was perspiring profusely after the entire performance! =)

At the end of the performance, there's an autograph session. I waited right in front of his seat and copied down his name on a piece of paper. Armed with Lay's handphone, I captured many photos of him, but many had him blocked by people. humph. ahha... he's so shuai! I heard from Jackson that he's only 22 years old. I will do more research on him.

But, I truly enjoyed myself last night! =)

However, I learnt from my mum last night after I came home that Iris Chang, the author of The Rape Of Nanking, committed suicide. 3L should be familiar with this, remember the book Mr Lim always recommended us to read in our school library during our History lessons? Finally, I saw her appearance in the photo published along with the report. Isn't it ironic? Why is it that we always know someone through his/her death? Before this, I knew her book at the back of my mind. Now, I am determined to borrow her book from the library and finish reading it.

Here's a paragraph of description in her book: "An estimated 20,000 - 80,000 Chinese women were raped. Many soldiers went beyong rape to disembowel women, slice off their breasts, nail them alive to walls. Fathers were forced to rape their daughters and sons their mothers as other family members watched." The Rape of Nanking touched raw nerves, and I felt this after just reading this paragraph. I guess I would just burst into tears when I finish the heart-wrenching book.

She apparently put a bullet through her own head on Tuesday, losing a three-month-long battle with depression as she felt the pain of those she wrote about. I guess the accumulation of hearing those stories, year after year after year, may have led to her depression. I believed she took things to heart and became emotionally involved in the tragic stories about which she wrote.

Sadly, a great woman who brought the truth to light, exposing under-reported Japanese war crimes during World War 2, is gone forever.

Friday, November 12, 2004 @10:12 PM

hahaha... today, I did four "1st times"! So proud of myself...
1) 1st time at Bugis Junction
2) 1st time at the music shop to buy my section's instruments strings
3) 1st time at Plaza Singapura
4) 1st time eating something from Mos Burger, the strawberries! <--- Go check it out!

lalala~ it was nice spending time with Lay, Ah Ma and Nalan. Too bad, laogong wasn't there... she got to go settle some problems with the transferring of school. =( But something good is that Han seems more cheerful these days... I can even hear her "smile" even through the phone, maybe it's the holidays at Bintan Lagoon Resort that brought about a change in her. I just hope that she isn't too worried about the transfer of school! Smile more girl!

hahaha... I am just too happy today! First, Jackson passed me Yan Zi's CD after his Physics Remedial! That was already a spirit lifter for me! AND, just now... Weekiat told me that he will be giving me the singlet of Yan Zi, I almost jumped up for joy and kept thanking him. I have to thank Joel too... cause he thought of giving it to me first, but his mum took it. =) *Thanks you guys for thinking of me! That made me really happy! I love you guys man!

Although it's just November now, I am already preparing Christmas cards for my friends!!! Till now, I have completed SQuaD's Christmas cards... wrote some long heartfelt messages on them. I really hope you guys will love it ok? Ah Ma, Fu Er, Han, Lay and Jen! =) Next, I will proceed to Weekiat, Songhua, Joel etc, these batch of people... love ya!!!

*edited (added on a second ago)
The tagboard is OK le!!! haha... another happy thing to add again! You all can leave notes le!!! =)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 @6:15 PM

There is seriously something very wrong with the tagboard. Mine doesn't work, Han's one dosen't work and my sis's one also doesn't work. I really hope it gets back as it was before. People, you can continue leaving messages there... I will go to its website to read them and reply them through my entries.

@1:49 PM

YEA! Han is back from her holidays!!! yippee.. finally! =) Talked to her for awhile on the phone and listened the things that happened on her holiday trip! Interesting.... take note of her recount on her blog soon.

I went to GlaxoSmithKline, which is a major pharmaceutical company with extensive manufacturing operations in Singapore, with Jiaying, Yue Qiu, LiSha and Ms Khang yesterday for a job shadowing experience. Basically, this company produces the active ingredients in medicine before sending them in batches to its secondary site to be made into tablet/syrup form to be sold in stores like Guardian etc. Familiar brand names like Panadol, Nestle, Ribena etc are actually from this company. hee... I only knew it yesterday.

Students from The Chinese High (TCH), Nanyang Girls' High (NYGH), Victoria School (VS) and other various JCs came. We were brought around the site, saw the process of "white cake" being formed from raw material, from centrifuging to drying of compounds in a complete vaccum. I really experienced a lot after seeing how the machines are operated and asking questions about their company and the manufacturing processes. The entire trip was quite educational.

But what made the trip even more exciting are the actions of a gay couple, the two male teachers from VS and NYGH. Throughout the talk (I observed), both of them went to the toliet many times and for long periods of time before coming back into the auditorium. The male teacher from NYGH who was wearing a hot orange t-shirt, kept touching the other teacher's shoulder blade and stomach. -puke- Told Jiaying, Yue Qiu and Li Sha about it... and we started giggling and staring at them. Indeed, after some observations, all of them agreed with me! Even Ms Khang... we told her when we were out of the company's gate. She laughed along with us and said that she too felt the same way. ha!

Happy Deepavali to all, especially Mr Suria!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 @7:26 AM

*Yesterday's entry*

I started the day off with Maths Remedial at 2A classroom. I was a little late but Mrs Choy was even later, so I was safe! phew... =) But we ended up with many Revision Exercises to do over the long holidays. WELL... I caused 3 people to be late because of the wrong infomation I gave Jen. I told her it's 9am instead of 8am. Opps... hope she isn't too pissed with me. I have to apologise to Wendy and Ah Ma too. Sorry....

Waited in the canteen for Lay's Maths remedial to end too. It turned out that something happened. *I hope you get "it" too ya? Good luck. I support you* Talked a lot at the hawker centre where we settled our lunch. By the way, the sugarcane drink was nice! =)

CO went well. Finally, I had a look at the set piece. It's quite easy, like what lay said, but the feeling is hard to grasp. Anyway, it's about a starry night. Very peaceful kind...

Have to thank Jackson for agreeing to lend me Yan Zi's new album on Friday! *Thanks!*

Monday, November 08, 2004 @10:26 PM

YES! The Singnet Broadband is finally activated! lalalala~ The speed is damn fast now... and I am so pleased with it! =) Thanks guys for waiting soooooooo long for this entry! Esp. Weekiat, Lay and Han!

Many things happened these few days. Let me update some of them!

Firstly, Han's birthday!!! hahaha... bought a hot orange bikni and an orange top for her! Also, we gave her a surprise at Jurong Point's Kopitiam with a cake with Lay! Glad that she spent her birthday happily. Her mum gave us a treat at a restaurant! Also, I have to thank Lay for being so patient with Han and me... following me between school, Han's house and JP. Thanks dear! Love ya!

Secondly, my fall at Pulau Ubin on Wednesday. So painful! Have to thank many people who helped me in a way or another. Han, Hei Tung, Chen Wei, Zong Xiao, You Wei, Zhang Yun, Yue Qiu, Da Jie, Ate (my maid). I saw many good qualities in them through this ordeal. Thanks so much! =) My wounds are healing now... slowly. I hope to see them peeling off soon!

Thirdly, Wee Kiat for lending me both his CDs. Hope I didn't impose on him! *Will return them to you soon!*

And lastly.... Han is away on a holiday at Bintan Lagoon Resort!!! Oh man... I am like so damn envious! She will only be back on Wednesday... Take note of her blog, I guess she has lots to update on! =)

Having Maths remedial early in the morning tomorrow and CO at 2 pm. Better catch sleep soon!


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