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Thursday, March 30, 2006 @11:19 AM

extracted from lee heng's blog:

reminds me of two irrelevant things which happened in school today. when i was handing in the passport photo to 王俊义 in the LEP staff room, he was counting money. then he asked me what's 13 x $50. without thinking i said $1750. he seems to believe at first, but later he did his own calculations (it's actually $650).and he asked: "你是 arts class 的吗?"
during GP, zongxiao displayed his middle finger unintentionally in front of liulu. later he claimed that he was just checking her eyesight.jobang said: "then i scold you vulgarity i am testing your hearing la".

the first one was rather insulting la. =.= the second one was funny to me. =)) fun things happening everyday.

Friday, March 24, 2006 @5:05 PM

The first week of Term 2 is coming to an end soon!
Coming up next week is enrichment week. So I should have more free up time to complete lots of stuff. =)

Went back to hc this tuesday for fac idol. Saw a bunch of lovely people again. Nice feeling to be back at home. ah. and congrats to yongliang from athena who was crowned the 1st fac idol of hc! Following up on that, super happy that cheeyang got into the finals! he sang really well. continue to win people with your voice!

In 06A01! Nice class, nice bunch of people. Made us all feel at home on the very first day this week. Although most of us have very different timetables (we are not even having PE as a class!!!), we still go to our "class table" in the canteen during breaks and lunch to meet up! haha.talking about lots of eye candies.. -winks- hope Chantalle enjoys her date tomorrow! Feeling happy for her.. she's so hyper today!

Collection of notes and more notes this week. Been continuously filling them into individual files to bring to school. Lunch for this whole week was at Prata Hut, except today. phew. Had yong tao foo! =) All time favourite!

Going for dental x-ray and insertion of separaters early tomorrow (sat) morning at Ocean Towers in preparation for braces. lalala. And it's Jen's and my auntie's bdae too! =))

okk.Just realised that I'm tagged by Han. So here it is:

My Perfect LoverInstructions: The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover. Specify the gender of the target.

Gender of target: Male (obviously!)
Actually I've nothing to write about this (so sorry han!). I don't know if there's/will be a perfect lover around.gaaa.I'm just not the age to comment on this.i would prefer a larger social circle first before such things happen. yup. wouldn't be tagging anyone too.

enjoy your weekends!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 @7:08 PM

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黄城 is officially over for me.
I truly truly enjoyed performing 3 times on Victoria Theatre stage.
Lifelong memories for me! =)

Was especially touched by 哥哥's (Jason's) postcard to me! The MOE postcard features a choir singing... and that really relates him to me. I remember the evening of the results of the appeal when he told us that he wasn't successful in it. I remember crying for him. But I also remember smiling brightly for him when he brought good news the next morning! 哥哥 really deserves the place for he's such an outstanding student and I'm so proud of him!

I teared in <<9>>'s dressing room when I read "妹妹,你最棒!" Thank you, 哥哥!

I'll miss all the nights spent in school rehearsing for all the acts. How ahhong,kanglin and ziyun went over our mistakes with us, our crapping sessions in between rehearsals, us photosynthesis-ing together and our discussions how to improve characters' relations better etc. Yea, I'm so proud to be in 黄城 and <<九>>!

To my dearest <<9>>:

yinghong: Sorry for giving you much trouble in the past, for I was the softest among all and always falling ill. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to the production. I think we really benefit from your comments. Hope my and <<9>>'s performance at VT was up to your standard!

kanglin: YEA! finally got your name right! (opps!) You're really a nice nice nice director! Love you lots! I'm hugging the red pillow you sewed for us now! I think you really put in a lot of effort in helping us and the gifts! Appreciate them! Thanks for spicing up our <<9>> life with all your jokes, humour and suan-ing of Jason! Also super thanks for all your encouraging smses to us! =)

ziyun: our poor SM! So many cues to shout.. must be super duper stressed out! But hey, you did a good job so no worries!!! Thanks for the wonderful script which earned so much praises and applauses! Without it, there'll be no existence of <<9>>!

妈妈 (Qin Pei):I love mama! YEA! I'm so glad to have met you through <<9>>! Wonderful mama cum friend to have!! I'll miss ya, all the hugs we have before every performance, every hand squeeze of encouragement, every eye contact we made to build up feelings in act 6 and the last hugging part in act 7! Thanks for your beautiful note and choc! I LOVE YA!

哥哥 (Jason): 哥哥,可以给我 spelling 吗? =) Thanks for everything! Mmm..we went through almost the same fate together! But hey! I'm so glad you got through! You're made to do great things in HCI! Thanks for putting in so much for your character that I can feel all the 内心戏! I'll remember all the spelling times when you are "teaching" me how to spell during rehearsals and EVEN on STAGE, you wrote HCI and NJ on the jotter book! And telling me to 加油 before going on to quarrel with 姐姐. =) I'll SUPER MISS YOU! 哥哥,你也最棒!

姐姐 (Han Yan): 姐姐好凶,妈妈为什么不骂她? In reality, she's not fierce! Nice friend to have!!! You really really put your heart and soul into the character, using spare time to craft your feelings better and rehearsing 对手戏 with 妈妈 and 哥哥. I enjoy your company!!! haha and all the crapping sessions with Jason while incorporating 台词! Thanks for accompanying me through the dark periods during these 3 months! =) Take care!

爸爸 (Yeow Chin): 爸爸,他又是什么样子的呢?Yea, I love Yeowch cum Song IC a lot!!! Super super nice guy! Big in size and in heart too! Thanks for the cute gift of baby sized hand and feet mittens! Enjoyed the moment sitting on your lap and rocking to and fro! I'm so glad to have you as a father and friend! Take care!

小哥哥 (Derek): Cute boy! Very active and sociable! So glad Qin Pei brought you along to our <<9>>! We are almost of the same height!!! Grow more ya!!! Aw..I'll miss feeding and hugging you!!!

Michelle (shell): 我的化妆师! Thanks for the nice makeup! =) Make me look more like a 9-year-old girl with the super pink cheeks! And thanks for worrying for my posting too! Love ya lots! Super glad to have you!

Wei Ying and Tian Jiao (服装组): Thanks for all the quick change! Brillantly fast! I'll miss you guys! Thanks for the choc and wooden sheep...

音响组 (sylvia,hengjie,aizhen and yingjie): HEY GUYS! hope you all did enjoy the BreadTalk muffins we got for you!!! Thanks for doing such a good job with the sounds! Know you guys are stressed to keep up with ziyun cues, but hey, it's done well! =) Without you guys, <<9>> will not be as nice! Esp. Sylvia: thanks for all the hugs on the last day! Sorry to have made you cry so badly! I'll miss you too!!! Blast away in your new class ya? take care and love ya!

道具组:Thanks to all who made it possible for all the 换场! I'll miss all the hugs with Lee Heng and Samuel! You guys rock!

催场 (Ning Fei and Rebecca): Thanks to you guys! haha <<9>> are always the ones not having dinner! So sorry! But I did eat on the last night before bump in to VT! =) so forgive me! Thanks for the last hugs and photos!!!

And to others:

Han: Opps! So sorry gal! You called many many times just to reach me, just to wish me good luck! Thank thanks! And I'm guilty for that!!! Thanks also for wishing me LUCK on your blog! =) Grateful to have you around! And all the best with John ok? Make sure he takes really good care of you! If not, just tell me...

Jen: AHH dear! Thanks for all the smses you sent to tell me to 加油, rest well and wishing that my performance was a blast over the 3 months!! Love you for all the thoughtful smses! So glad to be in the same school as you again!!! =)

Chantalle: My best best OG mate, companion and to-be-classmates in NJ when term starts! Thanks so much gal for your encouragement! Enjoy your company greatly!!! Can't wait for school to start and we're going for make-up lessons together! =)

Ying Ying (06A12 senior and my angel): AHHHH!!! You made me cry with your gift of sunflower and earrings on Sunday night! Did not expect you to get me a flower! Thanks for your hugs and praises for my act! I'm just so glad to have you there! I'll miss you dearly...

Clarence/Jason (06A12 senior and i'm his protector in JFC!): THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ROSE! Didn't expect that too!!! =) Thanks for being touched by me... I'm so sorry I can no longer protect you anymore!!! -sobx- Take care of yourself ya? and yes, thanks for the many last hugs at VT! Cried cause of you too!!! I'll MISS YOU DEARLY!

Yueh Hsin: My NJ OGL! Only known you for a week and you got me daisies!!! Very touched!! Yea and I'm happy to go for your choir concert!!! =) -winks- see ya around in school! And I never forget our next OG outing!! I'll definitely be there!!!

So... 黄城 was a good experience for me! I'm glad that I stayed on! No regrets, just beautiful memories to take away with me. Thanks to Wei Feng who kept me going in the 1st 3 months, despite all my complaints. Super grateful to you and yet, very sorry for hurting you too. All the best.

Photos will be up the next entry! =)

NJ here I come.. and I'm in 06A01!

Thursday, March 09, 2006 @1:06 PM

why must they always let you experience the best things in life, and then suddenly take them away from you cruelly?
i <3 hci.
now, i'll learn how to <3 nj


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