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Saturday, July 07, 2007 @9:29 PM

china - hainan trip (day8)

alright we're out of the village and back to the city, haikou!

yea. we're back at our fav hotel!

sumptuous dinner. the table height was just right for me! heh

the happy faces!see how timothy looks like the king with all females surrounding him?

it's timothy's bdae today..but i don't have the photos.they are all in his camera.
yep,but it was a great celebration for me! 10 years old! ((: BIG BOY NOW

@8:01 PM

china - hainan trip (day7)

today marks the last day of our stay in the village. We had to leave early due to my dajie and serene suffering from rashes caused by well water. They have sensitive skin so this was kind of inevitable. Everyone was fine except them.

the last brushing of teeth at the village

memories of a different experience will stay

at the clothes line ((:

last breakfast!

the farewell present for us. it's handmade peanut candy. the sort of sticky candy that you'll normally eat during CNY

taking of last group photos...

fully renovated house.pretty with the tiles and all

our bedroom for the past 3 days.

we had bananas before we left ((:


@7:02 PM

china - hainan trip (day6)

arrived at the beach for volleyball! ((:

look at the sun shinning on us! sightings at Coconut Forest Coast (direct translation of 椰林湾)

ready for some action on the beach!!!

the action begins! hahas

haha.serene's pose


we went back to the village and continued to play volleyball in an open field. Changed to playing captain's ball, our fav ball game in school!

@6:07 PM

china - hainan trip (day5)

after breakfast in the village, we headed for my grandmother's village, which was just a walk away from my grandfather's village.

cousins surrounding a manual tap. you have to lift up the lever and press in down hard to pump water from the well. it's located just outside the toilet.

feeling the splash of cool water

i'm sitting on the hammock! (

ultimate enjoyment!

mummy looking extremely happy!

lychee plantation. the lychees are GREAT! too bad i couldn't eat too much because of throat inflammation. =(

the desire for them is just so great HAHA

my mum is a great fan of lychees!

the 3 girls who fell sick, but nevertheless, HAPPY!

Monday, July 02, 2007 @12:38 AM

china - hainan trip (day4)

day 4 was spent mostly travelling from city to the village that my grandfather and grandmother once lived...

we finally arrived at the village after hours of travelling! getting a feel of the place..with relatives doing some introduction

the backyard of the village.

the place for drying rice grain. timothy looks on quietly with awe

sisters! happy to begin a whole new experience!

we spotted a jackfruit!

the covered-up well that my mum,grandma,aunt and relative are surrounding

the place where firewoods are kept.

a clearer picture

hens running around..ahaha


uncle jason is playing with the fire crackers! ((:

preparing to light off!

the aftermath!!!! isn't it a pretty sight!!!

why are the adults so happy??

my naked uncle.can't blame him, the weather is very warm!

this pretty baby is meiling..one and a half years old.that's her mum. she has beautfiful eyes that are really soulful!

that's her grandmother. see that all of us are going gaga over her? ((:

that was after witnessing the live killing of chickens! the chickens are meant for dinner. they're peeling off the feathers of the chicken!

after slaughtering the chicken, they soak it in boiling water to open the pores.it'll be easier for them to peel off the feathers then!

everyone's looking very fascinated...

well..i had to visit a local hospital on the very first day at the village for throat inflammation, along with my dajie and mei. I wouldn't even call it a hospital cause it's in shabbles, doctors dressed like ordinary folks and chickens running around in the yard. Medicine is cheap though, mine was only $3 plus and it lasted till the end of the trip.

Sunday, July 01, 2007 @11:48 PM

china - hainan trip (day3)

Had a Western buffet breakfast at the hotel. It was the usual stuff, nothing really impressive. We checked out and moved into yet another hotel, 三亚度假村. Next tourist attraction is 南山! heard of the birthday greeting, 福如东海,寿比南山? It's famous because of that!

very very HOT!!! i think i had a mild heat stroke from this particular trip and caused me to visit a local hospital the next day. argghh.

HAHA.i need to buy a ticket cause I'm TALLER than the girl! LOL

see the statue of Godness of Mercy in the background? She's taller than the Statue of Liberty!!

a closer shot!

a coconut tree with two branches in 南山! a rare sight!

rested till 5pm in the hotel after lunch.

seafood dinner at 说来酒家!

abalone in its shell!! never seen it before.

the inner of the shell. looks very silvery and shimmering!

the outer of the shell. interesting heh

the array of seafood!! the dinner must have cost a bomb!!!

i don't even know what this is.quite exotic i guess.

headed to a moutain after dinner. dajie looks radiant with all the city lights behind her!

day 3 ended!


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