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Saturday, July 31, 2004 @3:29 PM

Time really passes real fast in CO today. Hee hee... guess it's because Si Tu lao shi was in a good mood today, although he was down with flu. -sniff- =) Anyway, he taught us how to play harmonics (fan yin) and he wants to hear it next Saturday. urr... I think it's a little tedious. Using your middle-finger to touch the string and the fourth finger to pluck the string. duh...

Anyway, I have been wanting to type an essay here. A 15-year-old Singaporean, Amanda Chong Wei-Zhen, from Raffles Girls' School, won the top prize top prize of the Commonwealth Essay Competition that drew 5,300 entries from 52 countries. Her short story focuses on the conflict in values between an old woman and her independent-minded daughter. I will type the essay into 3 parts as it is too long. Enjoy.

What the modern woman wants (Part 1)

The old woman sat in the back seat of the magenta convertible as it careened down the highway, clutching tightly the plastic bag on her lap, afraid it might be kidnapped by the wind.

She was not used to such speed. With trembling hands she pulled the seat belt tighter but was careful not to touch the patent leather seats with her calloused fingers. Her daughter had warned her not to dirty it: "Fingerprints show very clearly on white, Ma."

Her daughter, Bee Choo, was driving and talking on her sleek sliver mobile phone using big words the old woman could barely understand. "Finance", "liquidation", "assets", "investments". Her voice was crisp and important and had an unfamiliar lilt to it. Her Bee Choo sounded like one of those foreign girls on television. She was speaking in an American accent. The old lady clucked her tongue in disapproval.

"I absolutely cannot have this. We have to sell!" Her daughter exclaimed agitatedly as she stepped on the accelerator; her perfectly manicured fingernails gripping onto the steering wheel in irritation.

"I can't DEAL with this anymore!" she yelled as she clicked her phone shut and hurled it angrily towards the back seat. The mobile phone hit the old woman on the forehead and nestled soundlessly into her lap. She camly picked it up and handed it to her daughter.

"Sorry, Ma," she said, losing the American pretense and switching to Mandarin. "I have a big client in America. There have been a lot of problems." The old lady nodded knowingly. Her daughter was big and important.

Bee Choo stared at her mother from the rear view mirror, wondering what she was thinking. Her mother's wrinkled counterance always carried the same cryptic look. The phone began to ring again, an artifically cheerful digital tune, which broke the awkward silence.

"Hello Beatrice! Yes, this is Elaine."

Elaine. The old woman cringed. I didn't name her Elaine. She remembered her daughter telling her how an English name was very important for "networking", Chinese ones being easily forgotten.

"Oh no, I can't see you for lunch today. I have to take Ancient Relic to the temple for her wierd daily prayer ritual."

Ancient Relic. The old woman understood perfectly it was referring to her. Her daughter always assumed that her mother's silence meant she did not comprehend. "Yes, I know! My car seats will be reeking of joss sticks!"

The old woman pursed her lips tightly, her hand gripping her plastic bag in defence. The car curved smoothly into the temple courtyard. It looked almost garish next to the dull sheen of the ageing temple's roof. The old woman got out of the back seat and made her unhurried way to the main hall. Her daughter stepped out of the car in her business suit and stilettos and reapplied her lipstick as she made her brisk way to her mother's side.

"Ma, I'll wait outside. I have an important phone call to make," she said, not bothering to hide her disgust at the pungent fumes of incense.

The old lady hobbled into the temple hall and lit a joss stick. She knelt down solemnly and whispered her now-familiar daily prayer to the gods.

"Thank you, God of the Sky, you have given my daughter luck all these years. Everything I prayed for, you have given her. She has everything a young woman in this world could possibly want. She has a big house with a swimming pool, a maid to help her, as she is too clumsy to sew or cook. Her love life has been blessed; she is engaged to a rich and handsome angmoh (dialect for Caucasian man).

"Her company is now the top financial firm and even men listen to what she says. She lives the perfect life. You have given her everything except happiness. I ask that the gods be merciful to her even if she has lost her roots while reaping the harvest of success.

"What you see is not true, she is a filial daughter to me. She gives me a room in her big house and provides well for me. She is rude to me only because I affect her happiness. A young woman does not want to be hindered by her old mother. It is my fault."

The old lady prayed so hard that tears welled up in her eyes.

Finally, with her head bowed in reverence, she planted the half-burnt joss stick into an urn of smouldering ashes. She bowed once more.

~End of Part 1~

Friday, July 30, 2004 @8:38 PM

I just have absolutely no comments about today's physics test. All I can say is that the paper sucked! It's damn difficult. I believe the entire Sec 3 will agree with this statement, maybe except Zhang Fei Ran, who achieved an A1 for his Physics for Mid-year. What the hell (to the paper)... I am mentally prepared for the worst.

After that depressing paper, 3F, 3J and 3L headed to Yew Tee C.C for the ISD (Internal Security Department) exhibition. Well... there were infomation put up and we are supposed to read them and answer questions on a worksheet. There are some pupils from Unity Secondary School acting as guides for the exhibition, explaining the facts to us. hahahx... they are really friendly people! Cute and funny. A group of girls even chased Wu Han just to tell her that she's really chio. That made Li Wei laugh his head off as he came and announced this to me.  -___-''' Jiahui and the rest of the boys, as usual, teased Wu Han again. Yup, then there's this suicide bomber's uniform on display and a short movieclip showing a suicide bomber at Raffles Place exploding himself up. Overall, the place is quite comfortable. Just that people get really bored after completing the worksheet.

Next, we climbed about 4 floors to the fifth storey to view a short documentary on 911. THE TV THERE WAS TO DAMN TINY! Even Mr Desmond Lim laughed at it. 100 people stared at that pathetic small screen. The narration couldn't be heard properly too. =( After that Hanhan headed to the 7-11 downstairs to get a Slurpee. Thanks to Jiahui who allowed me to eat his crackers! =) It was nice. Anyway, just to mention, Peng Bo was damn cheapo. He filled the Big Gulp to the brim and drank a few mouthful before refilling it again. We questioned him about it and he replied that it was to test the drink. What's there to test about??? Just some excuse to cover his cheapo-ness. -what a shame!-

Anyway, Han han shocked me in the morning when she came into class saying, "I studied Sims until 3 am this morning!" She wanted to say she didn't study Physics but suddenly thought of Sims, so the final version is "study sims". -__-''

Mr Clement Yuen blocked our (nominees) access to the voting for the 26th Student Council. I mean... why can't we vote for our fellow nominees too? =( Wanted to vote for Songhua. Now I can't.

FINALLY, it's the weekends! I longed for this day to come since the beginning of this week. The depressing week which was bombarded with tests made me so pissed. haiz... what a week!

Thursday, July 29, 2004 @4:51 PM

Ok, we had Chemistry test today. Erhm... i think it's quite neutral lar, between difficult and easy. I just hope I did not have any careless mistakes. -pray-

I was extremely pissed off by XYX today. She deducted 2 marks from our composition corrections just because we didn't re-write the wrong words 5 times!!!!!! Excuse me, we wrote out the entire essay for you and you are still not pleased with it? She didn't implement that rule for previous essays!!! -what the hell-

There's Physics test tomorrow, on 4 chapters!!! Assignment 9, 10, 11 and 13!!!!! -ahhhhhh- oh my god.... I just hope tomorrow passes fast! This week has been quite hectic for the Sec 3 cohort, having 4 tests, 5 for those in Biology! I look forward to the weekends, at least I have some breathing space and rest. And next week's it's National Day celebration!!! =)

Anyway, Lousie added me to MSN today. hee hee... happy! Hope to keep in contact with her soon. I'm just too busy nowadays. -sigh-

"Some wounds run too deep for healing."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 @4:35 PM

We had A Maths test today... on Functions and Linear Law. I think the only problem with this test is the time!!!! 7 questions in 1 hour is too little for us, considering that there are many parts to just one question! I didn't manage to do Qn 5... -sad- Spent so much time on this test, yet, it returns disappointment back. Really, sometimes I just wonder whether tests are created to shatter our soul and confidence... Is the equation putting in effort = rewards true?

Anyway, I had a good time doing P.E. We had badminton as our free game. I started playing with Jen and hanhan. She was quite lame today, doing silly actions with the shuttlecork and the racket! We even played "Badminton golf"! hahahax... a game we invented! yup... next, hanhan took a rest while jen, zongxiao and I played against Jin-E and Rachel. Jin-E and Zongxiao's badminton skills are superb! So damn zai! You can feel the strength they exert on every reflexes... impressive! I better go improve on my strikes! No power one... =( AND Jin-E told me that when both of them play against each other, the shuttlecork remained in the air for at least one minute without touching the floor!!!

PDP was about the NYAA stuff. I better start thinking what I am going to do for each section and begin as soon as possible. Don't want things to go wrong with last-minute work!

Couldn't stay to accompany hanhan to complete her A Maths assignment. I really have to be back home. Hanhan, i think u know the reason. yar... so sorry! Shall spend more time with you next Friday lar... =) Do you think you want more people to come along? Like Jen, Ah Ma and Fu Er?

yup and one more thing, hanhan earned 5 bucks from Jin-E by just running into the classroom to get his bag out with Xie lao shi in there giving remedial! She zai lar... and jin-e also, so damn filthy rich! -humph- hope hanhan save it for next Fri's outing!!! =)

There's Chemistry test on Redox Reactions tomorrow! jiayou! =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 @6:34 PM

This will be a short entry...
Ms Khang announced that Chemistry test on Redox Reactions will be brought forward to Thursday. What the hell... -shit- Everything seems to go wrong nowadays. bleah...
Morning run was quite lame today, with 6 classes running around the entire carpark for like 5, 6 rounds? yup... at least it's better than running the 2.4 km at the Pandan Reservoir. I found out that I do not feel tired at all when running 2.4km now!!! so happy... I think it's an achievement for that! Maybe the weekly running has built up my stamina? =) -pray hard-
Chemistry practical was quite ok today. BUT, I broke a test tube! -oopps- Not the normal way, but in an unusual way. I was stirring the mixture in the test tube with the glass rod and suddenly, my practical book was covered in black mixture! I looked up and saw that the hemisphere of the test tube had broken!!!! -ahhhhhh- I guess I stirred too vigourously... 
I posted up my pen protrait on the 2nd floor linkway after Chemistry Practical. I was the only Sec 3 who stick it up there. geez.. anyway, thanks to my classmates who gave me suggestions to where I should paste it. In the end, they decided on the top left hand corner. thanks! =)

Chinese Orchestra was erhm... going through Wu Ti 2 roughly... Luckily Mr Lum was quite lenient today. I was doing questions on Functions, revising for tomorrow's test and laylay and yanrong were armed with jap manga! hee hee... =)
Wonder how xiaohan is doing now... after her maths tuition... -ponder- jiayou! =)

*I finished Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix le! Planning to re-read it again after this week. yea! =)

Monday, July 26, 2004 @8:30 PM

We received our Maths D test paper back today. Our whole class did fairly well, having quite a number of people getting 90 marks and above. I got 83/100 for this paper. Well... (not trying to mean anything), I could have done better if not for careless mistakes in Qn 1 and 2. -oopps- Anyway, congrats to Jian Ming who was the highest in our class, 96/100! =) He actually requested Mrs Choy to repeat his marks loudly to the class again! -playful- Well, Mrs Choy did, stressing on the '6'... made the whole class burst into laughter! Jian Ming was waving his hand wildly in the air as if a minister participating in some election. -smilex-

Anyway, Wu Han made this really wierd laughter during recess today. I think you will too laugh if you heard it. I can't really explain how it is... but it just made Jen and I collasped into fits of laughter. For more infomation, please question xiaohan on that laughing skill of hers! -winks-

The SC campaigning will start tomorrow and end at the end of this week. Hope everything will go right. =) My pen profile will be up in the second-floor linkway by tomorrow. Anyone interested are free to take a look at mine as well as other campaigning SCs. Hee Hee... I shall do a little campaigning here as I don't think I have time to create a poster by this week. There are just too many tests going on this week!!!! Ok... so anyone who thinks I am a suitable candidate for the student council and would wish to vote for me, please vote for me online through the RV edu-learn from Wednesday to Sunday. The online voting will end on Sunday, 6 pm sharp. Thank you for all support! =)

Anyway, we had our S.S (social studies) test today after school. 3 questions on inference and 1 question on reliability. erhm... I think the paper is managable, except that the funny thing is that the sources are getting shorter and shorter. So... the content is very limited. Hope we will all do well! Having A Maths test on Wednesday... Functions and Linear Law. Good luck!

Two quotes from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix to end off this entry.
1. "Some wounds run too deep for healing." (Dumbledore)
2. "Indifference and neglect often do more damage than outright dislike." (Dumbledore)

Sunday, July 25, 2004 @5:21 PM

I went to Nanyang Girls' High Chinese Orchestra concert last night. It's a pity our committee didn't promote their concert. Let me tell you, it's a fantastic concert! I suffered a huge shock as the concert progresses. From their last concert 2 years ago, they have improved trememdously in skills and feel. It was definitely impressive! =)  Yup, something that I must highlight in this entry. The erhu and zhongruan solo brought the whole crowd to the climax~

The erhu solo was damn good. Her actions, reflexes and movement were beautiful. The song was "Hong Mei Sui Xiang Qu". Definitely a talent! I was soooooooo impressed. yea, so after her performance, she had the whole auditorium of people cheering for her!!!! Well, she definitely deserves the applause and cheers! =) Good job done there!

The zhongruan solo was a very cool girl, clothed in a white halter wedding gown. Very elegant. =) The song she played was "Shan Ge", (mountain song). The song really sounded like it was played on electric guitar. All the chords and everything, like tiao ba, gao yin, lun etc. Marvallous. Fantastic. Perfect. When the crowd heard the chords which really sounded funky and electric, there were laughs and comments about it. But, she remained calm and composed, showing no emotions at all on her face. A very cool girl. Her white and flawless gown emphasised on her coldness very much. Just like what Mr Low said, a liuqin or zhongruan player must have a certain character to succeed. She is one with personality and character.

Yup, I particularly like the song Huang He. It was a combined piece with The Chinese High CO (about 8 of the boys participated). For a moment, I thought I was actually travelling on the majestic Huang He. The sound effects for the wind and waves was done extremely well. They had this 3-m tall aluminium sheet hung and someone went to hit it from behind. The whole sheet was vibrating vigorously and the shine and sound travelled round the auditorium, creating the effect of the waves glimmering under sunlight. Very nicely done.

NYCO really put in a great deal of effort in this concert. I enjoyed it very much! jiayou for your next concert! =) [saw the cello/bass teacher, Mr Lee, there too. It turned out that he is one of the 9 mentor teachers in NYCO.]

Anyway, the Hongkong exchange students are back in Hongkong. Particularly miss Lousie. hahahx... sweet girl. I wasn't at the airport on Saturday, so for a clear account of it, please visit xiaohan's blog, alienworld.blogspot.com

It was Mr Suria's observation on Friday on the topic of atmospheric pressure. Mdm Soh was his observer. He seemed a little nervous. Yup, and he broke a test tube at the end of the lesson. -opps- Nevertheless, hope he did ok for it. -smilex-

Thanks to Wee Kiat for that sound advice! The tagboard is down again, so I shall thank you here. And to all who left their note there, thanks!

It's SS test tomorrow. Good luck.

Friday, July 23, 2004 @7:35 PM

What a day! XYX called Peng Bo and me up and chided us for not maintaining the class well. Never mind, I can still take that as there are indeed areas where improvement can be made. BUT, when she said that I didn't do anything at all, I was fuming mad. Yea right, who was the one trying to keep the noise level down in the class when people are clowning at the back of the class with 2 toyguns when she wasn't around? WHO WAS THE ONE trying to keep people silent when they were talking/laughing during HER lesson, with Peng Bo NOT doing anything??? How many times in the day do I have to repeat "Sshhh!"? I shall tell you, countless of times.

She can't even maintain the respect people have for her in class. The boys are just practically challenging whatever she says and laughing at them openly. She CAN'T even handle them coolly and calmly. Yes, she may be the HOD of HCL, but I don't her elevated position coming into any use in disciplining her co-form class. If she thinks it's damn easy running a class, PLEASE use actions to prove YOUR WORDS!

Enough of her. The Hongkong students will be flying back to Hongkong tomorrow morning, around 11 am. Hereby wishing them a safe journey home! =) Glad that they had enjoyed their stay in RV, particularly Lousie and Edith. I will miss them! hahahx... very bubbly and cute girls! She even gave me and Xiaohan a postcard from Hongkong.  How sweet of her! She still remembers me as "the husband's wife". -smilex-

Yup... and I have to thank the Stall 9 auntie for changing all the coins earned from Heritage Day into managable notes. Both of us spent some time behind her stall counting money after school... =) It's really kind of her to do so! You see, chatting really makes one understands another better. Now, I know that her mother-in-law and her have been running this store for some 40 odd years, ever since RV was founded. She said that her stall was the only store when RV just started with 200 students. -cool- yup... so she has served countless of batches of students over the years. She also has 2 daughters, 1 married and 1 engaged, but both are staying in Hongkong. She seems a little sad when she told me that... so, I didn't probed further. How sad.  Here their mother is slogging day and night while they are enjoying life there. Isn't that ironic?

[I realised that she's emotionally unstable nowadays and easily irritable at every minute thing. Please try to control your temper. I am not your punchbag. Just a friend.]

Thursday, July 22, 2004 @5:44 PM

yea yea... Wee Kiat treated me to a packet of Milo during lunch!!! =) The reason being that he will have loose change after Ivan returns him the money he borrowed! -___-''' [lame reason] Anyway, it's really kind of him to do so lar... He treated me to justea before too! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the drink! Thanks Wee Kiat! =D

I tried to return Jiaying $16 for the SIA uniform this morning, but she told me she will only collect $10 and nothing else. Well, so while I sheepishly handed her the money, pangs of guilt filled me. -bleah- Her mother is just too kind. Know her reason of treating us? It's because... we accompanied Jiaying to Chinatown! woah~

Found out that many classes earned A LOT from the Heritage Day carnival. Like 3C, 3D, 3F, 3H, 4A etc. On the average, each class earned a profit of $200! Not forgetting to EMPHASISE strongly on 3F who earned $400 from selling malt candy ($1 per stick)! When Xie lao shi asked me for the profit this morning and upon knowing it, she was shocked! She was like, "Zhe me xiao ar?" (So little?) Yup, true, our mere $60 is nothing to those of hundreds. BUT, I guess the fun, enjoyment and effort we put in are the most important factors. So... never mind about the money, it's already good that we earned. =D 3G wasn't that lucky after all. They occured a lost. Donald told me it's because the idea of Tu Tu kueh being the main dish failed, and their side dish of popiah was surprisingly the popular one. They ran out of fillings when they still had many popiah skins left. Also, the steamer worked too slowly to attend to the need of the crowd.

It will be a test-week next week. With almost test everyday, there are some days where 2 tests are held on one day! C Lit people are having a test tomorrow! So... jiayou! yea, esp. to xiaohan. Hope she's prepared for it! =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 @8:35 PM

Well... I would say that Heritage Day was quite a success for us! I didn't really expect people to come... but yea, I did have a great time at our booth! =D

I was one of the three cashiers collecting money from people hee hee, this is my first time handling so much money at one go! My eyes were fixed on the money box all the time, while collecting more money from people. Well, some people really made the Heritage Day a funny one! Firstly, the 4M guys... Tian Lu and gang. hee hee, they came to our booth specially to aim the balls at Hong Ren and not the cans! hahahx... and hey, they really did spend A LOT of money just for the game! Really grateful to them... =D They rock! Entertained the already-tired me! -smilex-

Next, Chen Wei! He was holding on to the loudspeaker and shouted some slogan for our booth into it! "Lelong Lelong! $1, $1! 3 throws for $1! $1, $1..." Jen and I were laughing our heads off! -grins- Nevertheless, that attracted more people to our booth... =)

Yup, and I definitely have to thank two people! They are.... Jun Da and You Wei. Both provided me with food when I needed to fill my empty, growling stomach! Jun Da offered me a tea-leaf egg, the direct translation of "cha ye dan". That really shocked me that I asked him a few times "Are you sure you don't want?" before savouring it! Nice nice. -touched- You Wei bought me 3 fish nugguts strung on a satay stick when I asked him too. And he didn't want to take any money back... (Never mind, I shall force him to take tomorrow!) Thanks!

People really had great fun aiming at the cans and of course, people! ahahax... we managed to collect a total of $386 (around there), so... our profit is now around $60. Mmm... I guess it's a considerable amount for our effort! Expecting some more money to roll in as we haven't finished selling all the drink cans yet. You Wei and Hei Tung will be selling them to their friends on court while they have their basketball practice in the afternoon. I hope that will add more... =D

Overall, Heritage Day was definitely fun!

After that, Wu Han, Jiaying and I went to Chinatown to get our SIA uniform! Jiaying's mother came and drove us there. She's really nice. We went to a few shops there and asked for the price, but all were sooooo steep! Finally, we managed to get the original for $16, after much bargaining. Jiaying's mother took some photos of us wearing it in the shop with her digital camera! =) She even paid all the uniforms for us, saying that it's a treat from her! Wuhan wanted to pay her $16, but she firmly accepted only $10!  I didn't bring money along with me as this outing was a surprise one! I will pass the money to Jiaying tomorrow! =)

Next, we went to OG to get slip-ons to match it with the uniform (only wuhan and jiaying need them. I have a pair at home). BUT, the price there... was horrendous! -bleah- We decided to walk around... went to People's Park, Pearl Centre. It's been ages since the last time I've been to Chinatown. The pair couldn't find an ideal pair, so we decided to head for home was it was already getting late. Jiaying's mother insisted on getting us a drink before going home, we couldn't talk our way out... so.... She ordered fresh watermelon juice for us. Yummy... Wuhan and I were so guilty and embarrassed! She paid EVERYTHING for us!

Feeling very tired now, but happy! =D

@7:49 PM

(This entry should be typed in yesterday... but I just couldn't find the time to do so... )
Here's what happened yesterday...

Morning run was quite good yesterday. Jen and I ran throughout the whole 2.4 km! I still remember the time when we reached the stairs landing. 9.27 am! It's really a good timing, considering the fact that we started late and weren't really in the mood to run. Nevertheless, with determination... yippee! WE DID IT! Not too tired though...

Next was Chemistry Practical. We had to complete QA 2. Well, it was quite a good one. I finished the tests for anion and cation quite early! hee hee... I even had time to dry my testtubes over the bunsen burner. With time, I am gaining confidence each time I step in and out of the lab completing QA all by myself! -cheers-

CO performed for the students and teachers from Su Zhou and Hongkong. hahahx... erhm, the percussion made a mistake lar... yar, then caught all by surprise. -geez- Anyway, Laylay, nalan, Pearleen and I stayed back for the buffet dinner. It's really yummy! Esp. the honeydew dessert... how I love the sago! =) Ms Tan Hui Zhen accidentally topple the entire tray of vegetables on the floor! -opps- yea, and Nalan was offically "Maria" of the day... =)

Tiring day...

@7:16 PM

(This entry should be typed in yesterday... but I just couldn't find the time to do so... )
Here's what happened yesterday...

Morning run was quite good yesterday. Jen and I ran throughout the whole 2.4 km! I still remember the time when we reached the stairs landing. 9.27 am! It's really a good timing, considering the fact that we started late and weren't really in the mood to run. Nevertheless, with determination... yippee! WE DID IT! Not too tired though...

Next was Chemistry Practical. We had to complete QA 2. Well, it was quite a good one. I finished the tests for anion and cation quite early! hee hee... I even had time to dry my testtubes over the bunsen burner. With time, I am gaining confidence each time I step in and out of the lab completing QA all by myself! -cheers-

CO performed for the students and teachers from Su Zhou and Hongkong. hahahx... erhm, the percussion made a mistake lar... yar, then caught all by surprise. -geez- Anyway, Laylay, nalan, Pearleen and I stayed back for the buffet dinner. It's really yummy! Esp. the honeydew dessert... how I love the sago! =) Ms Tan Hui Zhen accidentally topple the entire tray of vegetables on the floor! -opps- yea, and Nalan was offically "Maria" of the day... =)

Tiring day...

Monday, July 19, 2004 @9:56 PM

Met Yue Qiu buddy, Louise, today. A very sweet and bubbly girl... =D Faith's buddy was a little quiet though. Louise, also known as King Chong, pointed at me and xiao han with that innocent look, "So, that's the wife (me) and the husband (xiao han)." -___-''' Wondering what Cheekok and xiaohan has been drilling into her brain last night... -bleah-
After school, Xiao Han and I went to IMM, Giant to get our stuffs for Heritage Day... bought 8 large packets of titbits... =) I really think we looked like clowns then, as many people were staring and laughing at us. The security guard outside IMM asked jokingly, "Is this for one year supply?" Xiao han and I looked at each other and laughed our heads off. She replied, "It's for a party." He nodded and smiled... -smilex-
The bus driver on 176 also commented. "Cheap sale?" I went, "Yup, cheap sale." =D Before that, we were in JE interchange looking out for people to help us with it. hee hee... then rui jie walked past. xiao han immediately ran up to him and asked if he could help carry some home. he nodded and took over 60 packets. we are so damn grateful! =D Wen Si too... she agreed to take one big packet home. Thanks! =) [messaged rui jie to thank him]
Very tiring... I slept once I reached home. -yawns-
Anyway, the neoprint that Xiaohan sent in to Teens was published this month! =) woah! First time appearing in a magazine... all thanks to Xiaohan! Go have a look at it... By the way, laylay has her new blog up already... go take a look too! I linked her to my blog already! -winks-
Yup... and some belated presents for me... and I have to thank...
*Boon: Thanks for giving me a necklace! Really sweet and nice of you to do so! Oh, don't worry, I wasn't even expecting anything!!! =) Thanks to much dear... *moo-ack* I was so touched le... -tears-
*Xiao han: This lao gong asked me to wait at a corner in Giant today for a second and said that she had to get something before running off. She startled me by thrusting a packet right in my face with, "Happy Belated Birthday!" It's sushi... I was shocked at that moment. Didn't she gave me my present already? Well, it's really a pleasant surprise. I took my first bite at 4.35 pm today! hee hee... thanks dearie... v. touched too... [love ya]
gee... good night! Zzzz...

Sunday, July 18, 2004 @6:34 PM

Tomorrow will see the beginning of a new week! I sincerely hope that next week will be a better one. =)
Began the day with art class. We did oil painting (2-week project) of Lorong Bankok, a kampong in Singapore. hee hee, never heard of it before. =) Hey, you should see Rui Jie's one, it's really impressive! He really has the gift! Mr Yap even showed the class his drawing, praising him by saying that it's outstanding. After examining many of his paintings, it's evident that he really likes the colour scheme of purple and blue. Through this combination, he will always be able to bring out the romantic feel in it~ weee. lalala, I'm a fan of his oil painting!
AND yes, his handphone is cool too... -envious- $200 bucks. I only knew that he has a handphone today. -bleah- An extra infomation about him, he's currently the sergeant of RVHS NPCC! -cool- =)
Anyway, I rushed to Clementi MRT station right after art class. Waited for half an hour for both Hong Ren and You Wei to arrive. -sigh- I almost fell asleep standing. -__-''' We did the finalising of the powerpoint presentation and the file in Candy's house. Mmm.. both her parents are very warm and friendly. Kept serving us food... yum yum. Believe it or not, You Wei finished one full cup of coke within 5 seconds. He finished my untouched cup of coke too, within 5 seconds too. -humph- Hong Ren took a tinny wee longer, 7 seconds. Candy and I watched with our jaws dropped. We went, "woah~"
I see that there are many messages about you-know-who appearing in my tagboard. Mmm... no comments about her lar. Everything is said by everyone. Just hope that tagboard is still accessible, its server is down almost every 2 days.
So tired now... got to have dinner now. See ya around. =D
-Term 3 Week 4 tomorow.

Saturday, July 17, 2004 @9:36 PM

CO reported to school @ the usual time: 7.45 am! Never mind... at least the morning wasn't too bad. Si Tu lao shi was quite crappy today... shaking the liuqin while playing the outer string (on purpose). hee hee... -smilex-
The waiting of the arrival of the guest-of-honour was the most irritating part... we were already on the stage a long time before, and movements were then limited. We had to do lip-reading... laylay was trying not to open her mouth while talking to me. Imagine that... =) I would say that the performance today was better than the last few rehearsals... Think Mr Low was quite pleased too. He gave a thumbs-up sign to cello/bass during the course of conducting. This gave a little smile on our tensed-up face...
When the song is over, there was a small cheer among the audience! (Something dropped at the last note...Think it's the tuner) weeee~ At least everything is over now! -whew- At that moment, it was definitely a sigh of relief! Now, on my agenda list, I will have to concentrate on ERIL's presentation only! That's a good news! To all that have been leaving notes on my tagboard wishing me good luck, thanks! Those were really an encouragement to me! =D -cheers-
Ok... tomorrow, I will be having ERIL project meeting in the afternoon after art class in the morning! Finalising part... hope everything will go well!
Got to go and get my homework done. I reckon there isn't much time for me tomorrow! My day is fully booked tomorrow! Yeps, and before I forget, go read the msg "26" left on my tagboard. It's damn funny! I am sure laylay will laugh her head off. BUT, tagboard is having a lot of problems these days. You people will have to wait for the server to get back to normal. Any comments on CO's performance today, just leave it at the tagboard! =)
*The Order of the Phoenix is getting exciting by the day! This book is definitely darker and more exciting... Currently at Chapter 15 of the book.

Friday, July 16, 2004 @9:40 PM

Yep... I see that blogspot has added some new functions to the "Create post" section. hahahx... trying them out now. Well, this week is damn tiring... I am so glad that I managed to survive till today! Trust me, the pace of life is increasing drastically now! I don't even have the time to take a deep breath! So many things have happened over the past 5 days... (if you follow up my previous entries, you will know the activities going on). Very tiring... The only comforting thing is... it's the weekend! lalalala... at least I am able to sit down for a few minutes to type this entry down. -smilex- =D
Anyway, today's English lesson was spent in Com lab 3. Ms Chan divided us into 2 big groups. I decided to join the picture discussion lecture first! Everything went quite well, at least Ms Chan was quite pleased with our detailed observation of the picture even thought it's our first time going through a picture. =D Plus, my group is a small one, so the lecture went smoothly with everyone contributing answers down the row. So after that, we had a switch over! ahhax... had a fun time surfing the net and leaving notes in everyone's blog... weeee~
Speech Day rehearsal, to me, wasn't up to standard yet. Maybe it's because Mr Low is not there to conduct today. Bee Ying and Sylvia took turns to conduct. -laughs- *I think Lay lay can only understand this part here*. So... I hope that the actual peformance tomorrow will be a good one! jiayou people!
Accepting the file Nalan is sending me through msn... quite a big one. Ocean's songs... =D Had been hoping to hear it for a long long time! And yes, laylay's Control crisis too, she passed it to me today. Hope I will be able to find time to listen to it...
Yep... and I wanna to thank michelle (a nice sweet girl from 3H who looks real feminine in her new haircut!) in my blog. She voted me for SC... and even influenced yifeng and hong ngiap (from her class) to vote for me! hee hee... mic, really touched for that. Didn't think that you will remember me.... -bleah- anyway, really... thanx! *moo-ack*

Thursday, July 15, 2004 @6:47 PM

Mmmm... the E Lit test is quite rushed! We are to complete 2 parts of a question in like 40 mins?! So... each part is limited to 20 mins. In the end, I only had 2 points/quotes for each question.
-pathetic- I guess the two classes were caught in a shock. Really. Lay lay told me about people in her class who had incompleted answer for a) and didn't touch b) at all. -bleah- Hope everything will be alright...

Ok... now left with ERIL project and Speech Day. Can't imagine how I went through this week man. The pace is so damn fast! Having Speech Day Rehearsal tomorrow. Wondering if Mr Low or Mr Lum will be present to conduct tomorrow. -hope so-

take care...

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 @6:46 PM

Well... I began the day with Maths D test. It tested us on Graphical solution and Kinematics. Overall, I think it's still managable. I hope I will do well!!! -wish i wouldn't lose my marks for careless mistakes- =D

Then.... there came the 'O' level Chinese Oral and we had to report to the hall at 2pm sharp, although the entire examination starts at 2.30pm. I was fourth in the row... kept myself calm by sipping water and reading my guidebook. My turn eventually came. Went up, sat down and read the passage 3 times before 5 minutes is up. Zongxiao left... and erhm, the male teacher (2 teachers: one female, one male) motioned me to come forward!

The reading of the passage was quite smooth. -grins- The news topic was about the common trend of teenagers' having their handphone snatched. Still quite ok with that... some 'erhm's here and there. The conversation topic was living environment. I repeated the question to myself twice before starting. About 3 seconds pause there. -opps- Talked about the importance of having a nice living environment for people to live in and how do we achieve that. I gave 3 reasons.
1)Keep the place clean. Sight of rubbish adds on to the stress of people's already-cluttered mind.
2)Plant more trees/bushes. Firstly, the trees purify the polluted air and fresh air is then produced. Secondly, green (colour of trees)is a soothing colour to the eye, helps to relieve the stress in people.
3)There shouldn't be too many roads along your house as the cars adds on to the noise pollution, unabling people to have a quiet place for rest.

The conclusion of it wasn't that good. -sigh-

Hope everything will be alright. I almost freaked out the moment the male teacher read out the topic. -bleah- Wu Han was kind of stressed out that she cried and screamed out her lungs on the pavement and at the reservoir. Erhm... and a motorist on his motorbike and turned around when he heard her scream! BUT, just the mentioning of you-know-who's name made the depressed Han han smile... *imagine that. -winks- =D

At least Wednesday has passed. -whew- Tomorrow there's E Lit test which is text-based. People, wish me good luck. After tomorrow, there will only be ERIL project/presentation to worry about. jiayou everyone... after this period is over, everything will be alright! -smilex-

yup... and before I forget, I wanna thank Selwyn for that cutie doggie from Happy Design as a belated birthday present... =D It's very nice, esp. the softness of the fur... I am extremely touched!

*yea... I can start on Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix le. lalala~ =D

Monday, July 12, 2004 @10:31 PM

This entry is dedicated to Songhua and Joel, both are my very good friends! It's Songhua's birthday today and Joel's birthday last Saturday! Happy 15th Birthday! =D Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Songhua & Joel, happy birthday to you... wooo~

Erhm... but v. guilty... didn't give Songhua his birthday present today... cause Wee Kiat is absent!!! =( maybe he's too tired from band fiesta. Songhua, i think you will get yours tomorrow! Joel is soooooo touched by the presents... he said that he's a little guilty.. hee hee. *Wee Kiat, take care of yourself hor... can't call you today, need to pia ERIL project stuff.

Tuesday -Speech Day rehearsal
Wednesday - Maths D Test Chapter 8 & 9
'O' level Chinese Oral Examination
Thursday - E Lit Test (Text-based)
ERIL presentation: Any of these days... (randomly)

I am so damn stressed....... -shit-

~just leave me alone~

Sunday, July 11, 2004 @2:08 PM

Went for Art class in the morning... drew 2 dumplings, a teapot and a teacup (pencil sketch). It was supposed to be a 2-week project but I didn't go last week because I was too tired from the Sec 4s Farewell that I couldn't climb out of my bed last Sunday! >.< hee hee. The funny thing is that... I finished it in like record time? I was even faster than people who came last week and had their drawing half done! -wierd- anyway, I got an A-. My friends were like so surprised and shocked... even Rui Jie. He was like, "Ni hua wan le ar?" (You finshed drawing?) + a surprised look. =D

Mmm... today RVCB is having Band Fiesta. Wish them good luck and hope that they will do extremely well! -jiayou to all-

Listening to Pin Guan's Ai Qing Bu Neng Zuo Bi Jiao (Love cannot be compared)on 933. Sad song... with a sad background. His girlfriend left him... when they even had plans for marriage. That's why he was missing from the music industry for 2 years to recover from the hurt... -tears-

Cherish the people around you.

Saturday, July 10, 2004 @4:50 PM

We had Speech Day rehearsal today... CO's item has been pushed forward to be the first item once the VIP sits down. I guess we didn't do too well today, there were some parts where we played really terribly. Liu lao shi was like quite disappointed?! oopss... hope we can do better next Saturday!

Finished A Maths questions in the morning at school. Before CO starts, I sat beside Yan Rong (who was early) and did the questions. Anyway, this is my first time bringing hw to school on a Saturday to do. hahhax... don't know why too, suddenly wanted to finish and get done with it. During break time, I took another 5 minutes to finish all of the left-overs up! so happy... lalalala~

Songhua and I went to Jurong Point after CO to buy Joel's birthday present (his bdae is today! will give it to him on mon). Took some time walking around... bought $30++ worth of stuff, with the combined help of songhua and my money! -shan't leak out the presents yet- *winks. If you want to know, go ask Joel on Monday! It's Songhua's bdae on Monday... wells... celebrating for both of them!

To Joel: Although you wouldn't see this... just wanna wish u a happy 15th birthday! =D

My younger sis went to school early in the morning to receive her trophy for getting 2nd in a Chinese composition writting. The trophy looks really grand! hahax... =) yea... good job done yan! Continue this good work into PSLE ok? Don't make us feel so worried for you... esp. Pa and Ma.

Shall go take a nap now... -yawn-

Friday, July 09, 2004 @7:28 PM

We are currently on the topic of Functions on A Maths. Today, Mrs Choy taught us composite functions. Found it quite interesting... -having so many functions at a time- lalalala... I was glad that I was able to solve the questions... =i love maths=

Physics... oh yar, we touched on the topic of Pressure! mmmm... real-life examples playing around the formulae of Pressure= Perpendicular Force/Area. You keep one constant, and the other 2 increase or decrease. Jian Ming and those bunch of guys were crappy in a funny way! ...

So... due to pressure, it's nicest to have a shower on the lowest floor of the building. The joke comes in now. Mr Suria said,"Comparing the shower you had on the 10th floor and on the first floor, on the 10th floor, the water from the hose wouldn't come to you, you have to walk to it as it practically trickles down like drops of water." Mr Suria continued,"So on the first floor, you wouldn't have to walk to the shower, you..." Jian Ming interupted," ... have to run away." Get the joke? hahahhaha... so funny! The class just erupted into laughter... =D hee.

For the heritage day, we have decided to just stick to games store. Mr Lim suggested some funfair games that are exciting and at the same time profitable. Hope it really works... or else... -bleah-

Went to ICA building to make my IC after school. Luckily there wasn't that many people. I only had to wait for about 10 minutes before I proceeded to a counter. The female malay lady in her twenties attended to me. She's really friendly and nice... always smiling! =D

Something happened during my wait that made me so disgusted. There's a girl and a guy from some secondary school sitting really close to each other (I assume that they are a couple). The girl had her arms wrapped around the boy's shoulder while the boy typed an SMS on his hp. Not only that, she stroked his neck, pulled his hair and played with his earlobes. -yucks- I was already damn disgusted by her shameless behaviour. Then something even worse happened, she pulled the boy's head towards her breasts and allowed him to rest his head there. -my god- *That's just one incident.

Something similar like the above happened in the MRT train on my way home. A girl about 18 years old had her entire body pressed into the guy's chest, rubbing against them. Her hands were playfully dancing around his neck, hair, ears and chest right in front of the whole carriage of people! Her lips were brushing past his lips countless of times seductively. He was no better too, fondling with her body with his hands. Hey, that's heavy petting! Are they both trying to get each other sexually aroused? -gosh-

I just can't understand why girls are now displaying public affections towards her partner so outrageously. Don't they have the basic shame and shyness that a girl is supposed to have? Really wonder where's all the education her family and school has given her went to? Basic stuffs like holding hands or hugging are fine, but FONDLING or using her breast as a pillow??? Girls who have no sense of shame... -sad- Sooner or later, they will get into trouble...

Thursday, July 08, 2004 @6:44 PM

Missed half of history lesson today as I have to attend to Fuer, who has a severe gastric pain. Xie lao shi and I were there to accompany her. Sir gave her some biscuits; Ms Linda Chan gave her a cup of warm water. Poor Fuer, kept crying... but it wasn't that pain when her mom came to fetch her home.
-relief- ~whew... -get well soon!-

Mmm... the bidding of the stalls for Heritage Day was a total madness!!! The price of Location B is much much more higher than Location A! Bet you can't imagine that! The bidded price for Location A is only $120 while that of Location B is at least $200!!!! Actually, we wanted to share the stall with 3K (the cost can be halved), so Peng Bo actually shouted $300! 3C really wanted that stall too, so... this went on, UNTIL $320 (our call)! I guess 3C REALLY REALLY WANTED that stall, so the final price is $322!!! First time in History... i guess. -_____-''' In the end, we got our stall for $180! Really a high price! So people, we will be selling popcorns... The bidding of the food will take place tomorrow! Hope everything goes right... -some people are so damn irritating-

I'm gonna get my IC done tomorrow... lalalala~

Quotation of the day:
The more a person tries to look good on the outside, the more insecurites are chewing on their insides.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 @9:46 PM

Well... how do I describe the day??? Have mixed feelings about it. With no doubt, I feel a little cheated because we spent SOOOOOOOO many hours (like 7 hours?)at SCH, and we (my section)ended up playing only 2 songs out of 4! To think we spent a lot of time and effort on the songs, having even to come back for 2 extra practice with my instructor to correct some mistakes. In the end.... -sad-

BUT, the good thing is that... I really spent some time with my section! We were already laughing like madwomen in the bus on our way to SCH! =D Nalan, Yan Rong, laylay and me were trying to imitate how Taiwanese pronounce the 24 English alphabets. Know how they pronounce "L"? They would say, "Elo". hee. We experimented on many, our names, animals' names etc. Well, I would say that Nalan's name has the funniest pronounciation of all!!! hee hee... had a good laugh over it! -yanrong was shaking all over-

The dizi guys were... so gao xiao! hahahahx... had a good time with them. Esp. Zhong Ru and Randal. =D Realised that Zhong Ru has a good voice, his singing rocks! Very powerful. He's really dramatic too; having funny actions while singing the song "Boom Boom Boom Boom..."! I must definitely mention this part! Our section was waiting in a holding room for our turn so they came in to accompany us. Zhong Ru found a loudhailer on one of the staffs' table and played with it, imitating laylay's "Keep quiet! Must have respect for others!" and you-know-who's "You must be responsible...". For that, he had already amused us greatly!!! -a real funny guy; my stomach hurts- THEN, a staff working that came in! He quickly pushed his way through everyone and made his way to a corner of the room with his back facing the man and the loudhailer in front of him, pretending that nothing has happened. All of us burst into laughter!!! hahaa. The man looked at us as if we were insane... -they rocks-

yeah... really nice! By the way, we sabotaged Li Hai Yuan too... -hee hee. so fun!

*dedication time*
mmm... YES! I have to thank Rui Jie too... for giving me such a CUTIE TOY suitable for hugging to sleep and a nice card for my birthday today! So sweet of him to do so!!! Seriously, I am really touched! -tears- yea, I am gonna have it with me when I sleep! -hugg =D It's so soft, with the beans in it. Guess I will really have a sweet sleep now... THANKS RUI JIE! -just hope it isn't too expensive =P-

ok... I have the list of people who contributed to the pizza now. -FINALLY!- *There are 23 people!!!* Here they go...

.candy.yue qiu.jing ying
.ah ma.faith.jiaying.huixian.ivy.rachel.wensi.fuer.jen.han.waiyee
.zhang yun.selwyn.laylay.cheryl.rae.cat.nalan.qiyuan.fangzhou.

thanks to all of you! =D

Tuesday, July 06, 2004 @8:25 PM

Today, I am officially 15 years old!!!! (That reminds me, I got to get my IC done asap. opps... ) hahhax... yup, v. happy about it! I am one year older! =) Like what Rachel wrote, may I grow in maturity, beauty and intelligence. Maybe height too?!! heh heh... =D I share a birthday with the President of USA, George Bush! so honoured sia! Ok, time for dedications to those who made today a very special one for me!

Let's start with.... han han ba!
~dearie... thanx for planning soooooo much for me just for this birthday! I know that you had to go around to find people to share this "pizza" prezzie and even "seducing" me to Orchard for that by contacting both my sisters behind my back. The pizza was really nice! Finally, I had one together with my family. I guess, without your help, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this heavenly treat! =D About the messages you left in your tagboard and my tagboard, really like them alot! -touched- Don't worry, your birthday will be a special one too!!! =) love ya....

~Da Jie:
The pair of ear rings from Bits n Pieces Silver Jewellery was the best pair of ear rings I ever had! You were by my side when undesirable things happen... really appreciate that! I finally know that sisters' love is that important! Friends or lovers may one day change, but our ties will stick us together till death do us apart! *moo-ack* =)

~Songhua, Cat, Wee Kiat, Joel, Ernest, Donald and Ivan
Thanks for the BEEG BEEG card (will paste it on the wall)... and the sport bag!!! Oh man, I just love it!!! How do u people know that's one of my dreams to own one! YOU GUYS FULFILLED IT!!! Thanks guys... I am really touched, almost close to tears too!!! What can I do to express my LOVE for you guys??? bwahh... I LOVE YOU TOO!!! *To Songhua's question: Sorry to disappoint you, but nope, I didn't grow taller by 1 cm!!! hahhx... lolx. ok! -regretted that I couldn't thank songhua and wee kiat in person today-

~You Wei
Hey, thanks for the card and the cute cute doggie... It must cost a bomb right? Hope it isn't that expensive! -feeling touched too- The collar of doggie says "Sugar". ok then, I shall call it Sugar! thanks... I love Sugar a lot!!! thanx again!!! =D Will hug it as often as possible. *I will try to kuai gao zhang da lar...

~To those who wrote a birthday message on the A4 paper:
.fuer.jen.ah ma.han han.laylay.wensi.rachel.boon
I love all you messages! I will pin this up on my wall!!!! thanx so much! *moo-ack* too! =) *fuer, you are a great artist! love that pic alot. yea... hope i will have a magical birthday too!

~Chen Wei
He gave me 10 cents and asked me to give him back the 10 cents!!! how lame can he be! hee hee =) but he wished me happy bdae lar... so ok lor. forgive him... chen wei is really cute lar... lalala.
(*anyway, he asked me to add in this part one.. hee hee!)'

That's about all. About those people who chipped in for the pizza, I haven't got the whole list up yet. It will be pointless to just name a few. So... i will get it up asap ok?

It's Shimeng's birthday today too! Gave him the cake in the morning and... he was quite shocked! He asked me if the cake I gave him was cut out from my birthday cake. I was laughing! I told him, "Of course not! I bought it specially for your birthday~" Then... he seemed a little touched! hahhx... anywayz. happy birthday lar... =D

yesh, and before I forget, wanna thank Ernest and Donald for acompanying me throughout the whole journey of the morning run! Surprisingly, I didn't feel tired at all, even though I am talking to both of you as I jogged! *Ernest, you really amused me with your hops. Anyway, now I agree that you can beat me just by hopping... -laughs-

Ok... gonna have dinner now, with my red eggs and mee swua (a chinese traditional noodle to be eaten when it's your birthday!). Then cut my birthday cake! =) I will be performing at SCH tomorrow! Wish me good luck and hope I wouldn't panic! =) jiayou!

lalalala... I'm a birthday girl... I'm a birthday girl... I'm a...

Monday, July 05, 2004 @8:34 PM

"2 phone calls and they spoilt everything. I tried explaining myself. In return, earning myself a rebuttal of 'don't find excuses for yourself'. What is it that went wrong, I don't know. Is 20 cents really worth the price we paid? ...There must be some problems with either the payphone or with my house phone, that, allows you to hear me, but not me to hear you. Is accepting this explanation that difficult? I don't know... really... what exactly went wrong."

Went to Orchard with my da jie today as a celebration for my birthday tomorrow. First we went to HMV @ Heeren to listen to songs. We saw the MTV on Daniel Zhang (Zhang Feng Qi)'s Si Miao (Temple). Really a cool one... =) A talented 17-year-old! I love his Cheng Nuo (Promise) too. Then there's this woman in her twenties listening to Ocean's album... and she took soooooooo damn long!!!! I was quite pissed with her. She obviously know that I was waiting for my turn by pacing up and down that area, looking at her!!! Nvm, my turn FINALLY CAME, so my sis and I listened to his album. It really rocks! =)Huang Yi Da's Lan Tian (Blue Sky) was equally good too! Really proud that his a Singaporean! lalala~

Actually, we wanted to take neoprints @ Heeren. But there's far TOO MANY PEOPLE!!! woah~ a wrong day to come out. We decided that it's pointless continue waiting (doesn't seem too practical to waste our time waiting) so we headed towards Cineleisure... to choose my birthday present from my da jie... a pair of ear rings from Bits n Pieces! Took some time choosing them... finally I settled on one! =) Find it really nice... thanx da jie! love ya! it's been ages since I got myself a decent pair of ear rings! Like for 10 yrs??? hahhax... yar, that long. Had ice-cream with my sis, yum yum!

Headed home to order my birthday cake... and to get cakes for Ernest, whose birthday is on 3rd July and Shi Meng, whose birthday coincides with mine!!! =P Hope they will like this surprise!

The pizza was delivered a minute ago! ok... mmm... to be honest, it's my FIRST TIME having pizza with my family! (in the past, I've only have pizza once!!! A slice only from Pizza Hut!)I really have to thank those who chipped in for this heavenly treat! Thanks a million! No matter what, I have to thank the organiser, Wu Han, for her hard work! I guess this wouldn't be possible without her help! =) Thanks for going around asking people to chip in, I know it's hard work and I really appreciate that! I promise your birthday will be a good one too! For the others who chipped in, I will get your names up as soon as possible on my blog! Just follow up my next few entries and they will be dedicated to YOU PEOPLE! =P

Sunday, July 04, 2004 @12:25 PM

I will dedicate this entry to my seniors, typing their letters out here. I can't type Chinese characters here (haven't instore it in Microsoft Windows yet), so I will just use han yu pin yin to represent them.

Letter from Li Tian:

Dear Serene,
I'm writing this on a bus...
I guess we've know each other for 3 yrs already, right? I can still remember the first time I saw you, it was in the school canteen. In fact, I didn't pay much attention to any juniors before that... Then I get to know you better through the orientation camp. Were you sleeping next to me during the camp?
Anyway, time passes really fast, still cannot believe that I'm going to graduate this year. Although i used to hate CO a lot, now I still do, lolx... I really she bu de some of my good friends in CO. To be honest, I enjoyed the da zu a lot and like the kind of qi fen during each of our performance.
You've always been a great Junior. You're always so sensible and... cute?! Haha... seriously, I think among all the juniors, I'm closest to you (Haha, u shld fee honoured!) I hope that we will still keep in touch after I graduate. =D Oh, and this year, we're leaving... Be good! Treat all your juniors nicely but make them practise hard! Actually i find Mousey quite nice larx... although at times, he acts until so fierce, u all don't take it to heartz...
And next yr, SYF, jiayou! Whether your decision is to participate of not, I will always support ya! =) 'coz i think overall, studies' the most impt thing. All e best for your coming 'O' level, too! I believe you'll do very weel for it. Hope we can meet each other in JC.
Guess I have to end here... cos yue xie yue a bit sad...
Hope the coming yr will be a fruitful yr for you... And wish me gd luck for my 'O' level! I'm gonna miss all of you!
All e Bez!
Message from Wen Tong:

hey there... how's things going? Good? :) anyways, the sec 4s left liao, then you all (as seniors) must be more independent k. Sec 3 is a busy busy year, but don't forget to practice liuqin regularly. Jiayou for the SYF. It's a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Grab that chance! hmm... Just wanna tell you that if you have any problems, can always come find me or msg me of something. :) will be glad to lend you a listening ear. oh yarh, take care of my instru hor. thans.. =P

lotsa =P and luv,
Wen Tong
Message from Soo Yan:

hiya.. you've been quite a responsible gal... but muz practise more.. put more effort in your playing of liuqin kz.. and dun always follow blindly wat the instructors say.. they might not always be rite.. jiayou =P

soo yan
Message from Xiumin:

hey gal! hmm... well.. sec 3 le.. must mature yi dian hor.. ya.. k la.. i think actually you are very responsible.. & hardworking.. but must practise more hor.. SYF yao dao le.. liuqin standard must not drop.. I believe you can do it.. so you must jiayou! you kun nan you can always look for me.. I'm only next door lor.. hee.. so convenient.. see?... kkz la, thanks for being such a nice junior.. will miss you.. so you must miz me arhz..

Message from Yu Qian:

hallo! hahahz. got miss mi anotz? aniwae, i've been ur senior for 3 years le.. cong ni jin ru hua yue de qian ji tian, wo jiu jie de ni hen righteous.. hahaz and friendly too.. u will wave to mi everytime i see u.. hahahz =D Sec 4s are leaving n u are preparing for SYF.. dun be disheartened by LQ's (liuqin) results yea? practice more & soar to higher heights!

Yu Qian
Message from zhenling:

ha u give me the impression that u're those kinda guai guai girl.. hahax. erm sec 4s go liaox.. nxt yr u all will be seniors le. muz hao hao zhao gu ur juniors arh.. altho me not that close to u.. but can tell that u're a very hardworking person. hope you can help motivate the lqzr ppl to be more hardworking.. hahax. jiayou for everything!


All my seniors pooled their money and bought us a baby shoe from Ice Lemon Tee... really cute one! you will see it hanging on my school bag on Tuesday! thanx seniors! =P and not forgetting Zhenling who gave us a keychain with "596" on it, which says "Wo Zhou Le" (I'm going away). V. sad....*it's on my pencil box now.

@10:46 AM

The GCE 'O' level Chinese listening comprehension was not bad. Quite ok, except for Qn 9 where many had debates over it. Anyway, it's over, so I do hope that everyone did well!!! =D I knew that the listening comprehension is broadcast over radio using some Chinese stations, but it's actually Symphony 92.4. Was quite surprised... the male deejay had some deep voice... =D

Some thanks to be made:
*Thanks to Wee Kiat for lending me his F.I.R CD first, although many people are on his waiting list! =D ooops... sorry. But I have to return it on Tuesday...

*To Ernest: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY! Sorry... I didn't know that it was your birthday yesterday, 3/7... gonna get u a piece of cake on Tuesday as a belated present. Hope ya don't mind.

*To my laogong, xiaohan: Thanks for waiting for yesterday's entry to be uploaded, despite the late hour. Really appreciate this thought... love ya! =D

We had our Sec 4s Farewell at about 3pm... played some games till 5 pm. Then we had to prepare an item for campfire. We chose Ocean's Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu. Really a nice and touching song...
I guess the campfire was a nice one, dedications made, talks with seniors, hugs, cheers and laughter! Through this farewell party, i got to know my juniors better... =D that's really good! Love my seniors too, they helped us a lot in these 3 years! Really a bunch of good seniors! thanx and muacksss...

I sent Li Tian off to the school gate earlier as she didn't want to leave at the last minute, when the atmosphere of leaving is so dampening, causing one to cry. She says she really detest this feeling. When we were just a few steps to the gate, our already-slow-walking speed decreased immediately, and we looked at each other at the same time! Both of us burst out laughing as we knew that we were thinking alike! Nevertheless, I turned to her and gave her a BIG hug, wishing her good luck with her 'O's which is in another 3 and a half months time. She wished me good luck too... and with that, she walked out of the school gate. I stood there, watching her go... The feeling at that time was quite confusing, nostalgic yet willing to let her go. And I did.

To all my seniors:
.xiumin.soo yan.wen tong.li tian.yu qian.zhenling.shu xian
.ying ying.evelyn.gillian.

Thanks so such for everything! Jiayou for 'O's... don't worry too much about us, I believe we will be able to stand on our own! LOVE YA!!!!!! =D

Saturday, July 03, 2004 @9:05 AM

Having my GCE 'O' level Chinese Listening Comprehension tomorrow. So.... wanna wish all best wishes and good luck! Remember to bring 2B pencil, eraser and your IC.

It will be a long day tomorrow... It starts from 8am and ends at 10pm! In the morning there will be listening comprehension and CO practice. From 2pm to 10pm, it's the Sec 4s farewell party... I guess it will be v. tiring so I will not be blogging tomorrow. But please continue to leave your messages at my tagboard! Will be back to reply them...

*Thanks to Zhang Yun for donating $3 to the NKF card today! It's the highest donation so far... =D

Shall stop here now... Just relax and breathe along with me... jiayou!

*Quotation of the day: "We are all victims of impression".

Friday, July 02, 2004 @9:28 AM

This morning, I got a shock once I stepped into RV's backgate. The entire Sec 3 block experienced a blackout. For a second, I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me. BUT, it's real! Many people were standing outside the classrooms as it's too hot inside it. Anyway, it didn't cause much disruption to our lessons, we still had them going on as usual. The electricity supply came on after an hour or so.

Had a chat with wuhan about our future life while doing our work at the 4th floor linkway. Like... stuff on relationships, the special feeling/fate that link one another together (be it friends, couples, children to parents, siblings). There always seem to be a fine thread that connects one's heart/fate to another. How amazing! How is it that someone who is from China and another who is from Singapore gets together after 13 years of their lives, in the same school, same class, living close together in the Jurong district, became such good, close friends? Why is it that couples only have one another in each other eyes and see no one except their love? How is it that Fate plays around so that I have her as my mother, him as my father, they as my sisters? Such things are worth pondering on...

Went to West Mall after school with Wuhan... i wanted to get a hairband while she wanted to buy a pack of foolscap paper and her pen eraser refill. So... she went to Popular and I went to May Fashion (to save time by not waiting for each other). The saleswomen in May Fashion really pissed me off! They kept following me around, as if i would steal a hairband! It's so damn irritating!!! Don't feel like I am being respected as a customer. Hey, please, I can afford the $0.80 hairband ok?

ok... going to eat a dumpling... feeling real hungry!

Thursday, July 01, 2004 @12:35 PM

There was a sudden blackout last night @ around 10.09 pm. Got quite a shock as everywhere went pitch black while I was working on my Physics Assignments. Well, there were people cheering loudly for the blackout from the neighbouring blocks... I guess they were happy for the break from hw right? =D We quickly search for the one and only torchlight, using it to find more candles to light up the house. We found some and IMMEDIATELY light them up... ah... I finally saw light in darkness! =D So... I did my Physics assignments under candlelight, together with my 2 sisters... romantic huh?

I received a call from Wuhan soon... chatted about the blackout (of course), guessing which district in Singpore was affected, discussing the scene around our neighbourhood etc. But I had to put down soon as my sis was having her Maths paper tomorrow (can't afford to disturb her). *Thanks to Xiaohan for calling... really touched! =D

My silly mother was using the digital camera, trying to take photos of us studying under candlelight. =D I thought that was so funny, as it was pitch dark except for light coming from the flickering of the flames! BUT, the photos turned out to look like it's taken with lights around... so wierd! My mother had fun though... i guess it's the most entertaining thing you can do during a blackout, where there is no supply of electricity... =D

Lights came on again at 11.50 pm. It took almost 2 hours for the people to get it fixed. I think they will be in deep trouble with the ministry! bleah... a terrible mistake. Anything undesirable could happen under such conditions... I hope this wouldn't happen again! It was a good experience for me though, since it's my first time experiencing a major blackout!

Gave Wuhan 2 dumplings my mother made today... and her response was overwhelming!!! =D I guess she really enjoyed it! Here's what she wrote in her blog:
YEA! hermione gave me two dumplings today. her mum made them. HERMIONE THEY ROCK LIKE MY SHELLS. REALLI YUMMY. TELL YA MUM THANKS N SHE CAN REALLI GO OPEN SOME DUMPLING SHOP!!! i ate both... =) nicenice. thanks sooo much!

hahahx... woah~ my mother read this part of your blog (showed her) and she was really amused by your different expression (she's not exposed to such writings) =D. She was asking me what is "they rock my shells"? Hard time explaining to her... She got a shock to know that you finished the 2 dumplings in one go. So... i explained to her about your HUGE appetite! =D anyway, she got your message and was really happy to hear your praises!

Reply msgs time:

To boon, han and cheekok: Thanks for your support in the nomination of SCs! Really touched... once again, thanks! =D

To Marlinsea: Well... i hope you can visit mine too (not forgetting Shi han's one also)! *winks =D

Don't wanna comment on today's events.... what a sucky day. Damn, totally spoilt my mood.


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