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Monday, February 28, 2005 @7:30 PM

My GCE 'O'level Chinese results: A1

Our class did average, I would say. 4 B3s though. Xie lao shi told me that Nanyang Girls' High School achieved a 100% distinction in the CL2 paper, which means all the Sec 4s this year either get an A1 or an A2. A great achievement! I told my da jie about it (she's an ex-student) and she felt very happy for them.

I watched the news just now and found out that RGS produced 11 national scholars and RI 8. woah. Simply stunned.

One more good news: Everyone in SQuaD got an A1, and 2 cute people (Han and FuEr) couldn't believe their eyes or ears! Fu Er admitted that she felt really funny, and Han, had her entire face red, shaking too... =)

Gave out belated Valentine's present of chocolate chip cookies... Didn't manage to make enough for SQuAD, only giving Jen and Han first. So sorry guys (Lay, Fu Er and Ah Ma)... I'll definitely get back to you all.. Don't worry! =)

Back to work now...

Saturday, February 26, 2005 @4:43 PM

Conclusion: Most Singaporeans are really generous when it comes to charity.

A huge shock awaited me at Jurong Library. Got to realise that many other schools are also doing flag day for Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital! Too saturated. After a long wait for the donation tin, Jen, Ah Ma, Fu Er and I headed for Clementi. Jen and Fu Er stationed themselves at a long passage-way that leads to the MRT station. A strategic location I must say, from the weight of their cans. People even happily donated $10 to them, not once but many times! =)

Well... the largest donation I got was a $5 note, which made me feel quite happy. It came from 2 Indian men in the car. I was just walking thorugh a HDB carpark with them to have our lunch at KFC, before I heard someone saying, "Excuse me..." I turned around and they beckoned me to walk forward, holding that $5 note in his hand. I went forward and he dropped the note inside and smiled at me. haha... thanked them profusely!

Ah Ma and I, being the mobile ones, went around the neighbourhood of Clementi to collect donations. The response was quite overwhelming. Many aunties and uncles donated readily upon first request, some even donating twice! I was really amused by the kids and their mothers. A really cute boy came running to me after donating to donate again. =) Made me really happy... this proves that I like kids a lot!

What made me really touched was that even unemployed or retrenched Singaporeans donated when I asked them. Although it was just a few coins, the kindness can really felt from their gestures. It really made a difference to me. Literally, they made my heart melt. =) Young adults also made up the bulk of my money in my donation tins. Young couples, tall young and handsome guys, ladies rushing for work, all took the time to stop and donate.

A few middle-age adults were actually ex-RVians... as they donated, they chatted with me and told me that. This also corrected my misconception, people actually knows the Chinese name of our school and not only as River Valley, but also as Li Hua. =)

My first try at flagday and it's so successful! Really proud of myself and all those who donated. Be sure that your money will go a long way to help the weak and sick in the hospital. =) A really meaningful day for me!

Friday, February 25, 2005 @10:18 PM

After two weeks... I shall BLOG NOW!

It has been a hectic week la. I felt really numb these two weeks. Been repeating the daily steps EVERYDAY. one word - sian! Common tests are finally over. But it's not any relaxing for me though. Mr Seetoh just now passed a death sentence (at least for me) on zhongruans, that we are supposed to play that difficult part in front of the whole section next Friday. what else can i say? ............

Homework piling up. CIP to complete, both from the school and NYAA. Revision for the mid-year exams which is just around the corner, the 4th week of Term 2. Cookies to be baked... belated valentine's present not given out yet, owed people for 2 weeks! SYF to think about. So strained.

Oh yes, congrats to our bball team! They beat dunearn! YEA! Congrats to jianming and other guys... continue with the strong fight! Netball and table tennis too!

GCE 'O' level out on Monday. Chinese results out too. Take care.

Busy weekend.

(I feel so stressed out with your love. I'm not ready for this.)

Sunday, February 13, 2005 @4:45 PM

Common test - 2 weeks.
I wouldn't be blogging.
So sorry.
GCE 'O' level Chinese results will be out at the end of this month.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005 @9:49 PM

Whatever la. I can't be bothered anymore. Fine. Let it be. hurr... I don't have the energy to care about such things. It's better if I concentrate more on other things.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 @7:47 PM

This has happened before on my birthday, basketball session etc. Now, it's on Chinese New Year Eve 2005. When can we ever stop this? I'm really damn depressed with such bombarding. I always get that, no matter what. I tolerated them, forgot them and forgave them.

If we can't even settle such a simple thing, I seriously don't know what we are doing.

It seems that festivals really really don't like me. That's because something really BAD will happen on these days. Someone please get me out of this pitless hole. We battled through storms, helped each other on the way, but when face with such a situation, I'm totally hopeless. Although I'm not directly involved in this today, hang-ups, blames, faults are just thrown on me. I've forgotten how many I've survived through them, but what I can only remember is that each time, it just adds a cut to my heart, a deeper one.

You never gave me a chance to explain why I couldn't go to town. My answer was "no" because my mum felt that it was extremely rude to leave a relative's house when most of the adults are still having their lunch, some who have not arrived. So, she changed her decision to a "no" for courtesy sake. I accepted that readily because we are the conservative type (Confucian upbringing). It's just like that. A simple reason. But I wasn't even bestowed a chance to explain my situation, seconds later finding myself facing a silent phone. That is the sad part.

On a happier note, we had a cousin group photo today at my aunt's house during the reunion lunch! ha, our first time doing that. =) Reunion dinner was quieter... with only my family, uncle and my grandmother. Having an altar set up soon in the balcony. I'm going to pray for the best in everything and of course, asking Tiangong to reduce the hurt I've always been feeling. -say a prayer-

I await for a better day tomorrow. The first day of Chinese New Year. jiayou ba, serene. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, February 04, 2005 @8:44 PM

I got into SYF. But the bad thing is I've to switch to another instrument similar to my previous one. So, I've only 2 months to master the 2 songs and to memorise them. God help me! I'm in deep shit now. I'm like a "junior" to my juniors now, while they are like my "seniors". Feel the kind of helplessness. I went into a frenzy and was anxious for to borrow their scores and hand it to them to annotate certain fingerings and style of playing. -gosh- But I really have to thank Yee Yer, Pearleen Pao and Sook Hui for being so patient and helpful towards me. I think I'll have to bother them for the next 2 months. o_O

Luckily, I've Yan Rong to switch with me. But she's more pro than I am, so I've to put in extra work. Like I said, I don't have any musical talents. But at least I've someone to accompany me.

Another weekend is here. Homework and more homework. I have to squeeze in revision too, for the common test week. Also, I have to confirm with all the teachers our class plans to visit during the Chinese New Year!! Damn damn busy.

Got to go bathe...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 @3:55 PM

Several BIG things happened today.

1. My "missing" spectacles: It turned out that my spectacles went "missing" while I went to the toliet to change into PE attire. Questioned You Wei and Li Li, as I knew they were the most suspicious culprits. I went for the morning run without glasses. Got quite pissed off, requested that I returned to class early to look for my specs. I found it lying in my pencil box. YOU WEI WAS THE ONE. He did apologise, so I forgave him.

(To digress, a group of girls called me from the window when I was in class alone in class looking for my specs.
Girls: Excuse me?
Me: Ya?
Girls: Is Chao Lin here today?
Me: Ya, he is.
Girls: (squeals and giggles)before they ran off)

Refer to No. 3 and you will know what will happen.

2. A change of Deputy Chairperson: Peng Bo is out now, after 2-week grace period from Ms Chan and Xie lao shi. Brandon was quite pissed off when he was asked to stand and make a speech before the voting. Zongxiao is our deputy chairperson now, selected during PDP lesson. 4L, must work well with him ok? =)

3. Chao Lin's love letter: It's now travelling at fast speed throughout the entire Sec 4. Those who are interested but don't know what happened, it's quite simple. His junior, sec 2, from NPCC,(shan't name her) confessed her love for him in a birthday card (it happens so that it's Chao Lin's 16th birthday today) and gave him a bottle of 99 saga seeds (also known as Xiang Si Dou), which she stayed back everyday to pick them. For girls, it's quite well understood what "99 saga seeds" means to us. For boys, go find out yourself.

4. Accappala (is it the correct spelling?): The group (6 men)performed today during Assembly just ROCKS! What I really admire about the disabled man was that he was not affected by his disablity, singing out his heart! He's singing rocks too! =)

5. Humanities Scholorship: Went for the talk by Mr Desmond Lim after school to know more about the programme. Quite an interesting one, where we have to take 2 S-papers in JC. Last year, 17 RV students applied and only 2 got in. I need some time to consider.

Tomorrow will be another long day, with all the heavy subjects. gtg now.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005 @8:25 PM

I brought some chocolate chip cookies to school today, as promised. I gave lay, jackson, nalan, yanrong, elaine, ahma, ivy, zhangyun, you wei and jian ming. Giving youwei and jianming was an impromtu action because nobody seems free to eat my cookies and I badly wanted to clear it away. Anyway, those who tried said it was NICE! ha... this proves that teenagers can take sugar better than middle-aged people. =)

Mr Ong was lame today! He taught us to remember the trigo equations by the Red Power Ranger. -___-''' haha.. all of us had a good laugh over it. That reminds me of Mrs Lim who told us about her cooking experience at home. woah... I nearly died laughing la. The jellies and cakes she makes can be thrown onto the wall and they can bounce back. =)

Did a survey with my class today to find out how many are in favour of visiting teachers during the Chinese New Year. The response was quite good...Only having 4 who are not going; 1 to confirm again. I just hope that those who ticked against "Yes" will ALL turn up on the day. I will have to seek permission from teachers these few days. ahhhh... busy busy.

We had CO test today for my section. Surprisingly, when we were told to go for the exam, I wasn't feeling nervous at all. So funny. But overall, I think it's ok. Yan Rong is the pro one! She took exams for both the liuqin and zhongruan. And she is the best zhongruan player among those we heard! She received loud cheers and claps from us! =)

Went home with Fu Er. We talked about her plans after secondary school on the way home. She wants to go overseas to obtain an art degree after listening to Li Li's account on his sister, who is in Australia now. I hope everything will go well for her.


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