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Saturday, January 29, 2005 @10:52 PM

My maid and I went to NTUC early in the morning to get baking stuff to make chocolate chip cookies. It was tiring trying to make it mixture light and fluffy. I thought my arm was about to break. In the end my maid took over the job cause I was too slow in stirring. The first batch of cookies turned out to be too soft, so we continued baking for another 1-2 minutes. Instead of them being cookies, I think they taste and look more like brownies. =S

It's nice, the only regret that it's too sweet. Otherwise it could have been perfect I should have reduced the sugar lor. 300g. woah. Now that I smsed ahma, I realised that I used the wrong recipe (actually it wasn't wrong, it's just that I used ANOTHER recipe). Now I've 2 containers of chocolate brownies. Owners of sweet tooth out there, if you're interested in trying my cookies, just leave a note in my blog. Seriously, it could have been heavenly (everyone in my family said that they are nice, except for the sweetness that distracted the taste). Now, it's only earthly.

Went to West Mall with my mum and 2 sisters for New Year clothes. I bought a silver mini skirt,double plaited (don't be surprise, i'm short, that's why I've to go for such skirts. Others are just too long for me)from This Fashion. It's quite nice ($22). My sister bought a pink knee-length plaited skirt from Dressing Corner ($36).
Anyway, we were pissed off by the sucky service in Dano, that we left the shop. Just don't step into that shop, people. Trust me.

Thursday, January 27, 2005 @6:33 PM

It's all over. I thought I would never ever made it through that day. But miraculously, I did. But it wasn't the best anyway. Zhi Yin III. A rushed concert. Only confirmed to have the concert in November, take measurements for new uniform in December, finish selling tickets 5 days before the concert etc. How can 2 months (Zhi Yin III) of preparation be compared to 6 months (Zhi Yin II)? No way.

I asked many, and their answers were, "ok la..ya." What a disappointment. I did jiayou and I'm ok with it. It's just that the sense of achievement we really felt at Esplanade 2 years ago wasn't there. Maybe the enthusiasm of the crowd didn't get us (a drop from 1800++ to 800++). Maybe that's the reason. We didn't even have time to chat in the room booked for us. Nevertheless, we made it through, so 3 cheers! Thanks to PA crew too!

Those out there who watched (regardless of who) the concert, kindly just drop a note in my tagboard to tell me how you feel about Zhi Yin III. Thanks.

yup, I have to thank lay's mum for paying for the taxi fare. It's really kind of her to do so. She even helped to carry my heavy paper bag along the way while walking. *Lay, help me thank your mum ok? =)*

S.S test today... mmm... no comments. Just wait for the results la. Rushed to CIP after that. Just came home.

I'm tired.

Monday, January 24, 2005 @9:01 PM

Just to drop a quick note here.... (my younger sis is rushing me!)

Today is a long long day... shan't elaborate. But I just felt overwhelmed when I still have to stay back for the writing class. (It was quite a total crap. Felt that I've wasted my time there! =S)

On a happier note, I'm no longer in TAF, or should I say, I've NEVER BEEN INTO TAF! It's all a mistake that the PE department made. AND that mistake caused me a few buckets of tears. Here's the e-mail Miss Anna Loh sent me:

"we key all the students' ht n weight into the MOE system n the computer system will categorise each student accordingly. Your ht n wt was entered into incorrectly by your teacher. instead of 149cm it was keyed in as 144cm. so u r in the 100% group which is excellent.

thank you for letting me know about the accurate ht n wt record. much appreciated.

ms anna loh"

hiaz... I'm already SHORT ENOUGH, yet the PE department made me even "shorter". But I'm glad that things have sort out. During this period, I've to thank weekiat, han, lay, my da jie, my family, songhua, youwei etc for their concern and comfort. It's all over! phew... =)

and yes, Zhe Min (nope, I should address him as Mr Ong) came to take over Mrs Choy for 3 weeks. He was a little lost la...But he made us laugh. =)But I think he's better at studies.

TOMORROW'S THE DAY!!!!! ZHI YIN III!!! ahhhhh... I just hope everything will go well tomorrow! Pray for me, my section and of course RVCO! =) Jiayou everyone! Let's rock VCH tomorrow's night! =) See ya guys there!

Sunday, January 23, 2005 @6:00 PM

Recently, my computer crashed... arrrggg... Couldn't possibly update.

Anyways, it's only 2 days to zhi yin III!!!! Feeling the tinge of nervousness. Seetoh reprimanded us AGAIN. "stupid crap" was what he described us. god, and to make things worse, lay wasn't there!!! sigh, wondering whether another practice for us is needed tomorrow.

Learnt about Willie's departure. Feel sad for Han too. But hey, I believe he will be coming back soon, so cheer up ok?

Thursday, January 20, 2005 @6:25 PM

A long long day...

Received new CO uniform and shoes today. Well, seriously, I don't think it's NICE. The new uniform looked like a baggy pink maternity gown. AND the pointed shoes are beige! I asked the seamstress to alter the size and the length of the gown. No choice, I'm just too short.

Found Vanessa Sim's wallet on the pavement on the way home. Managed to contact her just now and I'm returning it to her on Saturday.

And yes, I went to Fung Min's class this morning to collect a CO ticket. According to Fung Min, all tickets are sold OUT! =) But orders are still coming in... Wen Si couldn't get her ticket and she was quite sad about it. A bit affected by her too.

It's only 5 days to Zhi Yin III!

Tomorrow's Hari Raya Haji. No school! =) But homework is piling up le. I guess tomorrow will be another school day for me. My dad is putting a lot of pressure on me. -STRESSED-

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 @4:28 PM

Today was basically a fun day! =) Only 2 lessons in the day.

Of course, there was the Maths test on Differentiation. mmm... made careless mistake in thinking that it was a circle, but in fact it was supposed to be a SECTOR! The rest was quite ok, I suppose.

And hey hey, tomorrow we will be getting our new CO uniforms and shoes after school in the canteen. Heez.. till now I still don't know how our uniform looks like. It's only 6 more days to Zhi Yin 3!!!!! *Here, I've to thank Songhua for promoting CO concert! ha... he named all the reasons for RVians not to go! And yup, thanks for buying the ticket from me!*

Lay didn't come today because of a swollen eye. It started during CO when she repeated asked me if her right eye was swollen. At first, her right eye seemed perfectly ok. But subsequently, I found out that the lid below her eye started to swell and turn run. My god. By the end of CO, it was quite bad le~ *Hope you are alright dear!*

During PDP, IRP and Assembly,we had the Personality lecture today by a very very fun teacher - Mr Michael Tan. He showed us photos of his son, gave really interesting examples for DISC etc and was especially dramatic. =) Although I was feeling quite drowsy and sleepy, his jokes and actions managed to perk me up a little. AND Ms Chan spoilt our day by keeping us back for cleanliness problem. grzzz... "personal fund"? Left many of us feeling pissed. Is "Donation=Punishment"? Shan't comment on that. humph.

Off for CIP! BYE!

Monday, January 17, 2005 @7:54 PM

To those who know what happened, I was really traumatised by that. ha. Don't know why, but it really hurt me when the teacher announced it to me. Made me feel that my efforts during the whole of last year, especially during the Nov and Dec holidays have gone down the drain. But luckily, my family and friends were there to analyse the situation and give me good advice. I'm just NOT attending, no matter what.

Yep, so during the Donation Draw day on Saturday, Ms Yew walked away with the first prize. A KIA Rio 1.3 (M) worth $55,000, sponsored by Cycle & Carriage Kia Pte Ltd. Could see that she was over the moon! =) Anyway, the entire hall clapped and cheered for her!

Lately, I've been receiving many of Bebo's service from my friends. ha. I was quite irritated with so many flooding my mailbox. But I did a mass send too, so I shouldn't be complaining.

It's just 8 more days to Zhi Yin 3. =) Feeling a tinge of nervousness and excitment. ha. Don't know what to expect! Till now, I've sold only 2 tickets. Bad bad. But I really asked around le, either my friends bought from other friends, or they are plain uninterested to go. Tried my best le.

Oh yes, HAPPY SWEET 16th BIRTHDAY TO BOON CHEE! *I'm glad that you liked the chocolate cake I got you. =) I kept persuading you to eat cause I bought it yesterday evening and stored it inside my fridge, I'm scared that it would melt once I bring it to school and expose it to room temperature.*

Saturday, January 15, 2005 @9:39 PM

I tried out a Horoscope Reading from a website. It's quite accurate for me.

"Although born with considerable talent you may have had a hard time developing it. Perhaps your parents didn't have enough money to get you the proper training. Maybe your family discouraged your interests. Whatever the reason, you probably got a late start in life.

Intensely creative, you need a hobby that allows you to express yourself. Painting, writing, or playing music can help you get in touch with your inner essence. You're probably an inventive cook and create delicious recipes as a means to blow off steam. Friends will cancel previous plans in order to attend your dinner parties.

You prefer the company of people who are artistic but stable. Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, and Capricorns make up the lion's share of your social circle. In love, you need to be constantly stimulated. You'd be wise to select a partner who acts on their emotions. You've got a weakness for explosive artists. Stiff, repressed types bore you to tears.

Your greatest challenge is to come to terms with past disappointments. It's never too late to pursue your dreams. Your biggest strength is your tremendous creative energy. Use it to craft a life that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

A job involving research would probably suit you well. Searching for the truth can help you work through any personal issues that have dogged you since childhood. Consequently, you may be drawn to journalism, science, or detective work. A career related to identity might also speak to some deep inner need. You'd make an excellent actor, cosmetician, or costumer. Don't be surprised if you have a strong urge to switch careers later in life. It's just part of your evolutionary process. So long as you obey your instincts, you will prosper both professionally and personally."

Go try this @ http://www.tigerbeer.us/horoscope/

I checked Han's one... I find that it's quite true, especially the drama and acting part. And about pursuing your dreams and talents.

Friday, January 14, 2005 @9:13 PM


Why did Heaven played such a cruel joke on me?

I can't comprehend. Haven't I been putting in effort for the past year and the December holidays? Why???

Extreme depression. Don't ask; Don't talk to me.

Sunday, January 09, 2005 @8:46 PM

OK... I'm finally updating!!!

Basically, I'm going to die after the first week!!!! Friday was enough to kill! I had CCA from 8am-7pm! Fatigue really overtook me and I felt like vomitting. Luckily, Si Tu lao shi was kind enough to let us have a 10-minute break and all of us immediately fell asleep on the tables. Not only that, we had rehearsal for our concert the next day. Continuous of CO isn't kidding.

The rehearsal didn't go quite well. Most of the songs went beyond the correct speed because we didn't look at the conductor. Wrong notes, failed memory... etc. I think Wu Ti 1 was one of the best we did ON SATURDAY. yup. Even lay agreed.

Visited my granny today. She fainted in the toliet a few days ago. Luckily she's alright now. Hugged her when I saw her. =)

There's English test tomorrow. Got to go!

Thursday, January 06, 2005 @3:32 PM

whew... finally I've time to sit down in front of the com to blog! The first week was quite tiring. Maybe it's because I've always been at home during the December holidays, therefore unable to adapt that well to the fast-pace life in school. On the second day, we already had Orientation Games Day. Played games...treasure hunt, drawing of class poster etc. 4L almost won the first round of Floorball, second round of scoccer. sigh... we didn't had much luck. But what really made me happy was the class poster. Although we didn't get to the canteen in time to display our poster for prize presentation, I really love it alot~ =)

Lessons are going on as usual... and I'm feeling the only-one-break-for-the-day affecting me. But I guess my appetite has grown smaller after 2 months of slimming programme (it's still on now) because I only feel hungry at the end of a school day, which is quite a feat! Oh yea, yesterday we had height and weight measurement in the gym (i don't regard it as a gym!). Height: 149cm. Weight: 45kg. I managed to maintain it better now. In the past, my height was always hovering around 45kg-46kg. It's in control now! I was so happy to see the number on the scale! =)ONE BIG NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME WELL: I've GROWN 1CM!

Yesterday, we did our Personality test in the hall as a level during Assembly. Hope to receive my personal report soon! I think it'll be quite interesting.

Lots of admin work that I've to do, now that the management diary has arrived. The file will be another big headache. Just completed the notice board proposal yesterday night. hahaha* Satisfied with my lit...

Wondering how's Han now... Yue Qiu told me this morning that she's been working long hours these days. *Drop me an email ok?*

Monday, January 03, 2005 @10:03 PM

wHaxxx.. It's the FIRST DAY OF MY SEC 4 LIFE!!!!

It's good to see friends and classmates again! Especially SQuAD, cause we couldn't really have a get-together before the school reopens except during Lay's b-dae! I miss Han a LOT!

Welll... we've some change in teachers. Ms Linda Chan as our new form teacher, Mdm Soh Kah Lay as our new Physics teacher =), Mrs Lim Woon Foong as our Chemistry teacher =) and Miss Chia Kel-li (don't know how to spell) as our SS/Hist teacher. Weekiat... is she GOOD? I think I prefer Mr Lim la... he's much much more better! Luckily, we still have Mrs Law for E Lit! =)

The morning was totally slack, except for some admin stuff for Ms Chan to clear. Only after our break, we had Mrs Lim!!! haha.. I think I love her now! She talked about everything under the sky, from O levels, careers regarding the application of Chemistry to her HOME! She has 3 children, 1 HAMSTER, 3 oldies (refering to her in-laws) and 1 HUSBAND! ha!

Met Han outside the school for about 15 minutes! I was practically running the whole way and I immediately just hugged her! It was drizzling at that time. =) Had a chat about some really shocking news, her class and her school! ha.. she looked really different in her new school uniform. =) SQuAD had programmes after school, but unfortunately I can't go cause I have to wait for my sis (her first day in RV mah!) and Han was to report to work at 4pm. So no choice... but there's still chance in the future!

yup... mrs lim was right! I must start from Jan! DEFINITELY! =)

Having Orientation Games Day tomorrow.. hope everything turns out right!

Sunday, January 02, 2005 @8:52 PM

OK! Today marks the last day of the December holidays! whooSH... time really flies! haha.. it's back to school again...

Nevertheless, both my sisters and I had a memorable day today! =) wheepeee... We went to Swensens @ JP to spend the $20 voucher that my mum has! We ordered a Regular Earthquake and a cup of tea. The ice-cream simply rocks! Even though the 3 of us shared one bowl, we were quite full after that! Following that, we went window shopping, having in mind what to buy for New Year. hee.. I brought my mei to Mac in search of Han working at the counter. But sadly, we couldn't spot her... =( *Dear, did you cancel your work today?*

And yup... it's been raining non-stop since this morning. Is Heaven weeping for the victims in the Tsunami tragedy? I can't help but think this way. It's been way too cold for me and my family. Guess I'll be armed with my jacket in school tomorrow. Take care everyone!

Have to sleep early tonight! Cya guys in school tomorrow! =)

Saturday, January 01, 2005 @5:12 PM

Happy New Year!

It's 2005, which means 2004 is history!

wHoahh.. haha, I can't wait to get back to school! Most people might think that I'm insane, but I feel that I've rested enough and it's time for me to get back on my feet and use up all my energy again! It'll be a completely new different year this year, no han by my side in class to crap and joke with me, different form teacher and subject teachers, 5-day work week, Zhiyin III, SYF and a sister to accompany me to school every morning. Feeling a bit lost without Han by my side... *but I know that the choice you made was right!

Everything prepared to go back to school! whoosh...* I guess my family will be going to Swensens tomorrow to finish up the coupon! =)

See you guys in school! =)

Once again, Happy 2005!


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