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Thursday, May 26, 2005 @3:38 PM

Been in a mad rush these few days for DSA. Phew, at least, up to date, I have at least some of the things checked off my list. Most of the documents are sorted out, photocopied, certified true, signed. Now, it needs compilation and last bit of checking. I just handed in the Teachers' Reference Form to the General Office this morning. The dateline just seems closer and closer each day.

Feeling happy today. The reason being... I talked to Mr Ang today at the corridor outside class. =) I started asking how's his wound, he said it's ok and thank you. He then asked me how's my mid-year results, whether applying for the DSA, to what JC etc. After all that answering of questions, I told him that I would work harder. His smile and "Good" really inspired me a lot. YEA~ I know now what to do!

During lunch break, I managed to get some time from Huang Qiu Ying lao shi in the canteen and asked about what Chinese language has to offer at A levels in JC. At least I get an insight about what to expect. LEP, Chinese at A levels, Higher Chinese at A levels etc. Managed to get into the topic of scholarships and various universities in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Shanghai. It's high time for me to find out more.

Actually, I've been talking to myself lately. Talking to the soul deep inside me. 13. Not a nice and good number. But seeing how well Songhua and Weekiat fared, I'm even inspired and motivated to do better. Motivation is what is keeping me going now. No time to feel tired or useless, but just GO ON!

Recently, we are always having durian feasts at home. =) I would be glad that I can maintain my weight (at least for now), although its reluctance to drop further really irks me. 4 more kg to go! 40 is my goal!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 @6:29 PM

Saturday's 2.4km run was not well done, but ya, heck, it's good enough that I can secure a gold. 23/30 points in total.

The last week of Term 2 must be arguably the slackiest week this year. Monday: Vesak Day Holiday. Friday: Staff Team Building Day, lessons are only from 7.25am to 9.30am. haha. Only 3 school days. People are already deciding on where to go to enjoy. I shall see what I've to do on that day. Prehaps another day on my own.

Nobody's been tagging these few days. So my blog appears cold and deserted.

Have the Digital Life copy today? Go look at how bloggers are becoming minor celebraties and the extent of their influence may surprise you. Recently i'm sure everyone has heard about the blogging incident, in which the scholar was sued for his blog. I didn't know that blogging would be blown up into such a big issue. Whatever it is, I truely hope the spirit of blogging will remain.

And yes, congrat to Han on her being chosen as emcee for her school's speech day in July! I know it's her dream and it's really nice to see it being fulfilled in her school days. =) *Jiayou for it! haha. And yep, wanna apologise if I didn't answer your calls. I believe you know the reason(s) even better than others. So sorry.

Holidays are here to come. Looking forward to mugging.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 @3:58 PM

Sec 4s had NAFFA test today. My physical situation is fine, but my tummy hurts a little from the sit-ups and standing broad jump. I got 2 As, a B and 2 Cs. As- Sit-ups (31) and Inclined Pull-up (20). B - Shuttle run (11.65, the one I'm most dissatisfied with. I could have done better.). Cs- Standing Broad Jump (172 cm) and Sit and Reach (37 cm). haha, these 2 are expected, so I've nothing to say about it.

The last one will be the 2.4km run on Saturday. -prays-

Oh ya, on Sunday we went to Ahma's house to celebrate her birthday. =) We bought her a Precious Moments cross-stitch and a cake. That's only one of the purpose. We wanted to have a baking session too. It's a pity that Fufu couldn't come cause she caught the flu. We had dumplings for lunch, homemade by Ahma's parents. And her younger sis is damn cute and innocent. Just speaks her mind. Sometimes I wish that I could be that age once again.

After a nice and warming birthday song and photos, we ate the cake together and got down to work immediately after that. We made 4 cakes in all. Banana Crumb Muffin, Australian Coffee Cake, Hot fudge cake and Virginia Apple Pudding. It's really nice making cakes together, we talked, laughed, joked, listened to 933 while preparing and mixing the ingredients. I like the Coffee cake and banana crumb muffin best. =) I felt so full that day and to think that I had my grandmother's Mother's Day celebration at night. Felt like a pig.

Hope things go right these 2 weeks before the holidays.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 @8:53 PM

Yesterday, SQuad (minus Jen, she just so happens to have St.John) went starbucking at Holland Village. haha, believe it or not, my first time there! =) Well, I ordered Ice caffe mocha for $5.30. Although it is expensive, I kind of enjoy it. It's not often that I give myself such a yummy treat!

We had a good catch up after not meeting/seeing each other for months. Especially Han. She caused a stir in RV after she appeared everywhere, from 4G to 4L to the canteen. You can just see eyes following her around, perhaps shocked by her daringness in her dressing and still able to walk and talk freely in RV's compound.

Well, back to the topic of Starbucks, their service at the Holland Village outlet is terrible. Tables are not wiped and cleared after customers left their seats. It's only like after 30-45 minutes that a female worker came clearing things up. And she even casually and convieniently "missed" our table if Han didn't tell her to clear what the previous customers have left on our table. That became true when our table (the one fu er is sharing with me. You see, we had 2 round tables joint together for more space as there are 4 of us) which was beside Han's table was missed again. That pissed us off man. We promised not to go there again. NEVER.

While Ahma and the rest went to Beads@Work at Holland Village, I accompanied Han to have her Katong Laksa at the street just opposite the shop. For $3, the noodles barely even filled up half of the bowl la. AND, they don't even provide chopsticks. My first time seeing a stall not having chopsticks when they are selling noodles. We talked about everything under the sun, from her dad, parents, to Beijing, to her school. Topics just flowed. It brought back memories of our days with each other in RV.

Took 198 back. I think my lost experience with the bus caused me to be a little "bus" sick cause the journey is soooo damn long. Couldn't imagine how Han feels everyday. On top of that, the glaring sunlight didn't help much either. haha.. but we still continued our chat about her going to US during the June holidays, her experience in Disneyland during her childhood... =) So fun, especially the theme parks and their rides.

We are meeting up on Sunday at Ahma's house for cooking/baking. =) Another fun day I suppose.

Monday, May 09, 2005 @1:35 PM

Mother's Day cake! Yum!

Me (left) and mei (yan) being funny!

Family photo. From clockwise, top: Yan, Daddy, Jie, Mummy, Me

Mummy and Daddy!

Girls rules! From left: Me, Yan, Mummy, Jie

Mummy and Yan

Jie, Me, Auntie (maid of 16 years!) and Yan =)

Sunday, May 08, 2005 @9:19 AM

A mother's is a gift from God

A mother's love start right from the start
She holds her baby close to her heart
The bond that grows will never falter
Her love is so strong it will never alter

A mother gives never ending love
She never feels that she has given enough
For you she will always do her best
Constantly working, there's no time to rest

A mother is there when things go wrong
A hug and a kiss to help us along
Always there when we need her near
Gently wipes our eyes when we shed a tear

So on this day, with special prayers for all mothers.

It was quite an exciting day for my sisters and myself yesterday. Once my mum and dad went out of the door to head to NTUC to buy goods in the evening, we went into a frantic rush! We quickly took out the money and divided into amounts that we need. My mei and I were in-charge of ordering a cake for today's celebration at home. My da jie was then in-charge of rushing to Jurong Point to get my mum's Perlini's Silver Care Kit, something which she wanted for a long long time, but couldn't bear to buy.

When my mum came home, she found out that my da jie wasn't at home and asked me why. I gave a nonchalant answer of "I don't know". I followed her into the room and when she saw her necklace, she reprimanded herself for forgetting to get the silver polish, her main purpose of the trip! hahha.. I was like laughing in my heart and at the same time, heaved a sigh of relief that she hasn't got what we wanted to get for her present.

I waited like mad before my dajie finally come home!!! We decided to present her the gift now and not today for fear that she'll go out again to get it! She was caught by surprise but I could see that she's really happy! But the cake is still a surprise! lalalla~ waiting for tonight. =) Getting my auntie (maid) something too...that's my da jie's responsibility!

*Is ebloggy down these days? I can't seem to get into Weekiat's and Songhua's blogs


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