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Sunday, October 24, 2010 @2:52 PM

What a great way to kick-start the morning with! BREAKFAST IN FRIENDS' COMPANY

At Riders Cafe. Super thanks to gh for driving all of us in. It's so out of the way that you either have to drive in or cab in. Pretty horses were everywhere (:

Major thanks to dor for waking Nigel up for breakfast!

Filling enough even though 4 of us shared this amount of food

Floral prints for the day


P.S. Self-pedicured! (:

Saturday, October 23, 2010 @11:52 PM

It was Pink Parlour today!

Not a painless affair. I went "PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN..." I didn't know my tolerance level for pain was so low.

Yay, finally gotten my new pair of running shoes! Reebok Runtone!
My lovely friends contributed to my running shoes fund as my 21st birthday present! I'll use this pair to conquer Great Eastern 10K next Sunday!

I was browsing through the racks at Royal Sporting House and I love the many pretty designs of sports bra and sports tops that Nike, Adidas and Reebok have! The prices are too steep though. I was telling Jie that I'll collect them like collectables when I've the ability to. Sometimes, it's good not having everything that you wish for because it makes you cherish and appreciate things more. Imagine the motivation booster for working out in such pretty sports outfits.Something to work towards to!

It's Riders Cafe tomorrow for breakie! What a great way to end recess week and start the 2nd half of the semester fresh (:

Friday, October 22, 2010 @1:26 PM

La Nonna was top on the list to visit after knowing that there's an ongoing 50% lunch promotion. Of course, the good reviews for their food were important too. So, I just had to recommend the place for lunch date with the girls & I was pleasantly surprised when Lay told me that she visited it and liked the food they served. Reservation was made and it was Italian cuisine for the day!

Yums! Liked La Nonna's Signature Pizza best! Ravioli was good too with its meat fillings.

This poor girl is so swarmed with projects!

Girls & desserts go hand-in-hand and so we hopped on to Cold Rock just next door for our sweet fix!


"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
Isn't that what Eat Pray Love is all about? A series of seasons or time frames of reference.
And isn't this what recess week is all about?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @11:58 PM

Go-Karting in Johor Bahru, Plentong Karting Circuit on Tuesday!

Everyone's all excited to go~ The van is full of laughter the entire journey (:

First stop was Bak Kut Teh for brekie. We could smell the herbal soup once we alighted! It was that fragrant!
Could tell that everyone enjoyed this meal because there was almost complete silence with all of us digging in

Before we move on to the highlight of the day~

Lovely Dor&Nigel arranged our transport right down to the every details (: THANKIEW!

Me looking very silly here. haha ugly much.

Tricia, the champion (: she owned the showdown between her and yan sen!

hello doggie!

then the entire bunch went crazy over A&W

my first time trying A&W and I SINNED BIG TIME. curly fries!

surprisingly, their waffle was good! warm, fluffy waffle topped with cold vanilla ice cream wheeee~
big bear was soft and nice to hug


dinner time: by the sea

the uncle was so generous in his taste tests. Opened jar after jar of goodies (:

My stash from Malaysia! Mummy tried the milk tea and she loves it!

Monday, October 18, 2010 @11:41 PM

Dinner date with the neighbours! It's hard to bump into them even in school so I'm glad we managed to arrange for a meetup session.

Full attendance (:

Snapping away in all sorts of P&C at the red carpet area like nobody's business (:

Bestie and roomie.

she clinched a job offer with all our well-wishes (: Congrats!

This girl in pink is gonna act in a musical. haha, can't wait to hear her sing!

We ended the day with tarts at Fruit Paradise. Love the colours of the fruits!

Till we meet again (:

Sunday, October 17, 2010 @12:23 PM

Back from the birthday treat and it was a good good night, though we were initially quite disappointed when dim sum wasn't available for ordering. We all agreed that the ala carte's menu at Taste Paradise isn't very user friendly. I gave up flipping back and forth, back and forth AND back and forth again. Luckily hungry baby sis was famished enough to pick for us some dishes.

October babies:
She cried her eyes out on Graduation Day~

Jie pulled herself from work for this dinner


yay, graduates of RV!

Teehee, the birthday girl!

the family's october babies!

cheeky cheeky girl

Canale at Paragon closed by the time we walked over from Ion. So it was PS Cafe to end the night. AND OHMY, Double Chocolate Blackout's a major love. Baby sis couldn't stop tucking in and gave half-hearted answers like "mmm", "ya", -nods head, eyes fixated on cake- haha.

More pictures for the night (:
Happy happy birthday my sisters! Stay happy, healthy. lovely!


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