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Thursday, March 31, 2005 @2:50 PM

Bad news.

Like what the hell lor, the one and only intake is being taken away just like that by the MOE. Yesterday, Tharman issued a press issue at AJC saying that the first three-month intake will resume. If they want, they should have confirmed it well enough within the ministry, then announce it to the public. It's already into the first quarter of the year and they came out with this shit. A blot out of the blue.

When Miss Ek (although I already knew it from the chinese news at 10pm last night) announced it over the PA system after the singing of the anthem, I looked over to 4A classroom (just beside 4L's) with a damn pissed face and saw weekiat with the same. He did some gestures to me and I nodded forlornly. Darn. Cat, Joel and I were discussing this over lunch.

All my plans of going back to my primary school to be a relief teacher for 3 months for experience are now ALL GONE. Wasted my mum's effort in finding out the details for me. I still thought I would be able to join her in school for a good three months and coming home together. Extra income now gone too.

Ms Chan broke down in class today over our unsettled CIP and our bad attitude. She asked those who didn't bring the English TYS to stand (i'm one of them) and she just cried. Ya, just like that. But I think there's more to it. She should be suffering from some kind of stress outside school which she didn't want to say cause this morning during class assembly she wasn't looking very right already. Our class should not be that factor of her tears, I think.

[Hope for the better tomorrow.]

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 @5:18 PM

The soul food I need badly now: Hope.

Monday, March 28, 2005 @3:17 PM

hey people, don't bother to call me from my house phone ok? Yup, because I'm banned from the phone. It's a training for me not to use the phone too much and a plan to cut down the phone bills.

I just checked the caller-ID and I found that Han has been phoning me many times. and I know it's MANY TIMES! *So sorry dear, but the phone is locked up. Just really sorry. Anything just e-mail me or sms me ok? I check my e-mail almost everyday. I got to know that you are sick from your blog and about the flopping of a/c test online. Take care ya? I hope you are not that angry with your dad le. =S And ya, I heard from Fu Er that you called her and she said that she's busy, you said "Never mind." and put down the phone. She's really worried. Is it because of me?*

Went to the Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium to pay a visit to my late grandfather and great-grandfather on Sunday morning. I saw Jeremin Tan (ex-RV basketball captain) there too. He saw me and I saw him too. Surprisingly, that day's Sunday Times in the Gen Y section, there's someone who really looked like him appeared in the article "Band Aid". I was still talking to my sis about how this person resembles Jeremin Tan so much, and yet he's an undergraduate, 21 years old? Got so freaked out when I saw him there. -gosh-

Did the usual stuff of cleaning their photos and praying with food laid out and burning the incense papers after that. While we were waiting for the joss sticks to burn off, we saw 2 coffins waiting in front of the columbarium for the time to be cremated. I got really intrigued about what is life and what is death. People welcome the arrival of the new-born at the hospital and send the dead off at the columbarium. It's just like an airport, the only difference being this send-off is permanant while the airport still has an arrival and a departure hall.

As I walked down the aisle, saw the photos' of the dead, with some even having bought 2 places with one reserved for their wife/husband. These people once existed, alive and kicking. When they died, they left only a shell (their body) behind.
Emptiness. Once you are dead, nothing really seems to matter. Just emptiness.

Saturday, March 26, 2005 @8:52 PM

AND TO MY ATE (my maid!). Coincidentally, they have the same birthdays.

Anyway, ahma, lay, me and han and a small breakfast gathering that morning at Bukit Batok's Mac. Fu Fu said that it was too early and we were afraid of Jen waking up too early for her birthday! =) Had a nice and happy breakfast there, very quiet place. I really enjoyed the breakfast (my first time having it! ha!). Played some silly games like tian cai go go go and miming... had a good laugh over them.

Headed to causeway point to meet our birthday girl and fufu. Finally we had a chance to take a SQuad neoprint, just the 6 of us! haha, quite fun inside, cause in the end, we were too lazy to move around and just stick to the same positions with different poses. The quality is quite good!

I had to leave early because I'm having an outing with my mum, sis and auntie (maid) in town, partly due to her birthday. The train route towards Pasir Ris was disrupted due to an accident (found out this morning on the first page of The Straits Times that a Malay man was knocked down by the train at buona vista because he went down to the tracks to retrieve his shoe which dropped onto the tracks. He didn't see the oncoming train and was knocked down.). -sad-

We had a nice teabreak at Starbucks (beside Califonia Fitness). Iced Mocha really rocks. I hope i'll have chance to drink that in future. =) Walked around Orchard, wanted to take neoprints but there were just too many people in Heeren. Taka, paragon, isetan, perlini's silver (mum bought necklace, bracelet; sis: earings). Was really tired when I reached home.

Going to sao mu (qing ming jie) this Sunday...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 @8:16 PM

YEA! Jen and I cleared the 2.4km run in 14:50 seconds (the passing timing set by PE department for girls is 15:15). We are really made for each other as running partners! We rock man~

At the last 150-200 m, Jen gave me her hand and with hands held together, we dashed towards Mr Tan. That feeling was really great. It's just a stirring wave in your heart that can cause someone to feel so touched and tear immediately. I was so glad to hear that timing from him. It was really a great achievement!!! ahhhh, I really couldn't believe that it's all over. Before morning run, I was already dreading it. Surprisingly, I made it back.

After school, we went to JE library for the report on You Jin's exhibition. haha. and we took a photo of 4 of us discreetly with the help of a fellow RVian. Luckily my digi cam gave off little flash. =S

Here's the photo we took:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nothing can stop me from going so far.

Monday, March 21, 2005 @8:30 PM

Oh my god... I'm so freaked out by Han's entry about a fight she witnessed at the void deck near her school. She's one who really hates violence and bloodshed. I'm so sad and sorry that she had to see it with her own eyes. It must be hard on her. And now she's reflecting whether it was wrong for her not to go up and help him. Well, thinking on her behalf, I guess it was right for her not to help. She didn't understand the entire situation, maybe they guy really did owe those gangsters something, which we never know. *take care, han*

First day back in school for Term 2 in a whole new environment. =) 4L exchanged classroom with 4G! haha... damn shuang! The aircon is full blast, but that made Fu Fu really shiver with cold for the whole day. =S I was enjoying the coldness as I was in a jacket. Happy, partly because of the aircon, but also because 4A and 4C are just beside and in front of us respectively. Get to see Weekiat, Songhua, Joel, Cat etc more often, we've been missing time during lunch last term cause it's almost impossible to meet up with different breaks. Worst still, only 1 break!

I am quite energetic for the whole day. As usual, Mdm Soh was damn funny. Boys making crude remarks/jokes in class, hearing laughter, familiar voices around me, the feeling of school just came back immediately. Today was quite a good day, no scoldings etc. =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 @7:50 PM

Shall update a little about the past few days.


Woke up early for CIP at Sentosa with Han, Qi Yuan and Ah ma. hee.. i took a photo (no, i should say 2 photos) with Edmund Chen (Chen Zi Cai) (mediacorp actor), just in case you don't know who he is, he's Xiang Yun's husband. ha. I got so excited. I have to thank Han for that, cause she initiated the photo-taking with her camera! My first photo with a celebrity, so it's quite memorable. I'll post it up in my pictures' section, so do have a look! =)

Had dinner at Fu Fu's house. She invited us over for dinner of Hai nan chicken rice! yummy... both her mother and father are very nice and funny people. Had home-makde jelly for dessert! =) Nice too, as they used fresh fruits as ingredients. *Thanks Fu Fu!*


My grandma's birthday. It's quite a simple one, but nevertheless meaningful. My aunt decided to let my grandpa relate he's past life, with my sister recording it down as a memoir. So we gather around and listen. It's really very similar to what I've read in E Lit class, Amy's Tan "The Bonesetter's Daughter", where mothers wrote down their true-life account in hope that their daughters will understand them even better and forgive them for whatever they have done to cause their daughters to feel hurt. It was like a real-life revision of the text for me. My grandpa was very emotional and cried several times throughout his narration. I then realised he has a very sad past. It's interesting how we get to know someone even better from their past. Memories really do wonders.

Took many photos with my cousins too! Will post some in my pictures' section.

Friday, March 11, 2005 @12:26 PM

Today marks the end of Term 1.

How time flies... after 2 more terms, the O levels are here.

In less than 40 days, SYF will be here too.

Take care people. Rest well and recharge.

Anyway, after CO, when I'm back home, I decided to bake chocolate chip cup cakes using the recipe ah ma gave me days ago. It was quite an impromptu decision. I was surprised that the preparation and everything took only 45 minutes! One of the fastest since I ever experimented on pastries. -whoa- But the results were good! So happy when my family enojyed the cup cakes I baked. Ha, I'm such a family orientated person.

And yes, Mr Seetoh scolded us again, twice (for making noise during xiao zu). WTH lor. Treat the sec 1s like bao bei and us, like shit. who cares anyway.

Enjoy the March holidays (although RVians might not agree with me. we just have too much homework le.)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 @5:44 PM

I can do better than this.
I strongly believe.
I'll be making my comeback soon.
Just wait and see.

Believe in me.
Believe in me.
Please, believe in me.

I can do it.
I will do it.
I MUST do it.

Time.Effort.Motivation.Inspiration.Hard work.Myself.

(PE just sucks today. 10 seconds over 15:15. Only 3 girls passed this timing.Sucks.)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 @6:33 PM

New photos of Chinese New Year updated.
Go have a look.

Fu Fu was not feeling well today (hyper-ventilated). She was carried out of the classroom on her own chair by Jin Hui and Selywn. Mr Koh, Miss Ek, Mrs Carol Lim and Miss Linda Chan was informed. Zongxiao and I went around looking for teachers and I went to the staffroom to call her dad up. She was taken to a clinic in the end. *Take care girl, hope to see you in school tomorrow* Lay even cried cause she got a shock.

CO was fine... took the timing of the song. A little too long though.

Tomorrow's a good day.

Monday, March 07, 2005 @6:22 PM

I've removed the previous entry in fear that more and more people will find out. Those who I've told, please just keep it to yourself and not spread to other people you know or go and tease "him" about it. I trust you guys, that's why I said when you all asked me today. I don't want embarrassment or akwardness to appear. I just hope to end it here. That's all. Thanks.

Been busy... therefore not updating. Anyway, the recent one was that I went out on an hour plus outing with Han at Jurong Point. To meet up and to take neoprints. Just one single comment: JP neoprints quality are just not up to standard. I love town machinese better. I swear I'm never going to take neoprints there ever again. Never.

Had a good chat with Han. =) Basically, I really enjoyed that short time together with her. The feeling came back naturally even though we haven't been meeting up often. -grinz-

On sunday, after art class, I went to lay's house with the aim of watching Gackt MTVs and play on her PS2. But I ended up bringing my Physics assignment there and finished it! haha... =) Just took a few minutes to glance at the "exciting and hot" parts that lay claims. I finally understood why she's all so excited over it. I understand NOW.

As usual, late for the 5pm NUS CO concert at NUS cultural centre. =S Dead tired during and after the concert.

Thanks to ahma for treating us to her yummy banana muffin and raisin cupcake. =) nice nice. she's giving me the recipes tomorrow. Yea, I've new things to try out again! =)

The March holidays are here to come... countdown: 4 more days.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 @10:06 PM

We're having a half day tomorrow as the school's letting us off at 10.30am due to good results of the 2004 Sec4 cohort yesterday (GCE 'O' level). =)

Goody... going to get some things done. First on my list, getting a haircut!!! ahhhh... i just can't stand my hair anymore, it's going haywire! It just look like a broom, with all the sticks poking out!
=( Secondly, go for my NYAA CIP! I've missed it for 2 weeks already because of CT. Better get some hours done before the term ends. Thirdly, undone Physics assignment on electrostatic. gosh.

It's still quite a busy day for me tomorrow.


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