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Saturday, January 28, 2006 @11:14 PM

YEA! =) It's Chinese New Year!
I feel that this year's Chinese New Year is really special for my family. We had our first ever reunion dinner as a family. We usually have it at my aunt's house for lunch. But we didn't this year and we had our own steamboat! It's really nice having steamboat as a family!

Decorated the house this morning. I didn't do much, but at least I did a little. haha. The festive mood is here! Watched I Not Stupid Too, very touching. Cried several times during the show. Hope more people can find that particular "key" to people's hearts.

Thanks to everyone who sent me CNY sms-es!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Sunday, January 22, 2006 @11:51 AM

I'm sick. =(
boo.. the feeling of being tired easily is not good.
The doctor said that I'm having viral infection.
I noticed that many people beside me are falling ill too.
Drink plenty of water and have lots of rest!!!

Anyway, the first week of proper lectures and tutorials went quite well. Tiring but enjoyable. 06A12 remains a fun and cute class! Then there came 黄城夜韵, a major Chinese production of HC that will be staged in VCH early March. The training lasts till 8-9pm everyday. =X

But I managed to pull through this week well due to many factors.
I must first thank Wei Feng for accompanying me everyday. Life became much more enjoyable and fun with his presence. I can see that he's feeling very tired too, but he had no complaints at all.
Dad and Mummy for asking how I'm feeling when I step into the house every night.
Ate for having dinner ready for me no matter how late I reach home.
Jie and Yan for their usual lame jokes.
And 06A12's continuous "nagging" for me to rest more.

And to Han, don't upset yourself by X's behaviour towards u ok? Hope to see the cheerful, bubbly girl I've known these 4 years. =)

Hope I'll recover in no time.
加油! I can do it!

Saturday, January 14, 2006 @10:34 PM

The 2 weeks of orientation has ended on Friday, with the finale of Campfire. and guess what? We saw the sun for the first time in that week. It was like raining like hell everyday. Guess the sun came out for us to have fun for the last day of orientation. WHOA. everyone was like damn damn high! we screamed, cheered, danced etc. =) I think the event really showed the unique school spirit that HC has! Many grand-grand-grand seniors came back to join their juniors in the fun, going out for supper even though they're like strangers. I totally enjoyed myself there. Nice one! So.... LET'S JAM!

A pity I couldn't join my class and seniors for supper at KAP. Had to make it home asap. But it was indeed a night of enjoyment! I was so overwhelmed during the campfire!!! Many of my friends lost their voices there!

OG7 had our 2nd outing today at Cineleisure KBox. My first KBox session ever and it's with my OG mates. (: Just 10 of us attended la. It was nice too, singing and screaming at certain "high" songs! We ended the session with "peng you". No mikes used, just our voices and hugs! Wai Fung, Guo Zhen and I accompanied Xin Yi to get her new year clothes at Far East. We got her skirt and singlet at Newbips (something like that =X) before going home.

It's RV's 50th anniversary today! Bet UCC is feeling very very high now!I'll be going for the 2nd round of concert tomorrow. YEA!

Lectures starting on Monday. Brace up! (:

Thursday, January 05, 2006 @10:28 PM

woohoots! The first week of orientation is coming to an end!
It's the last day we are as an OG 7 in HC today.
Got to know some mates better, especially the boys and xinyi!
We had lunch with them at the high school canteen.
My first time eating there too!
ahh, the boys corrected my misconception that boys really eat a lot.
But actually they don't. They told me that once they ate during
recess, normally they don't have lunch. Maybe just a drink.
I dropped my jaws immediately. o_O
They are really funny people. Fun, nice and funky.

Had great orientation games today. During all our games,
we were the winning team against the opposing team, except
in one where we draw as 0-0. ha.

Some of us went to King Albert's Park Mac for dinner
with our OG and OGL, Michelle. Had a great time there
just laughing and talking. The guys just kept "niao-ing"
(a new lingo i learnt!) Michelle. She told us some of her
experiences as a student in HC too. ah, i'll definitely miss
such crapping sessions. =)

I'll know my civics tutor class tomorrow.
A whole new experience of meeting more new people.
But I'll know I've OG 7 in my heart.
Looking forward to more gathering sessions with them.

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