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Thursday, September 30, 2010 @9:41 PM

Yay, Week 5 is almost over! Lucky to have friends who help keep my sanity in check.

Crazy crazy week ahead and this is a reminder to brace myself for the impending tide coming my way. The little one is depending on me so the motivating force has to come in the most positive and powerful form ever. comeoncomeoncomeon.... 'remember to breathe breathe breathe and direct the oxygen to the body part that you want to have an effect on' my yoga instructor chants repeatedly.

Month of October calls for the birthday celeb for Jie and baby sis (:
baby sis requested for Chinese cuisine and I know exactly where to take her to entice her taste buds! mmm for Jie, somewhere atas perhaps...

Hoping for some fun things to look forward to during recess week! Go-kart, Riders Cafe etc

Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do, not even yourself. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
A timely reminder when the confidence wall threatens to break down. I know I just have to push myself harder. I want to feel the surge of energy.


Sunday, September 26, 2010 @12:25 AM

林宇中 - 路过的新娘



你只是走累了 借我肩膀



Saturday, September 25, 2010 @10:03 AM

Recommendation from YongC: Whey Protein Isolate!

Mix it with milk in the shaker cup for a delicious strawberry milkshake every morning (:
The Supplement Warehouse is efficient in their services with a call and an sms before delivery.

and it was HSS D&D last weekend. Happy for Evon and her team for managing the event well and clearly they were overjoyed that it's finally OVER. Supperclub thereafter was just a touch and go thing for me. Layout and environment seemed pretty weird. I still don't understand why people enjoy clubbing so much.

My favourite pictures:

I like that these girls are always smiling! A rush of positive energy whenever I meet them!

My personal advisors on many many issues

Everyone's looking good (:

Don't they bear an uncanny resemblance?

I love Huifang's Egyptian look! She carries the look super well. and yay, we're both foodies!

haha, how can we miss this trademark sign?

Apple who loves grooving to music so much so that I feel an overflow of his passion for dance every time I see him.

haha, yongc's expression!

loving the girls and the colours

thanks for your help in so many areas!

Donald and his super small waist!

Evon looks absolutely stunning in her Grecian flowy dress and flower crown (:

& Sunday saw the annual gathering at Holland V's Everything with Fries.

Cat is off to finish her final year in law and Joel is off to Imperial College to read Chemistry. Meeting up is really a yearly affair for us.

Coffee Club's Muddy Mud Pie is HUUUUGGGGEEEE!

Take care much in London! <3

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 @11:11 PM

So, the kitchen is fully stocked now, with goodies for everyone! It's nice walking down the aisle, picking up stuff from the shelves and putting them into the trolley. Pretty relaxing and enjoyable an activity after a day at school.

The nostalgic part? I miss the childhood days when the entire family will head down to the supermarket and engage in grocery shopping together. We get to sit on the small seat right in front of the trolley and get pushed around. I remember that we'll grab things we really like, for example, chocolates or biscuits and literally beg for Mummy to buy them for us. We'll get real disappointed when our requests are dismissed to a stern 'put them back' and real excited when our wishes are granted. It's memories like these that are so worthy.

Now, with everyone in the family busy, this monthly affair has slowly evolved to just me and Auntie running the errands. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining or taking it on as a burden. Like I said, I enjoy what I do. Just that, wouldn't it be so much more fun with a crowd, even it's just discussing about food, nutrition, packaging etc.?

I wouldn't mind being a child all over again.

Friday, September 10, 2010 @11:57 PM

No matter how, I must remain upbeat, cheerful and optimistic.
Obstacles are laid along the way but I know I'll pick them up and put them aside as I walk along.
For once, I need to feel my heart smiling because it's going to be tough, tough tough. It's a little heavy now. Need some angels to lift the heavy weights off and get some magic going.

P.S Thanks Jie for wanting to bring me to Daily Scoop! Let me get things sorted out first so that I can feel genuinely relax and happy for the treat alright~ The last thing I want is for me to have so many stuff at the back of my head so much so that I worry all the time. It will not be fair to you. JIAYOU FOR THIS CURRENT ASSIGNMENT!

Thursday, September 09, 2010 @10:36 PM

石欣卉 - 无能为力

"用所有爱过的回忆 原谅 着你
恨自己不能把过去 放弃


Saturday, September 04, 2010 @11:03 PM

Friday of the first week of term!

my intention of a thank you treat did not materialise in the end because I overlooked how fast he can be in footing bills and trying to beat me to it. I WILL MAKE SURE I PAY BEFORE I LEAVE THE TABLE IN FUTURE. RAHHHHH

Coffee Club's Muddy Mudpie! It was GIGANTIC and truly, sweet tooth satisfied. Been wanting to give it a try after reading ladyironchef's rave about it. Read about it here: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2010/07/29/coffee-club-singapore/

ORKO at Jenny's 21st. haha, we are all back at NSRCC again.

the happy birthday girl

yay, first individual Polaroid with dor dor

I'm slowly building up my polaroid album, hoping to fill it up real soon! A good end to a tired day when I find myself picking it up and flipping through the pages before bedtime and smiling to myself (:

@10:51 PM

Pretty Tuff's Recruitment Drive preparation phase!

the huge mess

sweets sweets sweets. some melted in the packet and it was crazily sticky and messy.

girls busy with vouchers

counting non-stop. when will we reach 540 packets???

my lovely team ((: a great blessing to have met all of them. Let's make it a great one next week and get lots of sign ups!!!

special thanks to gh for gamely came down and joined us for mundane DOL. YOUR HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED BY ALL OF US

@10:16 PM

the last saturday before term starts!

Pastries goodies from Malaysia, courtesy of gh. yums for tau sar piah!

Lazy afternoon saw the last pampering session for Jen at Body Wellness. I got two complimentary vouchers from National Vertical Marathon's goodie bag.

girls pleased with the body massage

Then it was to Hairloom & Caramel for JC class gathering

Vita plum. Love this drink (:

Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Was quite bad. Salty much. Just toasted plain white bread and it's $9.50. Super overpriced.

Jeremiah's girlfriend! haha, what a small world. yucks, greasy hair from head massage.

Uber many law students I have as classmates. Happy to see them doing so well at King's College. Another at Washington University doing Economics, another at Stanford doing political science & on accelerated track for direct Masters in 4 years. Our tutors must be so proud of them. & I'll continue to look forward building my little cosy space. It'll be hard work, but it's so gonna be worth it.

Thursday, September 02, 2010 @12:16 AM

Lee Wei Ling's article on her mum's sufferings.

'But the one who has been hurting the most, and is yet carrying on stoically, is my father.'

'But I find it difficult to accept my mother's suffering. The Buddhist principle of feeling compassion but with detachment is wise, but it is not an attitude that I find humanly possible to adopt when it comes to Mama. I cannot see her suffering with detachment.'

'But that is life, and we all plod on, fulfilling our duties as best we can.'

Found tears swirling while reading these portions. Just.... heart-wrenching.


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