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Thursday, October 21, 2004 @5:45 PM

I guess the Chinese Paper 1 today was ok. Hope everything will be alright. Xie lao shi was damn funny today, during the duration of our examination. I reckon she doesn't have anything to do and was too bored for words that she DID THAT. After the first few minutes of invigilating, she stood by the door and spent her time catching people going to the toilet and asked them to return to their classrooms. She deprived them of answering their call of nature!!! Poor Li Wei... his bottle was confiscated by her and he left feeling exasperated. Han and I stifled laughter under our breaths and continued with our paper.

Li Li was praised by Mr Desmond Lim today for his singing. =)

I talked to Jin-E's brother today. I found out that he still remembers my name. Oh, so touched. And yes, I recalled that he's called Che-E, 1A. But Jin-E looked quite unhappy. opps...

Ok... Han was damn pissed off by Peng Bo today. Well, I don't really know what he did to her, but after seeing that she was so upset by it, I went out of the classroom and confronted Peng Bo. He gave me that sickening look, as if I had accused him of something that he didn't do. Without saying anything, he turned his back towards me and walked into the classroom haughtily after hitting Han with the paper in his hands. Han just screamed at him. I was on fire too. Stupid him.

Anyway, there's Chinese Paper 2 tomorrow. I better scram now. I still have some undone questions on Differentiation to be checked by Mrs Choy tomorrow.

Here are some distress tips I got from guardian's postcard.

Peace Of Mind
Sleep is one of the best beautifiers, and it's absolutely free! But it's a pity many women don't feel well-rested after a night's sleep. This eventually takes a toll on your body. Sleep-related problems are increasingly common, so do all you can to prepare your mind and body for a good night's rest every day. Here are some tips you can try if you have been having problems falling asleep or staying asleep.

Avoid having sugary drinks and foods just before bedtime - sugar agitates the brain and keeps you awake.

Drink some water before you sleep and keep a glass of water by your bedside in case you get thirsty at night. Your pulse rate tends to go up when you're dehydrated and this can disturb your sleep.

your lighting. Invest in a dimmer or lamps that have various light settings. As you wind down to sleep, you can adjust to lighting accordingly.

Don't have a hot bath just before bed. It dilates your blood vessels and stimulates your mind and body.

Make sure your bedroom is well-ventilated, inadequate oxygen will make you feel tired.

Avoid wearing anything too tight-fitting in bed. Stick to loose-fitting nightgowns in light material instead.


NTU HSS Sociology Year 3.

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